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The Unique Link between Organ Function and Fat Storage

Dear Friends,

Today I woke up thinking about….fat. Body fat, to be exact.

I am researching a new project – which I think you’re gonna love – and apparently there is some interesting research that links storage sites to glandular and hormone functioning.

Years ago, I explored the ayurvedic system of body typing based on Dr. Abravanel’s work. For example, if you are two sizes bigger on the bottom than the top, there is a fat metabolism problem. If you are built like a pencil, then think pituitary dysfunction. Crave carbs? Then, thyroid may be your answer. Have skinny legs and carry your weight above the waist? Adrenal to the rescue.

The new system I have been exploring is a bit different but quite interesting and enlightening. Let me know if this resonates with you.

If you carry extra fat around your knees or calves, then an overloaded liver may be the reason why. Heavy calves are a particular clue to improper sleep. (Getting to bed by 10 is crucial so you make fat burning growth hormone by 2 a.m.) Taking the Weight Loss Formula and following a clean Two Week Fat Flush are two easy solutions besides sufficient sleep and weight training.

Are you a hippy? (You know what I mean 😉 ) That extra fat surrounding the hip bones may mean that you are still sneaking in too many carbs and need to tame your sweet tooth.

Excess tummy fat may mean you simply need to address the stress in your life. Your body is making too much cortisol – that fat promoting hormone created by stress of many different kinds (too much exercise, worry, or work).

If your chest or arms are fatty, then this may be a reflection of a hormonal imbalance – usually testosterone, which can be reduced by balancing the estrogen/progesterone levels.

Excess fat on the back and ribs can point to a thyroid imbalance (I love Thytrophin for this) as well as an inability to metabolize carbs.

I truly believe that your body is a mirror of your physiology and emotional wellbeing.

Where are you holding your fat? What do you need to let go of in your life?

As Carolyn Myss used to say, “Your biography is your biology.”

What do you say, I wonder?

Have a lovely week 🙂

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  • Brenda October 13, 2009 - 10:08 am Reply

    where can I purchase Thytrophin that you talked about in your article?

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