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Top 5 Fat Traps

Top 5 Fat TrapsIgnore these and you’ll find yourself on a never-ending cycle.

Since my days at The Pritikin Longevity Center during the fat-free craze of the 1980s, I’ve been a firm believer that weight gain is far more complex than just “calories in, calories out.” In fact, this quest for underlying causes has been what’s fueled the last 25 years of my research and the concepts behind over 30 books.

From hormone imbalance to parasites to EMFs, there really isn’t an avenue I haven’t explored when it comes to hidden weight gain factors, and with good reason – according to U.S. weight statistics for 2010, 69% of adult Americans are overweight!

However, what I have learned most of all is that beyond the importance of resolving imbalances or flushing out toxins, there are basic common sense fundamentals that are so often totally ignored and overlooked for weight loss.

Many of us find ourselves looking for a quick solution, the one simple fix, the “real” reason we’re overweight, when in reality, if we’re not taking the basic steps to support our bodies, there’s no diet, cleanse or supplement regime that will ever guide us to long-lasting, sustainable health and weight loss maintenance.

Nothing I’m going to share with you is going to come as a shock – these ideas are nothing new. They are basic essentials to good health that when not followed can trap you in a never-ending cycle of weight gain, low energy, and as you age, a plethora of other health issues.

It’s time to be honest– review these 5 simple “Fat Traps” – how would you grade yourself? 

1. Not Enough Sleep– Odds are, you’re not getting enough, and in this day and age, it can be tough to squeeze it in. But as I tell my Fat Flushers, it’s absolutely essential to get eight hours a night. A new study at the University of Colorado found that participants restricted to five hours of sleep a night gained an average of two pounds the first week. Lack of sleep made them more likely to snack after dinner and crave carbohydrates. I could write a whole blog about all of the reasons sleep is important, and all of the dangerous effects of sleep deprivation, but probably the most important is its connection to cortisol – the stress hormone. Sleep reduces cortisol production and without enough, the body isn’t able to respond properly to the next Fat Trap…Stress…

2. Too Much Stress– On an average day you may find yourself worrying about work, family, aging parents, money, the economy, politics and world issues, keeping up with household chores and maintaining a social life, not to mention cooking healthy meals, exercising, maintaining your appearance, and of course, sleep.  Whew…I’m stressed already! Around 70% of Americans admit to being stressed out, and 90% admit to using food as the drug of choice to pacify things. Too much stress causes the adrenal glands to go into overdrive, producing excess cortisol which encourages the body to stockpile fat, especially around the midsection.

Find ways to reduce stress – know your limitations, let go of things that aren’t a priority, and schedule “zone out” time for yourself everyday to de-stress and clear your mind. For the stress that’s unavoidable, it’s important to rebuild and recharge burned out adrenal glands with a supportive supplement like UNI KEY’s Adrenal Formula.

3. Skipping Meals – Your mother probably told you that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and she was right. What you eat in the morning sets you up for the rest of the day – filling up on satisfying and stabilizing protein-rich foods like a Fat Flush Whey or Body Protein Smoothie or a veggie omelette will help keep your blood sugar and metabolism stabilized as the day goes on. In addition, it’s important to eat every four hours and avoid eating two hours before bedtime.

4. A Sedentary Lifestyle – A hundred years ago, our ancestors worked in the fields and factories doing hard, physical work from sunup to sundown. Today, we spend our lives sitting – in our cars, at the computer, and on the couch.  It’s important to make the choice everyday to be active. In addition to carving out time for exercise, you can get moving in the simplest ways: walk briskly wherever you go, take the stairs, chase your kids or grandkids, or work in the yard.

For workout ideas – including things you can do while watching TV – check out the Fat Flush Blog >> http://www.fatflush.com/blog/category/health-wellness/fitness/

5. Lack of Support – If you’ve ever heard the saying “you are who your friends are” – this applies to your health too. Surround yourself with people who will be supportive and hopefully join you in your efforts to make healthy food and lifestyle choices. Get a group together at work to enjoy lunches with, join a workout class or ask a like-minded friend to become your accountability partner.

Get your loved ones on board too, even if they aren’t enthusiastic at first, they’ll likely benefit in the long run. I can’t tell you how many success stories I’ve received over the years from couples and families who’ve all lost weight together as a result of one person’s initiative. Check out www.annlouiseforum.com where you’ll find dedicated and experienced Fat Flush veterans who are ready and waiting to offer their support, advice and guidance anytime you need it.

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  • Gela Kline August 13, 2013 - 5:34 pm Reply

    I have used the Fat Flush Tortillas for a long time in combination with a vegetarian/vegan diet which has helped me maintain my weight. HOWEVER I can’t find them in NYC anymore. Does anybody know a place that
    sells them? Thanks, Gela

    • Administrator August 13, 2013 - 10:48 pm Reply

      Hi Gela – the tortillas are manufactured and distributed by French Meadow Bakery. If you contact them directly that may be able to direct to a NYC retailer.

    • Sierra September 5, 2013 - 12:55 pm Reply

      You may also use the Food for Life Ezekiel 4:9 Tortillas.

  • Jennette Bennett August 13, 2013 - 5:58 pm Reply

    Hi! I love Ann Louise and her work! I was reading about the Whey protein she markets and I think you have a typo. You have the word herd instead of herb. Didn’t you mean herb?

    Just trying to help ya out here, Jennette

    • Administrator August 13, 2013 - 10:53 pm Reply

      Hi Jennette – thank you so much for your comment! The information on the Fat Flush Whey Protein that you referenced refers to the cows (herds) whose milk the whey is derived from. Thank you for keeping an eye out – we always appreciate it!

  • Sherry August 20, 2013 - 3:21 pm Reply

    FAT FLUSH TORTILLAS? Wow!!! What other products are out there besides the Fat Flush protein powder? I use the protein powder in shakes and was happy to see the Whey Delish Pancakes recipe recently posted by Ann Louise. Is there a cookbook using Fat Flush protein powder?

  • liz August 20, 2013 - 7:38 pm Reply

    You can look on the Forum for recipe ideas using the whey. There are a lot of creative cooks on there.

  • Linda September 2, 2013 - 5:16 am Reply

    I would like to print some of these great articles, is there some way to do that without loosing some of the lines?

    • AnnLouise September 3, 2013 - 11:04 am Reply

      Hi Linda – Have you tried clicking on the print icon at the top of the article for the printer friendly version? We just did a test and the articles print completely that way. If you are just printing the page in your web browser, you may have some formatting issues.


  • Kathryn Carey September 6, 2013 - 7:18 am Reply

    Hello Ann Louise. I have a question and don’t know how to get the question directly to you so I am posting it here. Hope that is OK.

    I have been doing FF since 2005. I have never gotten to my appropriate weight. Hence, I am never able to have foods that I think are important for your body, but only can be eaten when a person is at their goal. I would really like to eat nuts, seeds, beans, and grains. Could you ever design a diet where you don’t necessarily loose weight as fast but you loose it slower and incorporate small amounts of these foods in it? I think this would be appealing to many people. Maybe to those who have lost a good amount of weight, have more to go but need to change it up a little to just keep going so you don’t blow the whole diet and start eating all the junk again.

    This is where I am at, and maybe other Fat Flusher’s are too.

    Thanks for listening.

    Love you!!

    • Sierra September 10, 2013 - 12:16 pm Reply

      Hi Kathryn, I think you will find that Fat Flush for Life is just what you’re looking for 🙂 It’s a lifestyle plan that takes the seasonal variations into consideration, with some inspiration from Chinese Medicine, too. Enjoy!

  • Kathryn Carey September 6, 2013 - 7:35 am Reply

    OOPS!! Make that “LOSE”, not “LOOSE” in my post above. Should have read it over before posting.

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