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Take the Edge Off, Naturally

Holistic anxiety and stress support.

Let’s face it—we live during stressful times. These days, we can just turn on our televisions or login to any given social media and we are submerged into a barrage of instant news that is often upsetting and troubling. Plus, our lives seem to consistently move at seemingly a million miles per hour. Between worry for our world, finishing our to-do lists and planning for our futures, a staggering number of us feel as if we’re running on empty—and on edge—on a daily basis.

How do you cope? Many might seek treatment (in the last ten years, the numbers have doubled for Americans six years and older who have sought treatment for depression). While seeking help is a healthy, proactive measure, the lion’s share of prescription antidepressants and anti-anxiety medication offer little more than a “band aid” solution. This is because their quick-fix approaches may make you feel a speedy calm initially, but they don’t focus on correcting your body’s chemical imbalances and instead often leave you addicted—and ultimately back to the very emotional state you were trying to change.

Natural Soothing Support

Ultra H-3 is the natural depression solution I have relied on for over ten years and have exclusively recommended to my clients because it does more than just mask symptoms and act as a chemical crutch. It actually helps to correct the underlying imbalanced brain biochemistry rather than induce discomforting side effects like nausea, headache and increased anxiety often associated with prescription drugs.

I’ve found it so helpful to:

• Alleviate mild to moderate depression
• Quell free-floating anxiety
• Enhance mental clarity, concentration, and energy
• Restore a sense of joy and connection in normal everyday life

Created over 60 years ago by Dr. Ana Aslan of the National Geriatric Institute in Bucharest, Romania, the original formula was developed with a substance called procaine for pain control. As time went on, Dr. Aslan was able to transform procaine so it could break down into its principal metabolites (para-aminobenzoic acid) PABA and (diethylaminoethanol) DEAE—which she noted created amazingly rejuvenating benefits to the brain.


Aslan’s procaine-based formula normalizes acetylcholine synthesis and inhibits monoamine oxidase MAO) which causes the breakdown of vital neurotransmitters, including the primary feel-good neurochemicals dopamine, epinephrine and norepinephrine. Starting around the age of 40, the level of MAO increase is directly related to the aging process and increased prevalence of depression.

The new generation GH-3 is six times stronger and lasts 15 times longer than the original formula thanks to the patented Koch process of complexing ingredients. The procaine HCl in the product allows the procaine enough time to help rebuild, repair, and detoxify the cells of the body. Procaine is a special molecule that can pass through the blood-brain barrier. As a targeted delivery system, it escorts the Gingko biloba and bilberry extracts to enhance circulation to the brain and deliver nutrients beyond the blood-brain barrier.

A Healthy, Helpful Calm

While there are no known side effects of long-term use, it is important to inform your physician before using Ultra H-3 if you are pregnant or nursing, taking prescription medications, or facing impending surgical procedures. As for “beneficial side effects,” many users report their hair color returned to its original color, while others have noticed a decrease in the appearance of wrinkles and sun spots—in addition to the much needed state of calm and clarity.

Ultra H-3 can be taken alone between meals or with other dietary supplements. I find that two twice per day is ideal as long as I keep the product steadily in my system six to eight hours apart. Please allow yourself two full months to see optimum results and find patience in the assurance that while this isn’t a chemical quick-fix, this is a natural lifetime aid.

I, personally, have relied on this incredible product many times—through my daily stresses and through significant, difficult events in my life—and I hope that it provides you the same assurance and assistance that it has me.

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  • Lisa June 15, 2016 - 2:54 pm Reply

    I’ve been taking Ultra H-3 for many years and helps me feel on an even keel. It has helped me stay healthy in the face of lots of stress.

  • Michelle February 20, 2017 - 7:03 am Reply

    Is this safe to use while pregnant and / or nursing?

    • Team ALG February 21, 2017 - 6:04 pm Reply

      It is not recommended while you are pregnant or nursing.

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