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Join Me at The Children's & Teen Health Summit!

Join Me at The Children's & Teen Health Summit!

I'll explain how to protect your family and home from the hazards of electronic pollution and EMF radiation... read more

Podcast: Excess Copper and What to Do About It

Podcast: Excess Copper and What to Do About It

Listen in to Not Just Paleo's latest podcast with Ann Louise! Learn how to protect yourself from copper overload... read more

Fat Flush Soup

Fat Flush Soup

Get the recipe from the Fat Flush recipe blog! read more

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Skin Signals: What Your Face Reveals About Your Health

what skin says about health

YFH helps where dermatologists failed—and reveals hidden health issues that the typical physical would never find. When Shira... Read more

A Delectable Dessert for Fall

pumpkin pie

Spice Up an Old Favorite with a Gluten-Free Makeover 'Tis the season for warming soups, stews, and...pumpkin pie! So,... Read more

Viral Vigilance


10 Steps to Outsmart a Virus Viruses are everywhere in the news these days—and not just Ebola. Ten states have reported an... Read more


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Autumn Sky...

3 hours ago

Happy, healthy and Spooktacular Halloween!

5 hours ago

Natural Nectar Perfumes are ALL the rage. They last for a lifetime. A wonderful Endorsement for Nectars by my mentor...

5 hours ago
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Real People, Like You

I lost 57 lbs and my cholesterol has improved!

"I was introduced to The Fat Flush Plan by my wife, who is a long-term successful Fat Flusher. She started cooking Fat Flush-friendly meals...

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