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Before the Change Companion Workbook | 3 Steps to Hormone Happiness | Exclusive 20% OFF Coupon

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Before the Change Companion Workbook

Taking on life changes can be daunting—no matter how positive. The Companion Workbook to Before the Change eases that transition. Chapter by chapter you will be guided by questions that assist with evaluating your symptoms of perimenopause thus far, pull out critical information from the book for quick reference later, and note what tips and tricks (like Ann Louise’s Peri Zappers) work the best for you. It’s like having ALG herself there by your side, personalizing your experience as you ease into a peaceful perimenopause.


3 Steps to Hormone Happiness

Report: 3 Steps to Hormone Happiness

Before the Change provides the tools you need to take charge of your perimenopause so you can take on this transitional time of life with ease. Reset your body with these 3 vital tips that will prepare you for success before you even receive your book. This guide will show you how to detox from the inside out, become strong and energized, and master getting that much needed shuteye that can seem so allusive. It’s time to reset your hormones and take back your most balanced, revitalized self.



20% Discount on Natural Progesterone Creme

The official distributor of Ann Louise Gittleman’s recommended products is proud to share in the historic release of the fully updated and revised Before the Change with an exclusive discount on ProgestaKey. Harvard Research shows women can be deficient in progesterone starting around age 35. Supplementing with natural progesterone creme derived from  wild yam can help to balance out estrogen dominance and restore progesterone levels for ultimate hormone balance.