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Ask Ann Louise

Do grilled meats really cause cancer?

I love grilling out in the summer. It’s always been a win-win: I spend less time in the kitchen and I lose 10 to 20 pounds because I stick to lean meat and veggies. But a friend just insisted that grilling meat can lead to cancer…should I be worried? You don’t need to put away the grill just yet. Carcinogens are only formed during grilling when fat drippings burn and Read More

Can Stevia Help My Sweet Cravings?

I’m a total sugarholic. I can’t walk by the office candy bowl without grabbing a handful. And forget about the days we have birthday cake! I’m starting to feel a little paranoid that people are looking at me and thinking, ‘She sure can’t control herself.’ Is there a way to tame my sweet tooth? Don’t be too hard on yourself. Sugar cravings are primarily genetically predetermined. To fulfill yours-without filling Read More

Could CLA Help My Constant Dieting?

After using every bit of self-control, I finally shed those last 10 pounds-or, I should say, I shed them again—for about the twentieth time. It’s at the point where my friends don’t even compliment me on how good I look because they know I’m just going to gain it right back. What can I do? Break the yo-yo dieting cycle with conjugated linoleic acid (CLA). In more than 500 studies, Read More

Is Detox Safe For Those With High Blood Pressure?

I’m going to a family reunion on Labor Day weekend, and I really want to slim down. It makes me red just imagining my relatives’ reactions to my size. I want to try a detox so I can lose 10 pounds this week, but I have high blood pressure. Is it safe? Check with your doctor, but in my experience as a nutritionist, I’ve seen detox diets work wonders for Read More

Could HCl Deficiency Be Behind My Stomach Gurgles?

My stomach gurgles so loudly that my fifth-grade students all erupt into giggling fits! And it happens all the time-even when I’ve just eaten and don’t feel the least bit hungry. Is my body trying to tell me to eat more? It’s unlikely, especially if you’ve just eaten a balanced meal and feel satisfied. Instead, your grumbles are more likely the result of a hydrochloric acid (HCl) deficiency. This enzyme Read More

How Can I Keep To My Diet At Events?

I’ve been faithfully following a new diet for two weeks, but I really blew it yesterday. I went to a wedding, and servers kept offering me bite-size tastes of this and that. I told myself it was okay to have a few extra nibbles, but then I started pigging out. I feel like such a failure. Have I just canceled out all the portion control I had been practicing? Don’t Read More

Is There Weight Loss Support Online?

I’m about 40 pounds overweight, and I just can’t seem to get rid of it on my own. So recently I joined a weekly diet support group. Although I like hearing some of the other dieters’ tips, listening to people who only have to lose “those last few pounds” just makes me feel jealous and worse about myself. How can I find group support that actually motivates me? Turn on Read More

Help Me Beat My Snack Attacks!

I’ve been bringing frozen “diet” lunches to work for weeks, but an hour after eating, I’m starving. I’ve even started stealing coworkers’ snacks from the refrigerator! The other day I heard somebody mention the “kitchen thief,” and I wanted to crawl under my desk. I’m afraid I’m just too lazy to lose! What can I do? Ditch the frozen entrees and eat something that actually satisfies your hunger. Try stocking Read More

I Can Eat Fat To Get Thin?

I’ve become obsessed with reading nutritional labels and counting every gram of fat I eat. But even though I’ve pared my fat intake to 15 grams a day, I still can’t seem to shed these 10 extra pounds. My sister says fat actually helps people lose weight, but I don’t believe her. How can this possibly be true? Believe it or not, you do have to eat fat to get Read More