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Reversing Perimenopause Misery

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The Natural Hormone Solution One little comment can really make your day! And that was certainly the case this weekend. I was introduced to a new friend who suddenly looked at me with a started look and proclaimed, “Oh my gosh! You’re the same Ann Louise that wrote Before the Change—it changed my life!” We then went on to discuss the trials and tribulations of a “misdiagnosed menopause” and how one of the Peri-Zappers I discussed turned her Read More

Hormone Problems Solved

Note: We’ve had overwhelming requests to update and reprint this blog originally from March 2012. So here it is!     The one natural remedy that almost nobody knows about.   If you are experiencing hormone-related weight gain, anxiety, fatigue, or even arthritis and osteoporosis, there is one simple hormonal solution that you should know about. It’s called pregnenolone, and the testimonials keep pouring in…

What Women Need to Know About Hormones

Maintain a healthy balance of progesterone to estrogen. The largest study ever undertaken on diet and health—the European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition (EPIC)—has turned up some interesting findings on women’s hormonal balance. For starters, this long-term investigation of 521,000 subjects finds that the female hormone estrogen and male hormones (or androgens) increase breast cancer risk—both before and after menopause. But the female hormone progesterone does not.

Taking Charge of Hormone Havoc: The Progesterone Connection

I couldn’t have made it through perimenopause without natural progesterone. If there was ever such a thing as a single natural remedy for the widest number of conditions, natural progesterone would lead the pack.  It is by far the most deficient hormone found in salivary hormone testing—whether the issue is PMS or postpartum depression—or perimenopause, menopause or beyond. I have always wondered why progesterone levels seem to be so universally low. Read More

Why Perimenopause Can Strike As Early As Your Mid-30s

Balance hormones when signs of the “Change” come too early. Bloating, brain fog, depression, dizziness, fatigue, insomnia, loss of libido, menstrual irregularities, migraines, thinning hair, swollen ankles and/or feet, vaginal dryness, water retention, and weight gain are common symptoms among menopausal women. But while they don’t recognize the cause, all too many women start to experience these complaints—signs of perimenopause—starting in their mid-30s. “It’s not unlike a bad case of Read More

The Great Masquerader

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The many faces of B complex deficiency. In today’s crazy world, the B complex family of vitamins has all but been forgotten. Stress, sugar, alcohol, the Pill, medications, a low-carb diet, and coffee rob you of your already dwindling reserves of this critical water-soluble vitamin family—which must be replaced daily. Once a foundational supplement for anybody suffering from hypoglycemia, eating disorders, depression, anxiety, irritability, and even heart disease, it’s high time the B complex made a real comeback. It really concerns me Read More

The Mother of All Hormones?

Recharge your body and your brain. “Mother of All Hormones?” Yes, you read that right, and we’re not talking DHEA here. Without this “mother” hormone your body couldn’t produce other hormones like estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, cortisol, or dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA), for that matter. The hormone—that nobody is really talking about—has really powerful effects on aging, memory, mood, sexuality, and even sleep. It is the critical building block in the production of all other hormones that you Read More

Get Hair, Where You Want It

Women want a shiny head of hair, not whiskers! Facial hair can be the bane of women as they grow older—right around the same time, sadly, when their “crowning glory” starts to become thinner and grayer. One recent study shows that 10% of menopausal women complain of facial “fuzz,” but unwanted hair can start sprouting as early as perimenopause. Women who are younger with facial hair, in their 20s and Read More

Get on the Flax Track!

The benefits of flax are popping up all over. A new review in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition just reported on 28 different studies on flaxseed and its derivatives. This vegetarian source of omega-3s was found to lower both total cholesterol and LDL, the “bad” cholesterol. Flax appears to be especially beneficial for post-menopausal women.  Why? The lignans in the fibrous shell of the flaxseed work to quench free Read More

The Thyroid & Menopause

This week I reviewed several new health books that will be making their debut later this year. The one that stood out the most was “The Menopause Thyroid Solution” by Mary Shomon. Like the others, I was asked to write a professional endorsement, which was my pleasure for this publication, because Mary and I are on the same wavelength if you read “Before the Change” and/or “Hot Times.” In the Read More