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The Hormone Rescuer

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Restore your calm during the change—and after. If you’re in the throes of perimenopause or otherwise feeling betrayed by your body, there is relief in sight. You might not even realize that you’re experiencing deficiency-related symptoms. Do any of the following resonate with you? • Anxiety • Apathy • Body odor increase • Concentration problems • Constipation • Depression • Irritability • Memory loss • Muscle cramps • Muscle tremors Read More

The Iron Elephant in the Room

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Supplementation—should you or shouldn’t you? Iron is a double edged sword. On the one hand, it is said to make red blood cells and functions as the oxygen transport system of the body. Once iron is absorbed into the bloodstream, it’s ultimately stored in the ferritin molecule. But, on the other hand, it fuels bacteria, virus, and parasites. Unless iron is eliminated through blood loss, as in the case of Read More

Did a Deficiency Make You Do It?

A lack of zinc in your diet may be making you aggressive. Several years ago I ran across a fascinating article in Psychology Today which focused on the origin of violent behavior. Was it nature or nutrition? Could the underlying cause be in one’s upbringing or in their genes? Or just maybe it could be some type of nutritional imbalance. Taking the nutritional stance was William Walsh, Ph.D. and his Read More