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5G — The Invisible Threat Coming Soon to Your Neighborhood

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5G is the next big thing when it comes to wireless networks. It can handle one thousand times more traffic than today’s networks and is ten times faster than 4G LTE. Just think – you’ll be able to download an HD movie in under one second! Things we can’t yet imagine will be possible with a network this powerful. What’s not to love? The radiation! Wireless radiation is harmful. The Read More

A Savvy Tool for Safer Cellphone Use

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New EMF-shielding gadget alert. We can’t deny the ease and convenience that technology provides—but we are also becoming more and more aware of the emerging health risks. I’ve written about the hidden dangers of electromagnetic pollution in Zapped. Since the publication of this book, I have been on the radar of innovative companies creating protective lifestyle products. Many of these offer the benefits of high tech without the frightening risks. Read More

Introducing EMF Jewelry

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Protect your body from the environment. They say, “Necessity is the mother of invention.” When my friend and top medical researcher/writer Val Burke came to visit this summer, she surprised me with a gift of handcrafted jewelry with my initials. You see, Val is also a jewelry artist, and I love the necklace and earrings she made for me! During our visit, I explained how there is a huge need Read More

Harnessing the Healing Power of Our Bodies

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The product you need to counteract our toxic world. Our bodies are always in a state of renewal and regeneration. As we age, more and more particles, waste and toxins are trapped and build up in the cells of our body. When cells are toxic or damaged, the cell membrane becomes thick and stiff resulting in electrical and chemical receptors which do not function properly. Our body’s cellular renewal process Read More

The Inconvenient Truth About Cell Phones

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What We Now Know About Cell Phone Radiation and Its Cumulative Effects… When the initial research started emerging that suggested links between cell phone radiation exposure and the development of cancer and other conditions, it caused little alarm. No one seemed to understand the data. On one side, we had this remarkable new technology and on the other, a collection of scientific experts arguing that there was some “statistical correlation” Read More

7 Feng Shui Secrets to Improve Your Sleep

Why rearranging your bedroom with electronic “feng shui” may be the answer to insomnia. I was shocked several years ago when an EMF remediator discovered high levels of electropollution in my home’s master bedroom. He assured me this is not at all unusual—given all the electronics and electrical devices people have today, your bedroom may be keeping you awake at night too! This is where you should be spending at Read More


We are physical, spiritual, and electrical beings! Note: This is the first of a series of excerpts from my latest book, Zapped: Why Your Cell Phone Shouldn’t Be Your Alarm Clock and 1,268 Ways to Outsmart the Hazards of Electronic Pollution. Zapped is the first step-by-step manual for fortifying your body, detoxifying your home, and protecting yourself and your family from invisible electronic pollution. Quick. Look around you. What is Read More

The Breast Cancer Risk Nobody Talks About

Radiation from electrical and wireless gadgets can damage DNA and activate tumor growth. Israeli scientists have found that low-frequency electromagnetic fields (EMFs)—produced by cell and cordless phones, hair dryers, electronics, faulty wiring, microwave ovens, PDAs, power lines, TVs, and WiFi—have “a statistically significant influence on the formation” of the most common form of breast cancer. Following close to 1,300 clinical case records of older women—those with the highest incidence of mammary tumors—for Read More

Overlooked Autism Risk Factors

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Environmental factors—including EMFs and mercury—may put children at risk. April marks Autism Awareness Month, and as statistics continue to skyrocket, it’s something every parent and future parent should educate themselves about. A quarter century ago, autism spectrum disorders (ASD) were extremely rare—only 1 out 100,000 children. Today experts estimate that 2 to 6 kids out of 1,000 will have autism. And boys are four times more likely to develop ASD than girls. Read More