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Swim into Slim with these Omegas

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When it comes to hunger and tummy fat, your hormones are key. Similar to how the thyroid hormone controls metabolism and insulin is driven by excess carbohydrates, hunger and stress hormones affect your appetite and belly. By resetting hormones, you will effortlessly increase insulin sensitivity, stabilize blood sugar levels, reduce that fight or flight urge, and preserve more lean muscle mass while you fast track your weight loss. Love that Read More

Mid-Life Health Fights Alzheimers

Fore go those fries! High blood pressure, cholesterol, and diabetes in middle age play a huge role in the later risk for dementia, a four-decade-long study of close to 10,000 Americans now reports. Elevated total cholesterol (240 milligrams per deciliter) raises the risk for developing Alzheimer’s disease (AD) 66 percent. Even people with borderline to moderately high cholesterol levels have significantly higher likelihood of dementia later in life. Smoking ups Read More