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Swim into Slim with these Omegas

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When it comes to hunger and tummy fat, your hormones are key. Similar to how the thyroid hormone controls metabolism and insulin is driven by excess carbohydrates, hunger and stress hormones affect your appetite and belly. By resetting hormones, you will effortlessly increase insulin sensitivity, stabilize blood sugar levels, reduce that fight or flight urge, and preserve more lean muscle mass while you fast track your weight loss. Love that Read More

My Top 10 Supplements for Kids

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Back to School Control for ADHD, Immunity, and Weight Control. 1. Fish Oil The most remarkable news about omega 3-rich fish oil is its dramatic effect on children.  Numerous studies over the past three decades have demonstrated that kids with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) had lower omega-3 levels than their “normal” peers. Fish oil is high in the essential fatty acids DHA and EPA, but DHA especially has been Read More

At the Heart of Your Health

Two simple heart disease prevention strategies every woman should follow. Although breast cancer may be the most feared disease among women, heart disease disease is still our number 1 killer. That’s why February, the month of hearts and flowers, will always be associated with American Heart Month. Stats show that every single minute of the day, heart disease claims the life of one more woman. And that’s not acceptable. And why do Read More

Revisiting Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

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Omegasizing our kids. Are our children suffering from a Ritalin or Adderall deficiency? Judging by the number of prescriptions for both meds, you would certainly think so (1.9 million for Ritalin in 2005, 8.2 for Adderall 1). While Ritalin is historically the best known and best-selling drug prescribed for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), by 1999, Adderall had surpassed it as the ADHD drug of choice: More new prescriptions were Read More

Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

We are quickly approaching the season of overeating – the average person gains 10 – 15 pounds between Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day – so this seasonal weight gain will no doubt be compounded by your response to the election results. As my grandmother use to say, “People eat and drink when times are good and…when times are not so good.” So, let me once again remind you that the key Read More