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Red is the New Green

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Weight loss, improved digestion, and more. We often associate green with health and nutrition, but what about red? I have one specific rich-colored veggie in mind that you simply must add to your weekly menus. It’s tasty, versatile, and, of course, as nutritious as can be. Can you guess? It’s one of the most regenerative foods for your body—beets! It’s hard to keep up with their ever-expanding list of benefits, Read More

The Throwaway Organ You Can’t Live Without

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Now that the link between saturated fat and heart disease has been thoroughly debunked, we can freely enjoy butter, cream and coconut oil to our heart’s content, right? Maybe—but maybe not! Written By: Ann Louise Gittleman, PhD, CNS Americans are finally breaking up with sugar and starting a new love affair with fats. Fat is back as a healthy macronutrient that’s key for brain health, hormone production and reduction of Read More

Fat Flushing Foods (and Spices) I Bet You’re Already Eating

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Keep on consuming these slimming and bile building superstars. Would you love to learn how to turn up your metabolism while tuning up your gallbladder? The great news is, I bet many (maybe even all) of these Fat Flushing powerhouses are probably already in your daily diet. They’re not only great for shedding those extra pounds, but they’re also critical for quality bile production, which we know is key for Read More

The Brilliant Bile Cure

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Discover the quickest and easiest fat and toxin eliminator. It’s all about the bile. If any of these symptoms are plaguing you, then building better bile is just what this nutritionist orders: ✔ Constipation – CHECK ✔ Fatigue – CHECK ✔ Bitter taste in the mouth – CHECK ✔ Nausea – CHECK ✔ Light colored stools – CHECK ✔ Inability to digest fatty foods – CHECK ✔ Detox problems – Read More

The Forgotten Gallbladder

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Why you need it and what to do without it. Americans are finally breaking up with sugar and starting a new love affair with fats. Thankfully a 2014 meta-analysis proved the saturated fat/ heart disease link totally false. Fats are back as a healthy macro nutrient so key for brain health, the elimination of belly fat and the precursor to tissue-like hormones called eicosanoids—which reset hormones, appetite, blood sugar and Read More

Gallbladder Support Is Vital to Overall Health

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Beat mysterious fatigue, nausea, constipation, and hypothyroidism. Traditional Chinese Medicine had it right: your gallbladder is golden! Oriental physicians and acupuncturists have known for decades what we are now discovering. Restorative care for the gallbladder will address unresolved aches, pains, and conditions that no other treatment has touched. So if you are experiencing the following, you may want to take advantage of a simple solution ASAP—that I will mention in Read More

Finally On the Way to a 100 Pound Weight Loss

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How Tami tamed stubborn weight loss resistance. I recently went to see an extraordinary bodywork specialist—Tami Carroll. On her massage table, we talked about what I did and Tami felt comfortable enough to share her challenges which she’d been dealing with for years—to lose weight and keep it off! As soon as she mentioned the critical fact that she’d had her gallbladder removed, I knew exactly what the problem was. Read More

‘Eat Fat, Lose Weight’ Uncovers the Sneaky Digestive Glitch Blocking Weight Loss

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Lose 5 pounds weekly and cleanse and tone to relieve 50 symptoms! It’s quite staggering, really.  Every year nearly one half million gallbladders are removed.  The result in many cases is that weight gain skyrockets.  Your ability to detoxify is sabotaged. To put it simply, your gallbladder stores and releases bile which helps to break down fats and acts as a toxic waste dump for the removal of toxins from the liver. Without a gallbladder, there Read More

Surprising Secret, Allergies Are Linked to Gallstones

Relieve This Terrible Pain Without Surgery. Considered by many to be more painful than childbirth, gallstones are a common problem in this country. If you experience sudden, intense pain in the upper right abdomen, just under the breastbone, near the right shoulder, or back pain between your shoulder blades, you may have gallstones. Gallstones can range in size from tiny grains (like sand) to as big as golf balls. Pain Read More

Love Your Gallbladder

I see there is great interest in learning how to read your body like a book – which is not a “novel” (pun intended) idea at all considering Oriental physiogomy has been around for centuries. When I was thinking about how many organs are impacted by emotions (anger damages the heart, liver, and gallbladder), it got me thinking about how common gallbladder attacks have become. Is this because we cannot Read More