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Hidden Copper Overload

The copper connection to low thyroid, fatigue, anxiety, and insomnia. Diagnosing copper overload is more of an art than an exact science. Ironically many people who have copper overload don’t initially test high in copper—at least 50% of my clients don’t—when they take a Tissue Mineral Analysis. Their metabolism is so depressed that the copper is tightly stored in tissue and hasn’t yet been released into circulation and deposited in the hair. Read More

Break the Yeast Cycle

Say goodbye to cravings, bloating, and possible thyroid problems. Yeast is definitely nobody’s BFF. But it can be with us for life—which is why I was so happy to finally read an article about yeast overgrowth on the front page of the Lifestyle section in the Spokesman Review. Yeast is finally getting the respect it deserves. And it’s about time because I believe nearly 50 million of us suffer from that subclinical fungus among us. Yeast plays Read More