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Tooth or Consequences – What Your Oral Health Can Tell You About Your Body

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Your teeth have a lot to tell you about the overall health of your body. Your mouth/body connection is a lot stronger than you think. Your oral health can tell you a lot about what’s happening in your body. It seems like a stretch to think the health of your mouth affects the health of your heart and blood vessels, but it’s true – it’s been 30 years now since Read More

If Someone I Loved Had Diabetes

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I’d Help Them Lose Weight for Keeps. Over 10 percent of American adults have diabetes—a figure that doubled in the last few decades. Since obesity is the major reason for Type 2 diabetes, this epidemic is clearly growing and over 84.1 million Americans are considered “prediabetic” (according to the CDC). Jaw-dropping new statistics find that over 36% off American adults are obese (30 or more pounds overweight)! In addition to diabetes, Read More

The Sweetest Spice

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A full 411 on this fan favorite. C’mon, who doesn’t love cinnamon? Ceylon cinnamon, of course. Found in many of my recipes, this spice adds a kick that’s appealing to a wide range of taste buds. I love cinnamon year-round, but doesn’t it seem especially tasty in your fall and winter menus? Once considered a precious commodity, cinnamon boasts a long history as both a spice and a medicine. Cinnamon Read More

6 Surprising Risk Factors for Heart Attack

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Don’t let these catch you off guard and unprotected. You don’t smoke, you eat a healthy diet and watch your weight, and you’ve done your research to find out if your family’s genetics raise your likelihood to have a heart attack. You think you’re doing everything right to keep your risk low, and while you by no means should pump the brakes on these wonderfully effective strategies, you may be Read More

Mad About Magnesium!

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Why Your Magnesium Supplement Isn’t Measuring Up Magnesium is to minerals what vitamin D is to vitamins.  As the “master mineral” and superstar of over 300 key metabolic functions, it reigns supreme in the mineral kingdom. However, not all magnesium supplements are created equal.   If high blood pressure, leg cramps, migraines, anxiety, irritability, depression, heart disease, unstable blood sugar or insomnia are still challenging your well-being, read on… As the premiere heart mineral, Read More

Dispelling the Cholesterol Myth

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Sizing up Cholesterol for the Man in Your Life. When it comes to cholesterol, size—not type—doesn’t just matter, it may be life-saving! This is important news everywhere as we approach June 15 and celebrate Father’s Day honoring our dads, grandfathers, uncles, brothers, cousins and special friends. Sadly, heart disease is still one of the leading cause of death among males in this country. Now you can forget about “good cholesterol” (HDL), Read More

When Digestive Acid Is Actually Good For You…

The right pH—especially in the stomach—goes a long way toward promoting wellness. You can’t turn on the TV without hearing about the dangers of too much stomach acid. But research reports that a little acidity helps protect humans from numerous diseases and unwanted conditions. Proton pump inhibitors (PPIs)—like those purple pills you hear so much about on television—have been associated with pneumonia in a number of studies. That’s because stomach acid Read More

Welcome Saturated Fat Back

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Smart eating for your heart and waistline Butter…cream…coconut… Wouldn’t you love to start eating these “forbidden” foods again, and even get off the dieting merry-go-round once and for all? Well, you can—and actually lose weight and protect your heart while you’re doing it. Fat is the body’s preferred fuel, and surprisingly, even saturated fat is cardio-protective. If you’re familiar with my book Eat Fat, Lose Weight, you already know that certain fats (omega-3s, Read More

The Cortisol Connection: Stress Less to Weigh Less

Stress isn’t just wearing you down, it’s making you fat! And, you likely have cortisol to blame. One of the main adrenal hormones secreted to provide energy in response to stress, Cortisol stimulates the release of protein from muscle so it can be converted to glucose, inhibits protein synthesis, increases the release of fatty acids from fat tissue and stimulates the conversion of noncarbohydrates to glucose. All of the resulting Read More

A Poison in Your Food Linked to Over 60 Diseases

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It’s why we are becoming the United States of Diabetes. Sugar has been linked to more than sixty different ailments, including Type 2 diabetes, obesity, heart disease, and most recently— Metabolic Syndrome, said to affect 75% Americans to some degree!  Studies show that there are almost 30 million of us with Type 2 diabetes with another 70 million individuals that qualify as pre-diabetics. Sugar is very sneaky. It is so Read More