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Hormone Rescue

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SOS: for pre, during, and post menopause. Yesterday—to celebrate the upcoming release of the full update of my New York Times Bestseller, Before the Change—I went live on my Facebook page for a Q&A about how to turn hormone havoc into hormone heaven. Your questions were incredibly insightful and I thank you so much for sharing them. We were able to cover a wide variety of topics during that hour Read More

Are Hormones Making You Fat?

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Take back control and slim down. As women, we know that our hormones can all too often be the culprit behind a variety of issues. Whether it’s breakouts you can’t believe you’re still having or that bloat that seems to always pop up at the most inconvenient times, they can certainly cause us grief. As you’d imagine, those pesky hormones can also be behind weight gain and the inability to Read More

7 Hormone Tune-Ups for Lasting Weight Loss

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Fast fixes for hormone harmony. “I can’t lose weight because my hormones are out of whack.” I have heard this sentiment from countless female clients. Women suffering from fatty liver, prediabetes, high cholesterol, gallbladder problems, and depression feel powerless in their struggle to lose weight and feel healthy. Hormonal imbalance has long been to blame for unexplained weight gain. As we age, many factors can upset the delicate balance between Read More

New Thyroid Secrets Every Woman Needs to Know

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Is it menopause or thyroid issues? A small butterfly-shaped gland located just below the larynx, the thyroid plays a behind-the-scenes role in health. This is especially important for us ladies, as issues with this critical gland impact women eight times more often than men. Starting in their mid-30s, many women feel tired and moody, put on pounds, have trouble sleeping, and often lose interest in sex. Indeed, these are common Read More

The Hormone Game Changer

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Rescue your hormones with this simple miracle. Over 75% of all women suffer from hormone havoc directly or indirectly related to progesterone deficiency. With these kind of staggering numbers, I bet now you’re asking yourself if you’re one of them. Do any of the following frustrating symptoms apply to you? • The inability to lose weight • Anxiety • Insomnia • Mood Swings • Lack of libido • Nervousness • Read More

The Age Reversing Hormone

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The hormone that turns back the clock. I recently received the results of my latest Salivary Hormone Test and was not surprised to learn that once again my levels of DHEA were lower than I’d like. DHEA is a hormone secreted by the adrenals and is considered the “mother” of many other hormones. The salivary hormone test often serves as a friendly reminder that I need to take action to Read More

Flip the Switch for Appetite Control

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The leptin connection to appetite regulation. When it comes to hunger, your hormones are key. Similar to how the thyroid hormone controls metabolism, and insulin and cortisol are driven by stress, hunger hormones affect your appetite. By resetting them, you will effortlessly increase insulin sensitivity, stabilize blood sugar levels and preserve more lean muscle mass while you fast track your weight loss. Fall in Love with Leptin Leptin is a Read More

4 Foods Your Liver Loves

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Natural and delicious spring cleaning. A cleansing, springtime detox feels wonderful for your body and it can also be delicious! Your liver is your premiere detox organ, and all too frequently, factors interrupt its healthy functioning. Examples include highly refined foods, nitrates, hormones and preservatives, along with environmental xenohormones, caffeine, alcohol, hormone birth control, overuse of antibiotics, prescription drugs, smog, secondhand smoke, and even metabolic residue from your foods. When Read More

5 Reasons Why Fat Is Not Your Fault

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How to outsmart stubborn weight gain. I recently posted tips on my Facebook page to uncover the hidden causes weighing us down. My tips were met with such an enthusiastic response that I just knew I had to elaborate. So, if you are doing everything right in your weight loss program, but the pounds won’t budge then do listen up! I know you are getting the sugar out (thankfully, because Read More