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Missing Minerals that Make Menopause Miserable

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Zap menopause symptoms and balance hormones. Key vitamins and minerals are a woman’s best friend to zap menopause symptoms and balance hormones. Thankfully supplying missing minerals and vitamins can help quell symptoms like anxiety, depression, insomnia, fatigue, bloating, and irritability that are often the result of low tissue levels of a vitamin or mineral. The good news about symptoms caused by vitamin or mineral deficiencies is that they can usually Read More

Transforming Hormone Hell into Hormone Heaven

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“First Lady of Nutrition” Ann Louise Gittleman shares her secrets for sailing through life’s hormonal transitions—whether you’re 18 years old or 80. Written By: Valerie Burke, MSN “Youth is the gift of nature, but age is a work of art.” –Stanislaw Jerzy Lec I sat down with New York Times bestselling author Ann Louise Gittleman, PhD, CNS, to talk about her latest book, Before the Change: Taking Charge of Your Perimenopause. In this interview, Read More

A Woman Like You

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Join others across the world for a peaceful perimenopause. This week has been incredible as I celebrated—alongside all of you—the official release of Before the Change. This update and expansion is filled with new research, including the latest information on Hormone Replacement Therapy, mood swings, weight gain, and a tasty, menopause-minded meal plan. You’ll also find: • A clear explanation of perimenopause symptoms and a self-diagnosis quiz • Safe and Read More

The New Nightmare of Perimenopause

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It’s not your mother or grandmother’s menopause. This Labor Day weekend I have a lot to celebrate—with you. I can’t believe I can finally say this, but the official release of the updated and expanded version of my New York Times Bestseller Before the Change is just days away! Ever since I completed work on the manuscript I’ve been anxiously awaiting when I could share it with all of you! Read More

Summer Self Health Checkup

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Take extra care of your heart and GI tract this season. Summer is hot—but not in the way you might think. This time of year is especially taxing on your organs. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, when the “fire” of your heart becomes out of balance because impaired kidneys (the “water” element) are not keeping it cooled, your heart produces hot flashes, night sweats, and palpitations. You also become uneasy, Read More

Top Secrets Every Woman Needs to Know

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Quick cures between us girls. During the perimenopausal time of life you might feel as if your body is out of control and has betrayed you. But, luckily, there are many secret cures to your hormonal woes that can be helpful during this often frustrating time. I just completed an update of my New York Times Bestseller Before the Change and I simply couldn’t wait to share with you some Read More

Is there a nutritional fix for night sweats?

My night sweats were bad in the summer, but now that it’s cold they bother me even more because I sweat through sheets and wake up freezing from dampness. Is there a nutritional fix? Night sweats are triggered when fluctuations of the hormones estrogen and progesterone interfere with the ability of the brain’s thermostat (the hypothalamus) to determine whether the body is hot or cold. Fortunately, two dietary strategies can Read More