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How to Take Charge of Lyme Disease and Live Your Best Life

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I was truly concerned. During the popular Parasite Summit I participated in recently , I didn’t realize how many of you are suffering with Lyme disease. When Lyme goes from the initial fatigue, fever, rash and body aches to become chronic and neurologic, it is one of the Mystery Diseases of the 21st century – difficult to diagnose and even more of a challenge to treat. I went in search Read More

Cleaning Up Your Messy Microbiome

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Simple solutions that have a big impact on your health. Quick: Where is your immune system? If you’re not sure, you’re not alone. Most people have no idea where the immune system resides in the body—they’re apt to think of it almost as a mythical force field. In reality, 60 percent of your immune system’s receptor cells are in your colon and another 15 percent are in the lower part Read More