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The Dynamic Duo: The Keto-Bile Connection

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Healthy fats are the new nutrition superstar. The Ketogenic Diet has grown in popularity, thanks to its powerful weight loss effects. “Keto” is a high fat, moderate protein, low carb diet that transitions your body into burning fats as its primary fuel instead of carbs. This diet has been used medically for decades to control seizures, but now is becoming widely recognized for its many health benefits, and for good Read More

Pass Up the Sushi—and Worms

Parasites Cause Liver Cancer. Liver fluke, a dangerous parasite that infects millions of people, is a major cause of bile duct (or liver) cancer in humans. Symptoms include right-upper-quadrant abdominal pain as the liver becomes enlarged and tender. New research at George Washington University shows that this parasite produces hormones that lead to uncontrolled cell growth—or cancer—in its human hosts. Common in undercooked fish and seafood, liver fluke eggs are Read More