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Hemp, Hemp Hooray

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There’s a new seed you’ve got to meet. You’ve probably heard about the benefits of flax and chia, but there’s a new seed in town that you simply must add to your lineup. Hemp seeds are one of nature’s greatest gifts, perfect little bundles of benefits for your entire body. They’re about one-third healthful fats and one-quarter protein, as well as a magnificent source of natural gamma-linolenic acid. You also Read More

The Right Whey

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What’s really in your shakes and smoothies? Whether you’re a body builder or a busy mom, everyone these days loves the ease and convenience of a meal replacement shake or smoothie. And what’s not to love? With a simple swirl of the blender you get a yummy glass full of nutrients with endless fruit and veggie combinations. At the heart of it is the protein powder—and there are many to Read More

Secret Power Packed Smoothie

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You’ll never guess the ingredient in this summer sip. We all love a refreshing summer drink, but far too many are loaded with a high sugar content and even with artificial sweeteners. Worse, smoothies that may appear to be healthy are just dressed up desserts. The options for Fat Flush approved smoothies are endless—and I have a new secret ingredient to add. It’s bone broth! This health-boosting broth is full Read More

11 Ways to Rock Your Smoothie

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Try these easy and delicious tailor-made smoothies. Who doesn’t love a smoothie? They’re delicious, and if made right, packed with a treasure trove of nutrients. Let’s start with the foundation – the protein. The best and purest out there is UNI KEY’s Whey and Body Proteins. With 20 grams of protein per serving, whether your goal is to lose weight, maintain your weight or build lean muscle, UNI KEY’s Fat Read More

Reignite The Fat Burn

I’ve lost 23 pounds, but now the scale is stuck. How can I break through this plateau? When weight loss stalls, it’s usually a sign that the body has adapted to your lower calorie intake and adjusted metabolism to prevent future slimming. In order to reignite fat burn, you’ll need to eat more, not less. For best results, I suggest getting your extra calories by adding 2 to 4 Tbs. Read More

Your Immune System Repairman

Glutathione at your service. Every once in a while, a true breakthrough in healing comes along that somehow is ignored by the mainstream press. Meet glutathione. As a master detoxifier and antioxidant, glutathione occurs in every cell in the body but is most active in the liver. It becomes easily drained because it is neutralized by the major toxic invaders of our time: chemicals, molds, radiation, drugs, and electromagnetic radiation. Read More

My 2012 Fat Flush Soup Recipe- Customize Soups for Your Special Needs

It’s back – and more slimming and delicious than ever! Exclusively released in the January 23, 2012 First for Women magazine, we have been receiving rave reviews from all over the country on the updated version of the “homemade soup that makes your body released trapped fat.” Since the issue is no longer on the stands, First has graciously granted us permission to reprint the recipe in this blog for Read More

Fight Insulin Resistance and the Hunger Hormone

The bodybuilders’ secret to healthy muscles is the key. The number one cause of the number one health crisis of our time, the “diabesity epidemic“, is relatively simple— all those empty calories, refined carbs (rice, pasta, bread, cold cereals), and liquid calories from sports drinks, sodas, and juice that we consume day after day! Affecting almost 1 in 2 Americans, and up to 2 billion people world wide, this epidemic Read More

Top 12 Diet Tips for 2012

Simple food strategies to renew you in the new year. For me, the end of December always signifies a time of transition: out with the old, in with the new. A time to make way for new lifestyle habits that will make 2012 a healthier, slimmer year. No matter where you fall on the Fat Flush spectrum of detox, ongoing weight loss and/or maintenance, these twelve easy tips and recipes Read More

Treat Dad to a Homemade Very Veggie Lasagna

Satisfy the whole family with comfort food. I don’t think there is anything more special than a homemade meal on Dad’s special day. Sure, you might want to take Dad to a fancy restaurant, but this lasagna is a favorite for the whole family—especially kids. After all, isn’t this about being a dad? Perfect for the vegetarian members of the family, one serving provides a hefty dose of delicious protein (21 grams), 5 Read More