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Valentine’s Day Treats that Aren’t Cheats

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Sneak peeks from the upcoming NEW Fat Flush Cookbook! The day of love has arrived and whoever you’re spending it with, I hope you have a full heart, a soaring spirit, and a contagious smile all day. For the health conscious, days like today can sometimes feel difficult to stay on track. Maybe someone brought goodies into the office or that dessert menu on the dinner table seems unavoidable. Well, Read More

Veggies that Pack a Weight Loss and Detox Punch

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Fat Flushing favorites you’ll always find in my kitchen. Even if you grew up eating your veggies last, as a Fat Flusher, I bet now you love—and even crave—them. My plates are always heaping with a variety of choices, each with their own respective health boosting benefits. Nutrient-rich veggies nourish your body, supercharge your weight loss efforts, and aid in critical daily detox. Here are five of my staples that Read More

The Oils of Your Life

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3 picks that are as delicious as they are fantastic for your health. We all know by now that the right healthy fats deserve a prominent place on your breakfast, lunch, and dinner plates. As the body’s preferred fuel, fats—yes—can actually make you thin! They also serve to help prevent or manage depression, diabetes, heart disease, chronic fatigue, allergies, arthritis, psoriasis and eczema. But you might not know which fats Read More

5 Spices that Boost Weight Loss

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Rev your metabolism and burn fat with these delicious staples. If you think a diet plan is synonymous with plain, boring meals, think again. On the Fat Flush Plan weight loss and healthy lifestyle eating is anything but bland. A typical menu is filled with on-the-go lunches, savory favorites, satisfying smoothies, and unique twists you’ll love—packed with such delicious flavors you’ll feel like every meal is an indulgence. Here are Read More

My Thanksgiving Menu

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You’re invited—dinner’s at 6:00. It’s that time again. Time to talk turkey and cranberry sauce and stuffing and sides and pies galore!! Here is the menu I will be serving up this Thanksgiving as my family gathers to celebrate together this year—the first year in a long time since I moved to the Inland Northwest. These recipes reflect some all-time Thanksgiving dish winners that my husband makes every year—that are Read More

Fat Flush Memorial Day Menu

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Celebrate spring’s end and warmer days ahead. The upcoming holiday weekend—which concludes with Memorial Day—is all about gratitude and remembrance for those who died in service to our country. It also heralds the unofficial start of summer and the prospect of sunny days and relaxing evenings that are just around the corner. Many of you will be heading out of town for the long weekend. Others will gather with friends Read More

Spring Clean YOUR Kitchen

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Equipping the laboratory of life with the right cooking equipment. Doing a thorough spring cleaning is smart “medicine” for all aspects of your life. As my 106 year old mentor, Dr. Hazel Parcells, used to say, “When you select the pots and pans or the equipment that you are going to use to perform the most important task of your daily regime—what you do and how you do it represents Read More

Celebrate Dad with a Delicious, Nutritious Brunch!

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Honor the men you love with a menu special enough for Father’s Day! Dad deserves the very best—on Father’s Day and every day of the year. To celebrate, I’ve assembled a truly delectable meal featuring fresh berries, garden veggies, a rainbow colored salad, savory sides, tender flaky fish, and a cooling and refreshing dessert. These deliciously healthy Father’s Day recipes will become some of your favorites! Just add a couple of Read More

The 3-Day Fat Flush

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Many of you have heard about the 3-Day Fat Flush that’s all over the internet this week… My 3-Day Fat Flush can help to correct a broken metabolism, ward off insulin resistance, reduce inflammation and give your system a mini-cleanse for a fresh start to the holiday season! Whether you simply need a kickstart to lose weight and get your health in order… Or you’ve already been losing weight and Read More

Flax UP for the Fourth of July

Celebrate Independence with Delectable Omega-3 Rich Chips and Dip. Move over Mary’s Gone Crackers!  There’s a new gluten-free cracker in town that’s made its debut and is just as crispy and satisfying as the best of them! My Flax Snackers are a perfect nutritious and delicious starter for this weekend’s Fourth of July Celebration and are full of Omega-3 fiber from flax seeds. Flax seeds are uniquely satisfying and healthy because they supply lignans. Read More