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Saunas for Spring

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Include an infrared sauna in your weekly routine. Anyone who has visited a health club or spa has likely spent time relaxing in a sauna. But, you may not have used an infrared sauna. Infrared represents the next wave of advanced and therapeutic cleansing by sweating out toxins—in large numbers—through the skin. The sweat produced in a conventional sauna is usually about 3% toxins, while a broad spectrum infrared sauna Read More

Sweating Your Way to Health This Season

Tap into the detox power of infrared sauna therapy. Winter is the season when your body naturally slows down, and the physical and psychological stressors of cold weather, the holidays and overwork can exhaust your system. My years of experience with cutting-edge detox have convinced me that to achieve and maintain weight loss and optimal health year-round, you need to integrate more advanced detox techniques beyond just diet and exercise. Read More