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A Mother’s Day Gift of Health

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Share the gift of year-round health with mom. This Sunday we will be celebrating all of the incredible women across the world who work tirelessly day and night under the honorable title of “Mom.” Her health and happiness means everything to us, so what better gift to give than nourishment to keep her feeling wonderful for years to come? As a busy woman-on-the-go myself, I’d like to share a few Read More

Snack Box for September

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Healthy snacks for the kids—and you. It’s almost hard to believe that Labor Day weekend is already upon us—and with it, the signing off of summer and the return of the school season. As any busy parent knows, it can be no easy task to find snacks that satisfies the kid’s taste buds, while also providing nutritional value that satisfies the parents. As we enter this holiday weekend, I’d like Read More

Reaching for a Meal Replacement Bar?

Caution: You may be entering the marketing spin-zone. It seems like a good idea. You’re busy, you’re hungry, and you have the best intentions to eat something nutritious, so you make what you think is the best possible choice—you grab a meal replacement bar. You’re optimistic about the promise of increased energy and boosted nutrition. But most bars are just “glorified candy bars” in my estimation. Under attention-grabbing packaging lurks Read More

On-the-Go Grocery Shopping Smarts

My tips for healthy choices aisle by aisle. Let’s go shopping! Food shopping, that is. Like many of you, “fast food” is often all my busy schedule allows these days—but I don’t mean the kind that involves a drive through window. Today, I’m sharing with you what ends up in my cart when I head to my local health food store in search of quick snacks and ingredients for simple meals Read More