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Summer Self Health Checkup

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Take extra care of your heart and GI tract this season. Summer is hot—but not in the way you might think. This time of year is especially taxing on your organs. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, when the “fire” of your heart becomes out of balance because impaired kidneys (the “water” element) are not keeping it cooled, your heart produces hot flashes, night sweats, and palpitations. You also become uneasy, Read More

The Spice of Summer

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Detoxify and energize with this slimming spice. It seems that so many folks testify to being all around happier during the summer months. I must say, it makes sense. There’s a sense of healing that seems to come from blue skies and golden sun—enjoyed safely, of course. Plus, there are numerous events with loved ones and increased opportunities to get outside and enjoy the great outdoors. Along these lines of Read More

Fat Flushing Foods (and Spices) I Bet You’re Already Eating

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Keep on consuming these slimming and bile building superstars. Would you love to learn how to turn up your metabolism while tuning up your gallbladder? The great news is, I bet many (maybe even all) of these Fat Flushing powerhouses are probably already in your daily diet. They’re not only great for shedding those extra pounds, but they’re also critical for quality bile production, which we know is key for Read More

Cumin Comes of Age

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Surprising weight loss truths you never knew. Anyone who has followed my protocols or cooked up my scrumptious Fat Flush recipes knows that I’m crazy about cumin—and for good reason. An ordinary-looking seed, cumin packs a punch when it comes to both flavor and health benefits. Cumin has a distinctive taste, slightly bitter and peppery with a hint of citrus, which it lends to a wide array of Mexican, Indian, Read More

5 Spices that Boost Weight Loss

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Rev your metabolism and burn fat with these delicious staples. If you think a diet plan is synonymous with plain, boring meals, think again. On the Fat Flush Plan weight loss and healthy lifestyle eating is anything but bland. A typical menu is filled with on-the-go lunches, savory favorites, satisfying smoothies, and unique twists you’ll love—packed with such delicious flavors you’ll feel like every meal is an indulgence. Here are Read More