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Is Your Coffee Toxic?

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Is your coffee an antioxidant-rich superfood or is it overloaded with toxins? I was thrilled to add coffee to my new QuickStart program for its fat-burning weight loss effects. Powerful antioxidants like chlorogenic acid are especially good for women over 40, with its cholesterol lowering, insulin stabilizing, and heart protective effects (read more here). But as the feedback has poured in from thousands who were as excited as I’ve been Read More

Why Can’t I Lose Weight?

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Part One of Two It’s not always your fault you can’t shed those extra pounds. If you are like most people, this isn’t your first weight loss rodeo. You’ve exercised, counted calories, cut out fat, then cut out protein, and now even carbs. Maybe the weight came off, but chances are you’ve regained most, if not all, of what you lost. I want to encourage you: YOU can lose the Read More

6 Healthy Summer Habits

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Don’t let your self-care dip this season. Summer’s in full swing, but that shouldn’t be license to throw caution to the wind and give up on all of your healthy habits. Most of us go into this time of year looking forward to relaxing and recharging during  those easygoing summer days. But, you might be feeling disappointed that the summer seems to be flying by and you haven’t taken nearly as much healthful Read More

Is it Safe to Drink the Water?

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Simple steps to purify the toxins you can’t see. We know that water is critical to our health and that our bodies are composed of over half water. In our toxic world with continually emerging news of contamination, we may be wondering what’s hiding itself in this clear liquid, what it’s doing to our bodies, and if there are any safe sources left. Most of us would cringe at the Read More

Toxin-Proof Your Body

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How to cleanse pollutants from your system. There certainly have been some scary stories in the news lately. In Flint, Michigan, a group of children were tested for lead due to contaminated water, and nearly 5 percent of them had elevated levels. Lead is a potent neurotoxin and can dramatically lower IQ. Unfortunately, this isn’t new news. As worrisome as the news out of Flint is, wrap your mind around Read More

Take Your Body to the Cleaners

Lower your toxic load and shed unwanted body fat with safe autumn detox. Worldwide, obesity is on the rise. The Centers for Disease Control describes American society as “obesogenic,” promoting increasingly unhealthy foods, increased food intake, and physical inactivity. Diabesity is on the rise thanks to excess grains, sugar, and bread in our diets. In today’s petrochemical world, the more fat you store in your body, the more toxins you retain. Read More

The Surprising Sinus-Yeast Connection

Get Rid of The Fungus Among Us. Do you have a stuffy nose? Or a cough that’s worse at night? Suffer sore throat or ear pain? If so, you may have chronic sinusitis (inflammed sinuses). 32 million people have this kind of persistent sinus infection. Pain (in the forehead, upper jaw, or teeth, or around your cheeks, eyes, or nose), postnasal drip, bad breath, fatigue or irritability, dizziness, and even Read More

Overlooked Autism Risk Factors

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Environmental factors—including EMFs and mercury—may put children at risk. April marks Autism Awareness Month, and as statistics continue to skyrocket, it’s something every parent and future parent should educate themselves about. A quarter century ago, autism spectrum disorders (ASD) were extremely rare—only 1 out 100,000 children. Today experts estimate that 2 to 6 kids out of 1,000 will have autism. And boys are four times more likely to develop ASD than girls. Read More

Gallstones Can Really Be a Pain

Prevent painful gallbladder problems naturally. Over 25 million Americans have gallstones—yet only 1 million get diagnosed annually. Sudden, sharp pain in the upper abdomen, under the breastbone, near the right shoulder, or between the shoulder blades usually signals gallstones, hardened cholesterol deposits ranging in size from a grain of sand to a golf ball. A small, pear-shaped organ located right under the liver, the gallbladder releases an important digestive fluid Read More

How to Beat the Fat Trap

Clean up your liver to neutralize toxins, chemicals and hormone-mimics. It’s a toxic world out there. Every day, our bodies are assaulted by pathogens and poisons—which are making us fat! One theory about why chemicals induce weight gain has to do with the way many of them mimic the effects of estrogen in our bodies. That’s why this group of toxins has become known as “false estrogens” or xenoestrogens. These poisonous Read More