My Slimming Soup for 2012

Jan 3, 2012

100067822A personalized Fat Flush to target your stubborn fat stores.

A “new and improved” Fat Flush Soup is back— right in time for the 2012 weight loss season! The mouth-watering recipe— with four delicious variations— is featured in the January 23, 2012 First for Women magazine. The soup and the research behind it is the cover story for the new year, with stunning before and after pictures of Fat Flushers Cindy Davis and daughter Nikole Howell who lost a combined 105 pounds on fat flushing foods and healing soups!

The revamped recipe contains hearty and warming veggies, beans, and lean protein with spices like cumin, cayenne, cilantro and fresh garlic to seriously boost flavor appeal and enhance cleansing power. Really perfect for January weather.

Many of you will remember the original recipe – which initially debuted as The Fat Flush Soup in another popular woman’s magazine. While it is still a wonderful meal in a bowl – with even more colorful and antioxidant rich vegetables like tri-colored peppers and rich yellow squash – the new basic slimming soup recipe was tweaked and tested in our Fat Flush kitchen to obtain a more consistent yield and a vegetarian option.

The basic recipe still calls for lean ground protein like beef, turkey, or chicken. (Of course the protein you consume must be healthy – organic if possible – and not pumped up with hormones or antibiotics.) Critical to both phases of liver detox, this star performer is equated with beauty since our skin, hair, and nails are 98% protein. Protein helps make the powerhouse antioxidant glutathione; creates vital enzyme to zap toxins, and maintains energy levels. Protein is essential for weight loss because it can produce the pancreatic hormone known as glucagon which accesses stored body fat for energy. And since the body can’t store protein, it is so very essential that we get the right amount daily (at least 20 grams per meal) – which is what the soup provides! Having low protein levels increases our desire for carbs (like sugar) which contribute to a rise in insulin – the fat promoting hormone.

The filling, high fiber beans – either pinto, garbanzo, or black – contain anywhere from about 10-20 grams of fiber per serving  which will help regulate blood sugar and sweep toxins out of the system by fulfilling the 35 fiber grams per day dietary recommendation.

But the basic soup recipe goes on to the next level by individualizing weight loss and recommending very special ingredient “add-ins” that address the top four weight gain triggers most commonly experienced by frustrated dieters: a sluggish thyroid, burned out adrenals, a toxic liver, and yeast overload.

While I can’t “scoop the soup” recipe, since the magazine is still on the stands, I can tell you more about these diet types which are characterized by the four “hidden” weight gain factors and what you can do to assure complete weight loss success while you sip your soup:

1)      The Thyroid Type. If you are depressed, tired, and blue, the thyroid-revving soup may be the ideal recipe to kick off weight loss for the new year. It contains a special iodine-containing ingredient designed to rev up this tired metabolic driver which can become depleted due to fluoride and chlorine in the water supply. The thyroid gland is the key to metabolism and may be the underlying cause behind low libido, constipation, thinning hair, cold extremities, and bone dry skin. If you are taking traditional blood tests, note that the TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) must be less than 3.5 to be considered “normal” by the American College of Endocrinology. To support the thyroid gland without taking hormones, Thytrophin from Standard Process has been used for over fifty years. Three tablets equate to 1 grain of Armour Thyroid which many individuals cannot tolerate due to an allergic response to the proteins in this desiccated thyroid product. To successfully convert into the active thyroid hormone (T4 to T3), the body needs sufficient iodine, zinc, selenium, and progesterone.

2)      The Adrenal Type. Anxiety, dark circles under the eyes, dizziness upon standing, low blood pressure and difficulty either falling or staying asleep are keynotes of this type. The adrenal-healing soup is a good entrée (pun intended) into the world of adrenal balancing. My favorite supplement for underactive adrenals is the Adrenal Formula – which I personally have taken for years to rebuild and support optimal function at 7 am, 11 am, and 3 pm. It contains both the adrenal cortex and medulla for optimum strengthening. Sufficient potassium (in squash, tomatoes, berries, and cherries) is also a “must” for balancing cortisol – the hormone that the adrenals secrete when under stress which is the notorious belly fat promoter.

3)      The Liver Type. If you are environmentally sensitive and regularly consume over the counter meds like acetaminophen then your liver may need some TLC. The liver is the body’s main filter for toxic wastes. Keeping it clean and well nourished is as important as taking a daily multiple. That’s why I created the liver-nourishing soup and formulated Liver Lovin’ Formula – with its purifying chlorophyll and daily dose of 500 mg. of taurine, the most important amino acid needed by the liver for the elimination of toxic chemicals and removal of drugs and their metabolites. It is a key ingredient of the bile acids produced by the liver which detoxify environmental contaminants.

4)      The Yeast Type – Brain fog, sugar cravings, sinus problems and rashes are all too common symptoms of the fungus among us. To nix yeast, savor the yeast-killing soup and supplement once a day with the homeopathic Y-C Cleanse which neutralizes the yeast based upon the homeopathic law of similars. I also recommend one Moly-Cu tablet which contains 100 mg of the mineral molybdenum, one of the most helpful nutritional weapons we have to rid the body of aldehydes, the noxious byproduct of Candida that clouds the mind and muddles our thinking.

If you are ready for a fresh start, but not sure how to begin, then my specialty soups and tailored supplements may be just what you need. It’s so easy because the soup can be stored in the fridge for up to 5 days or frozen ahead.

Soup’s on— again— at my house. How about yours?



Ann Louise Gittleman, PhD, CNS, is an award-winning New York Times bestselling author of more than thirty books including The Fat Flush Plan series and her latest book, Radical Metabolism. She’s been rewriting the rules of nutrition for more than 40 years and is internationally recognized as a pioneer in the field of diet, detox and women’s health issues. 

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  1. LaurieJ

    I was wondering about the thyroid and yeast recipes and the other two as well, why cant i just add them altogether? Sounds like it would work to me!

  2. Vanessa

    I’ve thought about doing this Mon-Weds for the next 4 weeks, and eating healthy but more normally Thurs-Sun. What do you think???

  3. administrator

    LaurieJ — You can definitely add the thyroid revving and yeast-fighting soups together and enjoy.

    Vanessa — We think that your idea is a wonderful one, go for it!

  4. administrator

    Lisa — We are SO proud of you! Congratulations…..This is why we all work so hard on Team ALG. Results like yours make everything so worthwhile. …. 🙂

  5. Marney

    Because of osteoarthritis, I avoid the nightshade family [tomatoes and juice, green pepper, cayenne, eggplant] Will the slimming diet still work if I omit these veggies
    and use Organic Broth for the liquid.

  6. Andrea

    My mom bought the magazine and made the soup for her and my dad. They both LOVE IT! My mom had it for two days (4 meals) and is down 3lbs. I am picking up the ingredients (and the Magazine!) today and am going to make it as well! So excited to see the results my parents and I both get from this soup! Good Luck Ladies! May 2012 be the year we all reach our health goals!!

  7. trasee

    is there a specific amount soup we should eat?

  8. Bonnie

    I love the soup! Is there a nutrition guide available?
    Thanks so much!

  9. lisa

    Marney: If those veggies don’t work for you, I’m sure you will still get results with your modification. Just make sure the organic broth is not high in socium.

    Trasee A serving is up to 3 cups.

    Bonnie: Since there are different varriations, it would not be easy to have a nutrition analysis of the soup.

  10. Rosalie

    I made the soup and added the water but it’s still alittle too tomatoe. Is it ok to add low sodium chicken broth?

  11. Kayla

    is it ok to eat yogurt while on the soup diet? and what kind of things can you eat for breakfast? and is there a list of the vegies you can eat?

  12. Kate

    can you use low sodium chicken broth??? because i agree that its just a little to tomatoe-y for me too

  13. Verna McGregor

    Where do I find these soup recipes? I have missed this information somewhere. Thanks

  14. Verna McGregor

    Another question. Do these recipes help to make the body more alkaline?

  15. Marlene Hintz

    I can’t have any night shades. How can I adapt the soup for my needs?

    That mean’s no tomato’s or peppers.

    I need the yeast killing soup.

    Can you help me?

  16. Gay

    what can you snack on while on thi plan,and can you drink alcohol?

  17. Sierra

    Rosalie: Yes, certainly add the chicken broth!

    Kayla: Your questions would be best answered by the magazine article. I’m not able to re-post the diet protocol yet!

    Kate: Thumbs up on the low sodium chicken broth!!

    Verna: The Fat Flush Soup Diet protocol is published in the January 23rd issue of First for Women magazine. And yes! Some of the key ingredients of the soup have an alkalizing affect on the body.

    Marlene: Please omit the tomato products and use low sodium vegetable, chicken, or beef broth in its place. Please reference the magazine article for the yeast-killing tweaks!

    Gay: Alcohol is a detox detractor, so best to avoid it during this plan, for optimal results. Please reference the magazine article for approved snacks!!

  18. Marina

    Regarding yeast, do you mean 100 MCG instead of 100 MG of molybdenum? TY.

  19. Lynne

    The only thing is i read the article. Made the soup.Love it. But if i want to lose more that 10 pounds or stay on longer it does not explain what to do. Im trying to find out what to do.It almost sounds like i have to buy the book when usually in the article gives you ideas to go further. That is why i went on this site. Any suggestions?

  20. Celeste

    I am taking thyroid medication can I still safely add seaweed to my soup. Also I am intolerant to raw garlic can I use garlic powder or roasted you have a substitute spice for cumin.

  21. Rebecca VanCannon

    What are the calories of the soup, I have the magazine and article right now and it does not list it at all. Thanks!

  22. LisaA.

    OK, I had my first bowl of this soup the evening of January 3. And loved it! So my routine is now: 2 hard boiled Omega 3 eggs for brekky (with a cup of green tea) every morning. Then lunch and supper are made of this this soup (sometimes with a side salad.) . (I drink big glasses of filtered water during the day and at my meals) the soup is delicious and filling–and I now have enough energy to leap tall buildings with a single bound..

    AND since January 3, I have gone from my all-time high (after horrible holiday pigging out) of 187.4 to (this morning) 178.2. This is so amazing that I stepped on my scale 3 times to make sure it was working right or I had not lost my mind completely. Each time, the scale said the same thing. I am now on my second batch of the soup (made this afternoon) and now my husband wants some–although I am not sure he will be nuts about the turmeric. ( Interestingly, I never find “eating the same thing day after day” boring and always look forward to a meal of this soup because it still tastes wonderful to me. ..

    I will be seeing my PCP soon and think he will be delighted with the results of this sensible lifestyle. Not just my weight, but lower BP and my blood sugar readings are super, too–about 118 after eating, and then they drop quickly down into the normal 90’s so this is a great soup for those who are borderline T2 diabetics.

    Thank you ” First For Women” and Dr Gittleman–you have inspired me to get back into a way of life where I am no longer ignoring my health. And thanks also to the others who have shared their own happy experiences with this Magical Soup. LisaA.

  23. Rosalie

    How many weeks can you continue to be on the soup diet?

  24. Stacey Johnson

    I just so happened to come across this magazine, and buy it, and I never do that. I saw the soup recipe……..made it……LOVE IT!! I am very surprised at how delicious it is! My husband even likes it and that’s saying alot! lol My only question is, can I combine the different things, like the pink salt, seaweed, diakon, and Tumeric all in the same soup since i have literally every single one of the symptoms?? Thanks!

  25. Tiffany

    I am wondering how many calories this soups has per serving. Thanks

  26. Nikole

    Bought the magazine, got real excited about soup, made it for 3 days, when I realized the magazine did not tell you what to do once the 2 weeks were up, I went out and got the book FAT FLUSH PLAN & FAT FLUSH FITNESS. Today is day 5 of the soup for lunch and dinner, HB eggs and a few berries for breakfast. I am very discourage because the reason I was so interested in the diet in the 1st place was because the soup was so simple(and cheap) and I new exactly where & what to buy, plus it is so easy to just send my husband (who is also on day 5) to work with the soup & his dinner was ready whenever he was! Now that I have the book, it seems like i have to buy 100 more items to fix all these meals snacks, beverages. Not to mention, how time consuming it will be to fix his breakfast, lunch, and dinner….and mine as well! Before the diet, he would get lunch (sandwich & fruit) and dinner. I am kind of overwhelmed by the book FAT FLUSH PLAN, but I do love the FITNESS book!

  27. Lynn

    I love the soup it is insanely delicious, quick and easy to make, smells awesome cooking and totally satisfying so I am not hungry for hours! Glad I spent some time reading the posts, think I’ll try reducing the amount of tomato and replace with a low sodium broth.

    Like Stacey, I too, would like to know if I can combine all of the different ingredients suggest to target specific issues into one soup as I suffer from many of the symptoms addressed as well!

  28. Amber

    In regards to calories per cup, I really think it depends on what variation you use and also which tomato/veggie juice you use. I used V8 Low Sodium and made the standard soup with extra lean turkey and chick peas, but added the turmeric. I ended up with 20 cups of soup in total, (no water added).

    I put all the ingredients into an on-line calorie counter, added them up and then divided by 20 and ended up with an estimated 120 calories per cup. Of course this assumes that you will get an exactly equal amount of the different ingredients each time, which is unlikely. But as a rough average, I feel pretty good about it.

    Also, it is so delicious. Glad I picked up the magazine as a total impulse buy at the checkout 😉

  29. Rosalie

    Just wondering should I only stay on the soup for so many weeks then take a break or can I continue it as long as I want?

  30. Chris

    I just bought the magazine today and have read the entire article through a couple of times. I am going to start this on Monday and take it to work with me each day.
    My question is: Is there a different ingrediant/vegatable to put in rather than squash. I am not real fond of any squash except zucinni. Can this be substituted for the yellow without messing up the benefits of the soup?
    Am looking forward to fitting into my summer clothes that I have not worn for a couple years due to weight loss.
    Thanks a lot!

  31. Linda

    I just made the soup, ready to start in the morning.
    Can you have the soup for breakfast and dinner and the eggs and grapefruit for lunch?


  32. Carla Spurgeon

    can you get these books at walmart

  33. Debbie K.

    I was just wondering the approximate calories in a 2 cup serving of the Slimming Soup. I love the soup, feel full very quickly! Yeah!

  34. Shauna

    Can you snack on any fruit?

    I also love to have a morning coffee with cream…is this a NO NO???

  35. Lesley

    This sounds wonderful and I can’t wait to try! Is this recipe/plan listed anywhere besides the magazine??

  36. Teresa M

    Where do I find this magazine? I just looked at Barnes & Nobel and my supermarket. Neither had it…

  37. lisa

    Chris: yes you can substitute squash

    Linda: Yes, you can do this sometimes

    Shauna: You are right about the coffee with cream

    Debbie: Glad you are enjoying the soup. We don’t count calories and there are too many soup varriations to even guess.

    Nikole: You can simplify the Fat Flush plan by just sticking to the recommended foods and portions, or you could do the Smoothie Shakedown for a couple of weeks, which is also a very fast and easy diet to follow. check out

    The January 23rd issue of First for Women should still be available, including at Walmart. It may be sold out though.

  38. Tricia

    Made the soup today!!!! It’s Delish!!!!! Love it!

  39. Nita

    I’m allergic to onions, so of course I did not put them in the soup – will this alter my results?

    Do you have to add the extra’s to get benefits of the soup?

    I reread the article & did not find any mention of the authorized snacks – can you please provide me with a list?

  40. Rebecca

    I found this magazine at Kroger and Publix Supermarkets. I love the soup! It was easy to make and I too was surprised at how good it was! I added the sea salt, zucchini, daikon (found this at Kroger), extra garlic and cilantro, and tumeric to the soup and it is so good! I tried the cabbage soup diet in the past and I couldnt stay on it because I was so hungry and ready for real food after day three. I am on day 2 and I feel full all day long! I dropped 1.5 pounds overnight too!

  41. laura minnesota


    I’m on day 2 after a trip of eating non-stop to Mexico and a doctor that is concerned because I gained 18 lbs. in a year. I’m 155 now and 5’7″ but was under 140 a year ago. So I hope this will get me back to wearing my skinny jeans! The soup is great!


  42. Laura from NJ

    I am consuming this soup (very tasty) daily along w/the Fat Flush Plan (book) which I purchased upon reading the article in FIRST FOR WOMEN. Couple quesstions:
    Should I eliminate the beans since I am in phase 1, and should I substitute them w/something else?
    Aslo, can I alternate the long life cocktail and the green life cocktail on Phase 1 and can I add Stevia to sweeten it a bit?
    Thanks so much!

  43. ann

    loving the feeling after 2 days on the soup plan. I have been working out a lot this week and woke up at 5 a.m. starving, it really woke me up. I have been eating the 2 approved snacks and 2 cups soup each meal. Is there something i should be doing so I am not sooo hungry? I did add a few almonds in too. Also, one cup of coffee ok?

  44. Anna-Maria from NYC

    I purchase the magazine, made the soup and at it twice a day. For breakfast i would sautee spinach in chicken broth and have two eggs with it or I would make a veggie omlet with broccolli, scallions, peepers or whatever veggies I had on hand. I also ate fruit twice a day during snack. My starting weight was 271 lbs. A week later I have lost 10 pounds and can’t wait to start my second week. I felt full and I decided to purchase the book so I can continue on my weight loss journey.

  45. Leslie

    The issue of this magazine is no longer on the stands. When and where can I find these recipes???

  46. Lisa

    This soup is so good and filling. I bought ingredients for my third and forth batch tonight.
    I eat this soup for lunch and supper and I start the day with protein. I highly recommend it. I have pretty much eliminated carbs and sugars from my diet and feel much less sluggish. This soup works! 🙂

  47. Kristine

    Can’t wait to start the soup, however, I do not like or eat eggs. Any other suggestions for breakfast? Can I eat fruit with this? I am a big fruit eater. Thanks!

  48. Tyra

    Where is the new recipe?

  49. Deborah

    I follow the Paleo way of eating, which excludes legumes. Can I increase the amount of protein in the soup, with meat?

    I would consider eating legumes, just not sure how my body would react! I haven’t eaten legumes for over one year now. I am concerned that digesting them might be an issue, since I haven’t had them in quite a while now. Legumes used to give me gas, in the “old days” when I used to eat them.

    I welcome your thoughts!


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