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Help Me Beat My Snack Attacks!

I’ve been bringing frozen “diet” lunches to work for weeks, but an hour after eating, I’m starving. I’ve even started stealing coworkers’ snacks from the refrigerator! The other day I heard somebody mention the “kitchen thief,” and I wanted to crawl under my desk. I’m afraid I’m just too lazy to lose! What can I do?

Ditch the frozen entrees and eat something that actually satisfies your hunger. Try stocking your cupboards with single-serving cans of chicken or tuna, along with snack-size bags of almonds or sunflower seeds. In the A.M., just grab and go, and toss in a hard-boiled egg for good measure: its six grams of protein stabilize blood sugar levels and prevents the dips that set off midafternoon hunger pangs.

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