Lose weight, feel great, and cleanse the New Fat Flush way.

Woman’s World couldn’t have said it better.

Pick up your copy of the January 16th Woman’s World magazine at checkout counters at your local supermarket. In it, you’ll get a “taste” for the New Fat Flush’s Three-Day Tune UP that is sweeping the nation. We have over 600 dedicated Flushers doing our 14 Day Fat Flush Challenge as we speak. Many are kicking off their weight loss journey with this simple three-day liquid plan.

Filled with metabolism-boosting protein, fired up spices, friendly skinny fats, fiber and fluid, the Three-Day Ultra Fat Flush Tune-Up has a devoted following already. When you get your copy of Woman’s World, you will see Casey’s picture. Casey, our 31-year-old fan, is a project coordinator in Nashville, Tennessee and lost quickly. But even if you are a notoriously slow loser, you can’t fail with this program—even if it is just inches that melt first.

Here’s what Sandra had to say:

“I decided to do Ann Louise’s Three-Day Ultra Fat Flush Tune-Up the day before my birthday—even cancelling my husband’s already made plans for a special birthday dinner at our favorite restaurant. I recognized that I was at a plateau with my weight, though not overweight. Like most women, losing a few quick pounds always makes me feel better. The results were so positive that I would highly recommend this protocol to every woman looking to break her complacency. This was a great reboot not only to my metabolism, but also revitalized my creativity and joie d’vivre. It was easy to do, with exceptionally healthy products, and I never felt hungry. Moreover, as my husband says, I look fabulous!

Just so you know… five pounds may not seem like a lot to a younger gal, but for me it is a big deal. I am a notoriously slow loser, and these were stubborn pounds! So, this was hugely motivating for me. I have obviously lost a lot of inches because my clothes are so loose! YEAH!”

Would you like to join Sandra and Casey and discover your most vital, healthy self this 2017? Pick up your copy of The New Fat Flush Plan—available now in hardcover and for Kindle at a savings of 43% off the cover price!

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