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January 26, 2012

135173760Winter weather is no match for the magical moisturizing effects of BeauCle!

If winter skin has got you down, don’t despair – repair!

Our precious skin is the very first line of defense against the weather. But targeted ultra-hydrating skin care ingredients on the inside and on the outside can visibly combat the dehydrating, drying effects of the season.

Supplementing with the right amount of the essential fatty acids (especially gamma linolenic acid or GLA— the “good” Omega 6) is especially helpful against winter’s dehydrating and irritating effects on the skin. In the summer, it offers protection against damaging UVA and UVB rays and can be used to treat the swelling, pain, and redness caused by sunburn.

When I test my clients with a blood test that measures overall Omega status, I find a startling 9 out of 10 are very GLA deficient.

Biologically, the skin requires a steady supply of GLA to retain moisture and stay supple and smooth. Without sufficient GLA cellular membranes cannot retain moisture, leaving the skin with a dry rough appearance. GLA increases cell resilience and moistens the fatty layer beneath the skin making it one of the finest internal moisturizers on the market today.

There have been a number of clinical studies which support the use of GLA for psoriasis and eczema – two conditions which impact nearly 20% of all Americans – to one degree or another.

For oral and topical use, GLA-containing oils are not only a skin smart choice for overcoming dryness and itching but are a natural for acne, too. GLA inhibits the androgens (or male steroid hormones) thought to cause skin disorders, like acne, common baldness, and seborrhea.

BC TrioTerrific for people of all ages, including infants, the topical application of GLA-containing  borage oil and sea buckthorn oil (just two of the key essential fatty acids in the BeauCle Purifying Cleanser, Ultra Hydrating Moisture and Overnight Corrective Creme) results in more luminous, smoother and firmer skin day in and day out.

In two weeks, study participants even noticed how a GLA-rich oil can help strengthen the intracellular moisture barrier preventing water loss from the skin and also reduced redness and inflammation.

While borage oil has been extensively studied for its improvement on the appearance and overall health of skin tissue, the GLA-rich sea buckthorn (with more than 130 studies in its own right) raises the beauty bar by providing additional therapeutic properties. Its beauty-rich supply of Omega 3, 6, 7, and 9 not only promotes flawless skin but also assists in collagen development of the skin with its rarified Omega 7 content. This “Holy Fruit of the Himalayas” contains skin-essential antioxidants that fight cell-damaging free radicals and flavonoids and carotenoids which are especially helpful in slowing the aging process and protecting the skin from the sun.

Read what some of our thrilled BeauCle users had to say on our Forum Chat this past Tuesday:

Linda S. said, “Besides being an incredible moisturizer…I have recently had double carpal tunnel surgery… and nothing has worked as well on my scars as BeauCle! Both my scars are getting smoother every day, making movement of my hands more flexible! … When my hands are sore from too much computer work or long hours in the Fat Flush Test Kitchen, I treat myself to a hand massage with my BeauCle Hydrating Moisturizer…ahhhh! My daughter swiped my products and took it back to college with her…and you know hard it is to get them to switch beauty products! She said the Purifying Cleanser gets her face clean like no other!”

Michelle chimed in and proclaimed, “I’ve found the Corrective Creme to be very effective for healing the chapping and cracks in my hands from winter weather.”

Ami3Ami Beach (at left), from Connecticut, just emailed us this testimonial:

As an expert myself in holistic health and anti aging, I was floored by the simplicity of the BeauCle regime yet deeply profound results that I achieved in such a short amount of time using the products. Within two weeks, my skin was transformed resulting in a more subtle, tighter and firmer complexion. The lines around my eyes, mouth and forehead were visibly lessened and my skin texture and tone completely evened out.

I have tried just about every skin care product out there from the “high- end” to the most “natural” and nothing compares to the winning combination that BeauCle has to offer. It  blends the best of science and nature perfectly without adding parabens, dyes, sulfates or petro chemicals, all  toxic substances which super important to for me, and everybody, to avoid. With BeauCle, gorgeous skin is literally as easy as 1, 2, 3.”

BeauCle features borage and sea buckthorn oil combined with an array of healing and beautifying ingredients meticulously selected from around the world to rebuild, heal, and soothe the skin like hydrating squalane and hyaluronic acid,  firming jojoba, soothing calendula, arnica, cucumber and white tea; silky amino acids and high performance marine proteins to fortify and visibly reduce wrinkles, cosmeceuticals like Centipeda C to promote cellular renewal and healing with oil-soluble Vitamin C to brighten and lighten those brown spots.

Winter-weary skin will be a thing of the past when BeauCle becomes part of your daily regimen. Uncover true beauty by nature with BeauCle, my year round skin car line designed with you in mind!



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  1. Sierra

    I love BeauCle`! My skin tone and complexion have drastically improved, and my usually winter-dry face is nice and dewy and moisturized! I’ve even been using the Overnight Creme during the day, too, and it is just amazing! The sandalwood smell is very uplifting and enjoyable, I love using the cleanser in the shower as a body wash as well!

  2. Eve

    Do you have samples of the BeauCle line? I have chemical sensitivities, and I cannot tolerate perfumes at all.

  3. tmice826

    I too am overly skin sensitive and would like to try these products, yet not wanting to be put out financially. Is there a sample line or return policy of sorts?

  4. Abbiet

    This skin care line is really fab! It has healed my winter skin in only a couple of weeks including the flaking and peeling in the eyebrows I only get during the winter:) Please make us a travel size set that could also be purchased by people who really want to try it without investing in the full sized products!!! I really don’t want to carry those big tubes when I go for an overnight or weekend trip. Of course those travel size bottles should be refillable from the big tubes:)

  5. lisa

    BeauCle does not have perfumes. It has essential oil of Sandlewood. Essential oils are not artificial chemicals and in fact have natural healing frequencies. I love the way they smell!

    We don’t have sample sizes but do stand behind the products. If you have any issues we will accept your return.

  6. Shira

    My skin is so very sensitive but I did wonderfully well on BeuCle — all three products — which I highly recommend 🙂

  7. Mary

    I have been using BeauCle. Thank you for the great saving to help us get started.
    Is there any kind of sun protection? Would we need something for the sun? I always
    thought we needed sun block.

  8. Shira

    Mary — You might consider a mineral type of sunblock in addition to the BeuCle – which provides some natural protection but is not SPF rated at this time 🙂

  9. Midge Howard

    Are there any ‘plumping-up’ ingredients? that fill in lines, etc.
    I ask because I was using Elemis which did have. At first it was great, but
    then I guess I became sensitive to the buildup. So I’m thinking if it plumps
    it is inflammatory.


  10. Sierra

    Hi Midge- In my opinion, the essential fatty acids from sea buckthorn and borage oil are very plumping. Our cell membranes are made up of these EFAs, so applying them topically delivers the plumping nutrients directly to the source! BeauCle` is working great for the fine lines around my eyes


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