The Ten Commandments of Radical Longevity

April 14, 2021

What if you could turn back the clock and live vibrantly into your 90s to 100 and beyond?

Well, with the right tools, you can sharpen your brain, strengthen your body and reverse the symptoms of aging. I shine a light on the path for you in my new book, Radical Longevity. Here’s a sneak peek at my healthy aging road map you can follow, beginning with the Ten Commandments for living radically well and strong into your second century.

1. Respect Aging…As A Privilege Denied to Many.

As I was writing Radical Longevity, I couldn’t help remembering all my beloved mentors, many of whom died too young. I realized how very blessed we are to be living, albeit in very challenging times. I decided, and I’m sure you will too – to never take the gift of life for granted – and to do my best to continue aging with power, grace, guts and beauty! With an attitude of gratitude, I’ve already spent decades discovering, testing, understanding, and utilizing strategies to boost and extend the years we’re privileged to enjoy on this planet.

2. Adopt the Habits of the Super Agers.

You may have heard of long-lived populations, areas in the world where it is common for people to reach the age of 100 and beyond. From Okinawa, Japan, Sardinia, Italy, to Costa Rica, Greece and even Loma Linda, California, people living in these zones are thriving and living healthier, longer lives.

What are they doing differently? Is it just in their genes? Interestingly, a Danish population-based Twin Study on health in the elderly discovered that genetics only account for about 20% to 30% of longevity factors. So, as I like to say, your DNA is not your destiny!

It’s all about your diet and lifestyle. Super Agers tend to eat fewer calories but enjoy nutrient-dense, wholesome, unprocessed foods. They stop eating when they feel about 80% full, eating more slowly and enjoying meals as a time to pause and relax during the day. Their diets are rich in healing oils like olive, avocado and macadamia, high in legumes and nuts, and loaded with fresh veggies. So, as Mom used to say, “Eat Your Veggies” – especially broccoli and beets.

3. Eat More Plant Foods.

Phytonutrient-rich veggies are a hallmark of my Radical Longevity Lifelong Plan, which you’ll find in Chapter 9 of Radical Longevity. I’m sure you’ve heard that eating more than five servings of fruits and veggies per day can make a significant dent in your risk of heart disease and cancer. But did you know that eating seven or more servings of veggies a day can reduce your risk of dying early – at any age – by 42%? One of the reasons is that veggies are naturally low in AGEs (Advanced Glycation End Products) or glycotoxins that can prematurely age you from the surface of your skin to the deepest levels of your cells.

AGEs are formed by high and dry cooking methods such as baking, roasting, grilling and frying – even when cooked in supposedly healthy air fryers! Think “low and slow” and “wetter is better”. Marinating your meats and even any veggies or fruits that you plan to grill, can prevent AGEs formation by as much as 50%! You’ll want to keep my delicious marinade recipes on hand this summer, like the Zesty Longevity Rosemary Marinade on page 154 or Island Breezes marinade on page 155.
Try stewing, braising, sauteing or poaching your veggies and meat, poultry or fish in nutritious, organic broth. And there’s nothing as easy as placing your meal in a slow cooker in the morning and coming home to a fragrant, ready-made meal at the end of the day.

You’ll find a long list of the best veggies and fruits to enjoy for vibrant health, a 7 Day Menu Sampler to help incorporate them into your diet, and over 40 delicious recipes to get you started. Most importantly, you’ll learn how to cook (and what to cook in) to avoid AGEs and preserve the life force of your food.

The eagerly anticipated grilling season is approaching, and you need to learn the key to avoiding AGEs in your favorite BBQ recipes. Marinating your meats and even any veggies or fruits that you plan to grill, can prevent AGEs formation by as much as 50%! You’ll want to keep my delicious marinade recipes on hand this summer, like the Zesty Longevity Rosemary Marinade on page 154 or Island Breezes marinade on page 155.

I recommend UNI KEY’s Super-GI Cleanse to reduce the toxins that could be promoting AGEs in your diet. Super-GI Cleanse is a gentle, natural intestinal cleansing supplement that works as a “broom” to sweep waste from your GI tract. Its unique blend of fiber, herbs, probiotics and plant enzymes supports detoxification of the body through elimination – without dehydrating the colon. And it’s safe for everyday use.

Super GI Cleanse - Uni Key® Health

Super GI Cleanse

4. Give Blood.

Donating blood on a regular basis is not only a way to generously help those in need, it also helps you stay young by reducing potentially harmful iron overload in your system. According to a study by the American Journal of Epidemiology, giving blood can even reduce your risk of heart attack by up to 88%, as high levels of iron in your blood can constrict blood vessels.

And, since iron overload has also been associated with diabetes and age-related joint conditions, I recommend adding UNI KEY Health’s iron-free Advanced Daily Multivitamin to your daily regimen. This stellar multi provides over 30 key vitamins, minerals, enzymes and antioxidants including methylated B-12 and folate for optimum absorption – without the added burden of excess iron.

5. Steam in a Sauna.

One of the most powerful anti-aging methods in my personal tool kit is to relax in an infrared sauna. Sweating in a sauna not only reduces stress, it also helps to detox your body at a cellular level from heavy metals – including cadmium, lead, aluminum and mercury that we are exposed to in our environment. I recommend Influence Sauna, as they provide the most advanced Infrared Therapy available for home use. Check here to take advantage of special offers.

6. Take A Break from Eating

The easy, but powerful, practice of intermittent fasting doesn’t change what you eat – just when you eat it. Try eating all of your food for the day within an 8 – 10 hour time frame, two or three days per week. This will boost your immunity, rev up your energy levels and help you maintain a healthy weight well into your later years. For more details, read my recent blog, Reset Your Body’s Fat-Burning Clock with Intermittent Fasting.

7. Keep Moving

Centenarians are not necessarily exercise fanatics. They just benefit from the natural motion of walking, climbing stairs and staying physically active as they go about their daily lives. But our busy modern day lives can make getting regular exercise a challenge. In Chapter 13 of Radical Longevity, “Repair Bones, Muscles and Joints”, I give you all the right moves you need to stay active and limber, as well as how to protect yourself from the effects of age-related loss of muscle mass, osteoporosis, arthritis and more.

8. Support your Cells

Regeneration and repair truly start at the cellular level, and maintaining healthy cell membranes is imperative if you want to live to be 100. Staying properly hydrated (and I don’t mean just drinking enough water) is critical to helping your cells remove toxins while staving off aging through cellular repair and replacement. In Chapter 5 of Radical Longevity, “Activate Cellular Rejuvenation”, you’ll find 5 foods and beverages you can use to increase your cellular rejuvenation. You’ll love the way you feel when you start the day with my Live Longer Cocktail, on page 132.

9. Be Grateful

Researcher Masaru Emoto, Ph.D., who was trained in alternative medicine, published a book of photographs of water crystals he had exposed to negative and positive emotions. Those photographs, taken through a dark field microscope, show the perfect crystals of the water that had been exposed to emotions like love, words like gratitude, or thoughts of Mother Teresa, and the twisted, tortured crystals exposed to hateful words such as, “You make me sick, I will kill you”, or thoughts of Adolph Hitler. The photos were featured in the 2004 film What The Bleep Do We Know!? Similarly, when positive thoughts are introduced into the biofield of an individual, the quantity and quality of photons emitted by cells increase. Just like the water, it is the opposite when the thought or reaction is negative.

10. Stay Connected

Research has shown that people with good social relationships are 50% more likely to survive over an 8-year span than those without healthy social connections. Other studies indicate that those who live socially isolated are more than twice as likely to die from heart disease. Many of us have lost loved ones or experienced the moving away of friends and family. But we can heal and reach out to develop new relationships. In Radical Longevity, I provide strategies for making the next years of your life the best years yet.

You can pre-order your copy here and receive 3 FREE exclusive BONUS guides and a $28 coupon to UNI KEY Health as my gift to you.

Do check out my recent blog, Lessons I Learned from My 106 Year Old Mentor. And, listen to my podcast, Why Every Body Needs Iodine with Dr. David Brownstein.

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  1. Lisa

    Wonderful information at any age! I heard about the work of Dr. Masara Emoto many years ago. Thanks for the reminder

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    I can hardly wait to read about your 106 year old mentor! Great information.

  3. Susan B

    So interesting! These suggestions are very doable. I’m very happy to learn this now in my 70’s.

  4. Darlene

    Fasting is a new concept to me. I’m sure I could manage this a couple of days per week if it helps my health and makes me live longer.



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