Vitamin D Levels & Thyroid Function – Keys to Live Longer

April 6, 2009

I am becoming more and more fascinated with thyroid and Vitamin D these days after reading that the healthiest individuals in their 90’s shared two things in common: a well functioning thyroid and high Vitamin D levels.

The latter can more easily be assessed by asking your doc for a Vitamin D blood test. Levels above 50 are ideal, although more conservative physicians think that 30 is OK. In any event, you need to know. Many people are not absorbing the “sunshine vitamin” because they are saturated with Vitamin D blocking sunscreens, so…I wish you’d get tested.

Now then..When it comes to thyroid function, most evaluations leave out the most important markers so although you may “suspect” you are hypothyroid, the tests you take indicate otherwise. Here is what I am going to ask my physician, Dr. Richard Delany, who is the “doctor’s doctor.” I mention his name because he is located in Milton, MA and some of you are looking for an integrative physician. He’s your man. I live in Idaho, as you know but choose a physician in Massachusetts because he is the best I have found.

Because I have always suspected that something is not quite right with my thyroid, I am going to request the following comprehensive thyroid evaluation. (You can do the same.)

TSH — Sometimes is high if the thyroid is not functioning up to par — but not always. Stimulated by the pituitary gland, this hormone tells the thyroid to make T4 and T3. Below 2.5 is considered “good.”

Free T4 — This represents the storage and transportation form of thyroid function. It is technically made up of two tyrosine molecules tied with four iodide molecules. So, tyrosine and iodine are important thryoid nutrients – especially iodine, as I have written before.

Free T3 — This is the “active” form of thyroid hormone. It is made up of two tyrosine and three iodide molecules.

Reverse T3 — The reverse of free T3, this important marker can signal heavy metal toxicity if it is elevated.

Total T3 and T4 — Same as basic free from T3 and T4 but instead of being tied to iodide, they are bound to a large protein molecule, thyroglobulin, which completely neutralizes any throid tied to it.

Thyroglobulin Antibodies (TGA) — Elevated levels with this marker equals auto-immune dysfunction. Interestingly, levels can be elevated due to gluten or gliadin sensitivity.

So, you have your homework cut out for you. For your next blood test or a spring tune-up of your body’s metabolism, have these tests taken and see what they reveal. I would be VERY interested in knowing your results because so many of our Forum members suffer from hypothyroidism, gluten intolerance, and auto-immune diseases. I think there is a connection between all three.

I am very indebted to the pioneering work of Dr. Jonathan Wright, in bringing out this crucial information.

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  1. Jo-Anne

    Do you know of any doctors in the Syracuse, NY area. I am trying to get my weight under control…and I have hashimotos and had until recently B12 and D deficiencies. I switched to Armor thryoid to see if that would work better and it has marginally. However, based on what you have above, my T4 is .76 and TSH is 2.34. MY T3 and reverse T3 aren’t listed, so I assume they weren’t tested. My concern is that my diet is between 1200 and 1500 calories, I Zumba once and sometimes twice a day so my exercise level is good, but I am not losing weight. I want to make sure the appropriate tests are done for me, but its impossible in Syracuse to find a doctor willing to help sleuth with me to fix my health issues. If you know of anyone is Syracuse, I would appreciate it.

  2. Patti

    Ann Louise – I am gluten intolerant and have been on a GFD for 2 years. I was diagnosed today with low Vitamin D, B12, and Sjogren’s disease. The tests also confirmed that I have the DQ2 gene for celiac. I am proof that all of these issues are connected. Please keep up the great work and increasing people’s awareness.

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