Are Parasites Your Missing Diagnosis?

April 24, 2015

The hidden epidemic that can trigger weight gain, increase anxiety, destroy digestion and fuel sugar cravings.

Over 25 years ago, the Chief of Pathobiology at Walter Reed Army Institute of Research, Peter Weina, PhD, FACP, told me, “we have a tremendous parasite problem right here in the United States—it’s just not being identified.”

Could unsuspected parasites be holding your health hostage?

If you regularly struggle with a stubborn sweet tooth, fatigue, or any of the following symptoms, invisible culprits could be the underlying cause:

  • Anxiety, nervousness and depression
  • Frequent infections including yeast infections and colds
  • Intestinal issues like intermittent constipation, diarrhea, bloating and gas
  • Joint or muscle pain
  • Difficulty sleeping or nighttime teeth grinding
  • Dark circles around or under the eyes
  • Acne, eczema, hives, rashes or other skin conditions
  • Sensory disorders such as vertigo, brain fog or poor coordination

A focus of my work since my book Guess What Came to Dinner? Parasites and Your Health came out in 1991, most people still dismiss parasites as a third-world concern.

But, a study in The American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene found that 32% of a nationally representative sample of 2,896 people tested positive for parasitic infections, and at least 48 states have fought measurable outbreaks.

It’s time that this epidemic finally be brought into focus. Increased international travel, improperly washed fruits and vegetables, undercooked/raw or microwaved fish, meat and poultry, polluted soil and water and inadequate hygiene (particularly in daycare and senior centers) all contribute to the spread of parasites.

Parasites are responsible for an enormous panorama of human health problems. Within our bodies, these critters consume our food and nutrients, producing toxic wastes, and eventually even destroying our tissues and cells.

As the most immunosuppressive agent in the human body, parasites produce indole catabolites that our eliminating organs like the kidneys and liver have to work overtime to excrete. In addition, our immune system goes on overdrive, emitting substances called cytokines that trigger a variety of immune responses. These high levels of cytokines have been linked to increased incidences like violent suicide attempts as well as depression. Cytokines can pass through the blood-brain barrier and negatively impact neurotransmitters such as dopamine and serotonin in the brain.

Here are the warning signs:

  • Sugar cravings – A diet high in simple carbs like sugar, white flour, and milk can fuel your uninvited guests, even so-called “natural” sweets—honey, rice syrup, fruit juice sweeteners—provide instant nourishment for your internal hitchhikers. Simple carbohydrate foods require more time to pass through the alimentary system. A sluggish transit time allows more food to decay and putrefy, thus producing stagnation in the colon and an inviting environment for toxic buildup.
  • Anxiety – Toxoplasmosis infection has been dramatically and significantly linked to General Anxiety Disorder (GAD), for example.
  • Secondary dairy and gluten intolerance – Many parasites, like roundworm and Giardia, can trigger secondary lactose and casein intolerance, so avoiding milk and cheese is a must. Because of the damaged intestinal villi, Giardia can also precipitate a type of gluten intolerance. With any protozoan infection that can damage the intestinal villi, it is always a good idea to reduce the intake of grains.
  • Food and environmental allergies – Parasites irritate and sometimes perforate the intestinal lining, increasing bowel permeability to large undigested molecules and activating the body’s immune response, causing allergic reactions.
  • Anemia – If enough parasites are present, you can lose enough blood to cause iron deficiency or anemia.
  • Constipation – Some worms, because of their shape and size, can block the bile duct and intestinal tract, making elimination difficult and infrequent.
  • Gas and bloating – Some parasites live in the upper small intestine, making persistent abdominal distention a frequent sign of uninvited guests.
  • Irritable bowel syndrome – Parasites can inflame the intestinal cell wall, leading to various GI symptoms and malabsorption of vital nutrients.
  • Joint and muscle aches/pains – Some parasites can migrate and encyst in joint fluids and muscles, leading to chronic inflammation.
  • Skin conditions – Parasites can cause allergic skin reactions: eczema, hives, rashes, sores.
  • Inability to lose or gain weight
  • Plus, Overall fatigue, dark circles under the eyes, and grinding of the teeth

Ready for a Cleanse?

If a few of the warning signs sound familiar, it may be high time for a targeted parasite cleanse:

Up your digestive enzymes, probiotics and HCl. All three are critical to the process of parasite elimination. You want your stomach and your gut to be acidic in order to provide an inhospitable environment for the critters to take route.

Limit raw of all kinds, especially if you eat out. Eat plenty of properly cooked proteins like wild-caught fish, organic meat, free range chicken and pastured eggs. Protein provides the amino acids necessary to strengthen tissues and enhance immunity.

Gently increase fiber intake.  Soluble and insoluble fiber have amazing detoxification and sweeping effects on both large and small invaders.

Get the sugar out.  The worst offenders are those liquid sugar calories from soda and fruit juice.

Eliminate cold drinks. These act as a shock to the body and cause the intestinal tract to contract and hold on to waste materials, exactly what you don’t want during this detox period.

Avoid most dairy and gluten-based products. The exception to this dairy ban would be plain organic yogurt and kefir.

Up the beta-carotene. Based upon clinical studies it appears that of all the vitamins and minerals, vitamin A best increases resistance to tissue penetration by parasitic larvae. Foods rich in pre-vitamin A or beta-carotene (think brightly colored orange and green veggies) should be added liberally to the diet. Note that a serving of organic wheat grass juice powder or capsules is a convenient way to obtain beta carotene as well as the nutritional value of three pounds of organic green veggies.

Think zinc. Along with vitamin A-rich foods, please increase your zinc. Vitamin A and zinc are by far the two most important nutrients to add to your diet for parasite-proofing. Zinc can be found in beef, turkey, lamp, eggs, and pumpkin seeds.

Use onions, garlic, cloves, and fennel in cooking and nibble on pumpkin seeds as a snack. These are all well-respected and time-honored parasite controllers.

Try colonic cleansing. Home enemas and colonic irrigation can play an important role in cleansing the colon of parasites. Garlic enemas, for example, are especially helpful in eliminating pinworms.

Take a tablespoon of fish or flax oil. Fish and flaxseed oils are especially helpful with parasites because their fatty acids are absorbed so readily in the structure of the body’s cellular membranes thus providing protection down to the cellular level against hidden invaders. The oils also lubricate the gastrointestinal tract and serve as a carrier for fat-soluble vitamin A, creating an environment uninviting for waste, toxins, and microorganism buildup.

Sip therapeutic teas. Drink one to two cups of mugwort tea every day. Mugwort hardly sounds like a formidable herb, but the tea made from it has been used for generations to kill intestinal parasites.

Try some antiparasitic supplements. For the microscopic parasites try an herbal formula consisting of cranberry concentrate, grapefruit seed extract, Artemisia annua, pomegranate, peppermint, slippery elm and bromelain. Cranberry is especially important because its organic acids kill parasites by breaking down their protein structure and stimulate the release of parasitic waste.

For the larger worms and flukes, try an herbal tincture containing black walnut, wormwood, centaury, male fern, orange peel, cloves and butternut. Centaury is an herb revered by Native Americans for its ability to relax the parasites triggering release of their hooks and suckers from the intestinal tract which is especially effective the newly uncovered human rope worm.

This is the intestinal parasite cleanse I have used for almost 20 years.

For a more definite diagnosis…

If you or anyone in your family shows signs of parasites (and your health care practitioner lacks experience with these kinds of infections), you may want to consider an Expanded GI Panel which allows you to collect saliva and stool samples in the privacy of your own home.

The panel tests for the following:

  1. Pathogenic bacteria including H. pylori and C. difficile, Candida albicans and fungus
  2. Protozoa and worms including Giardia, Blastocystis hominis, roundworm, Toxoplasma gondii, Trichinella spiralis, and Tapeworm
  3. Allergies to gluten, cow’s milk, eggs and soy
  4. Intestinal function markers including GI immunity – SigA, pancreatic enzyme output, colon inflammation, blood in stool, and stool pH

After the lab analyzes your samples, my office reviews your results, and you’ll receive personalized recommendations for diet, lifestyle and supplementation changes. If you have any questions about testing, please contact Uni Key Health at 800-888-4353.

Since writing Guess What Came to Dinner?, I’ve successfully counseled countless clients on effective ways to discover and eliminate these pests—or better yet, to prevent them in the first place. I hope you’ll find these tools helpful to preserve and protect your system for a very long time!

Amin, Omar M. “Seasonal Prevalence of Intestinal Parasites in the United States During 2000.” American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene 66.6 (2002): 799-803. Web.
Gittleman, Ann Louise. Guess What Came to Dinner?: Parasites and Your Health. New York: Avery, 2001. Print.
Gittleman, Ann Louise. The Gut Flush Plan: The Breakthrough Cleansing Program: Flushes Fattening Toxins, Boosts Your Metabolism, Fortifies Your Health. New York: Avery, 2009. Print.
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  1. Ellie C.

    Fascinating blog. I had the GI Panel and found toxoplasmosis. Here’s hoping getting rid of it will help my anxiety, which I have suffered from for over 10 years. Keep up the good work, ALG~

    • Greg

      Can someone tell me the most common parasites or funguses found in Las Vegas area.
      I moving here to retire 5 years ago and every summer I get sores on my scalp and it uses wax material for protection I think…but no Doctor can figure it out. I bet I had Dermatologist send in 40 Biopsies from my scalp and 98% of them they said it was degenerating Plant tissue almost every time. Also My Eosinophils was close to 40% when 3% is normal. I have constant joint pain. I am constantly get sinus infections
      plus I get short of breath. My right Lobe in right lung has a growth that keeps getting bigger. It is now 12 mm long. the infectious decease Doctor said he felt it is a lung fluke. I think maybe this condo I bought 5 years ago was infected with a yellow fungus mold or Morgellons. everything has always came back as Negative.., . or Prior to moving to Vegas I never had any of these symptoms. I feel I picked it up from my Condo even though it had new carpet. I have lost all my muscle tone from atrophy. I am down 40 Ibs. lastly my teeth are getting bad quick. My blood is bright red. I really was never sick until Vegas and in my heart I honestly feel I am checking out. Most doctors have been rude to me. I am also enemic. Any ideas would be great…. I am not a spammer. just looking for help. Lastly I was diagnosed with full blown Myasthenia Gravis for a year of taking the 2 meds and it went away 100%….

  2. Manuel Perez

    I was in the Peace Corps for several years and came back with an undiagnosed illness. After going to Tropical Medicine Specialists all over the East Coast, they found roundworm and some type of amoeba. I wish I knew about your program sooner. The drugs were worse than my GI symptoms. I am now much better – but encourage all of you who have mysterious illnesses to check out what Ann Louise says. Thank YOU!

  3. Pretty Girl

    Can parasites cause seasonal allergies and Hay Fever, I wonder? Can you get these critters from animals? I have been to a number of Functional Medicine Docs and no one has mentioned the test you write about. I have ordered it today and hope my allergies can finally be helped. They seemed to have gotten worse when we got 2 puppies in the house. Love your stuff, Ann Louise

    • Team ALG

      Parasites are very often the underlying cause of seasonal allergies, food sensitivities, and sometimes even chemical sensitivities, too. Certain parasites can definitely be picked up from animals- For instance Toxoplasma gondii is commonly contracted from exposure to cat feces, and Ascaris lumbricoides (roundworm) can often be attributed to dogs- especially puppies. We are so glad that you’ve ordered the test and we look forward to helping you back to health!

  4. Deidre

    Dear Dr. Gittleman: I have been following you for years. Saw you on The View and Dr. Phil and have been a fan ever since. When I heard you speak on the Gut Summit, I knew why I was so drawn to your work — You are light years ahead of everyone else. My Colon Cleanse has changed my life. How can I thank you enough?

    In thanks,

    • Team ALG

      Thank you so much for the kind words!

  5. Pamela

    I see parasites in my stools and have expelled 10″ parasites with coffee enemas. My doctor just recently recommended a specific organic garlic. I have used wormwood in past but does not work for me. I found out about your website years ago from Doug Kaufman, Know the Cause.

    • Team ALG

      We hope that you try the My Colon Cleansing Kit to experience the healing and relief that so many others have! Best wishes

  6. Sarah

    What is a good recipe for homemade cranberry juice? I have fresh cranberries and would like to make my own juice for Ann Louise’s cran-water and for those pesky parasites.

  7. Aussie Down Under

    Your book “Guess What Came to Dinner” was a real game-changer. Always was, always will be.

    • Angie

      Hi I’m from Australia too, just wondering if you have tried the Colon Cleanse? If so is it available in Australia?

  8. Natalie Cramer

    A scary subject so expertly handled – brava, Ann Louise!!!!

  9. Ronald Brown

    Your book saved my wife’s life! We visited more integrative and traditional specialists to try and uncover her constant diarrhea. She finally went on your giardia program. It stopped her diarrhea and bloating.Our whole family also went on the same protocol. We all feel so much better. Thank you with much gratitude,

    Ronald Brown

    • Team ALG

      So happy to hear this, Ronald. Thank you for sharing!

  10. Kathie

    As a colonic therapist for many years, I can attest to the hidden parasite epidemic. I have seen threadworms, hookworms, tapeworms and huma rope worm pass through my tubes. Your program is one of the best. Some clients can’t gain weight while others can’t lose but they can both have underlying worms. Its amazing what is released from the body when cleansing herbs are used. I hope you update your classic book.

  11. Dr. Laurie

    Dear Ann Louise:

    I first came across your work in Beyond Pritikin. I followed you ever since. Thanks for keeping up the health warrior spirit. I salute you!

  12. Kata Joos

    Dear Dr.
    My diagnosis is C1 inhibitor / Angioedema /not hereditary. I got it after the antibiotic treatments of bug bit inflammation .
    I experienced fungus on my skin and redness also for some time .I do not tolerate bread , gluten, and since -I do not eat – I have no stomach problems .They tested me for worms or some parasites H Pylori , but negative results . I am already doing the cleanse for myself , but it is hard to eat well and know – doing the right diet .The Doctors do not suggest anything else -only steroids . I do not allow to get it again ! if I have a cleanse of colons thank you Katalin

  13. Maria

    Greetings and thank you for this very informative article!

    I’m currently pregnant and suspect parasatie problems. Do you have a protocol during pregnancy and lactation? What is your advice? Thank you!!!!!

    • Team ALG

      Yes, indeed! It must be carefully implemented due to the delicate nature of your situation. Please call Sierra at UNI KEY Health for the details of the protocol. 1.800.888.4353

  14. Karen

    My daughter came back from a trip to Egypt vomiting uncontrollably for weeks, which turned into months. She then developed bizarre symptoms, including an inability to write, slurred speech, and extreme abdominal pain. The doctors told us she was anorexic and said she need a psychiatrist. It took us three years to finally receive real help and cleanse her system of parasites. She’s now a high achieving high school scholar and athlete!

    • Holly

      Hi Karen. I have just discovered that I have parasites and I too was in Egypt – I reckon it was the 3 day trip down the Nile that did it! Could you tell me – did your daughter have to go on antibiotics? How did she rid herself of her parasites? Thanks so much in advance! Holly

  15. Teresa Pfaff

    Thank you, Ann Louise, for talking about a health subject that is so often disregarded in our modern society. In the past I worked as a colon hydrotherapist and saw first hand the results of many clients suffering with symptoms of parasitic infection. They often had gone undiagnosed by traditional medical doctors and were very frustrated trying to find relief. I used your very informative and easy to understand book, “Guess What Came To Dinner”, to help identify parasites, educate clients, and give them hope of ridding themselves of the bothersome beasties. The “Gut Flush Plan” is also an excellent tool for helping to keep the digestive system healthy and functioning properly. I’m going to follow your lead and do a Spring cleanse as you’ve outlined in this helpful blog. Thanks again for all of the research and time you’ve taken!

  16. mari

    Can this be a cause of fibromyalgia?

    • Team ALG

      We strongly suspect parasites as an underlying cause in many of the fibromyalgia clients that Ann Louise has worked with. A detox with the My Colon Cleansing Kit usually dramatically improves fibro symptoms.

  17. Jackie Davis

    Very informative. Have IBS and several other things going on. I’ll look for your book. Many thanks.

  18. julie

    as a biofeedback practitioner i continue to see parasites as one of the main stressors underlying my clients’ conditions. thank you, ann louise, for bringing this topic to light.

  19. Jesse

    Thank You, Thank You for sharing this information! I know so many people who seem to be struggling with unexplained health issues and I have been telling them that they should look into parasite issues, as I have had success with my own health after discovering this. This article does such a great job of explaining the issues that I shared it with all my friends!

  20. Team ALG

    Thank you to all for the kind and encouraging words! Ann Louise continues to lead the way for parasite detection and healing protocols. We appreciate all of your feedback!

  21. Liz

    This is such great information. You not only pioneered parasite awareness over 25 years ago, but have continued to keep us updated with the latest research and testing available. I am especially interested to hear about the production the cytokines potentially causing serious emotional disturbances.

  22. Frank Schultz

    Is there a specific probiotic that you recommend? I am also recently been on the Isagenix program which also contains cleansing, but not sure if its enough. Lastly, I would be very interested in doing the coffee enema but no clue on how or where to go in Northwest Suburbs of Chicago, IL. I so appreciate the work you do and the information you share?

    • Team ALG

      Hi Frank, Ann Louise’s go-to probiotic is Flora-Key from UNI KEY Health. You would do well to use the My Colon Cleansing Kit to achieve your desired detoxification. Coffee enemas can be done at home. The protocol is detailed in Ann Louise’s book Fat Flush For Life on page 183.

  23. Nicky

    I live in the Uae – will i be able to do the GI test here?

    • Team ALG

      Hi Nicky, Yes- the GI test will work wonderfully for you. International customers need only to send their samples to the lab with a priority delivery service, ensuring their delivery within 3 days of collection. You may call UNI KEY and speak with the test coordinator if you have further questions. 1.800.888.4353

  24. Annie

    Can we use the Colon Cleansing Kit even if you don’t have parasites…(or not sure)? I am a thin person,however, my stomach makes me look like I’m 5 months pregnant. It may be just “senior citizen fat” just settling in, but if there is something I can do to stop this,I would sure like to try. I eat well… pretty much just meat, veggies, nuts. Can’t figure out why I don’t have much energy. Could use some help.

    • Team ALG

      Annie, There are no contraindications for the My Colon Cleansing Kit. Even if you don’t have parasites, the ingredients are soothing and detoxifying to benefit your digestive tract. Parasites are a common underlying cause of bloating, but so are Candida overgrowth and even low HCl levels. You may consider using the Y-C Cleanse along with your kit, and maybe even the HCL+2 as well.

  25. Linda

    Hi! I am a health coach and very excited to see this topic! My son has autism and I know it’s a gut issue. Do you have a protocol specific to addressing issues with our kids? Do you consult? Thank you! Linda

    • Team ALG

      Hi Linda, The Gut Flush Plan has appropriate dietary protocols that may be used for children. Please email [email protected] for consult information.

  26. agnes

    Where do i buy colon cleansing kit. i live in Canada,BC. Thank You

  27. agnes

    i want to know where can i buy colon cleansing kit. i live in Canada,BC. thank You!

  28. LEAFY


  29. Connie Heller

    I have consistently come back to this theory of parasites no matter what I have done for over 30 years. I was unhealthy as a child, rotten teeth, underweight, hives, constipated and later migraines with always feeling ill to the stomach. To later years of cystic acne, underweight with monthly cycle issues leading to constant diarrhea, which I have been battling since my first diagnosis of celiac disease to later IBS. No drug, diet has cured it. Had some relief from stopping flouride and chlorine his past spring. I don’t eat hardly anything and doing gaps diet stage one right now with still very watery bowel movements. I was also diagnosed with Giardia along with celiac in 1990 and treated with antibiotics and never retested. In 2006 I tried a CEDSA test ( this was to find root cause of diarrhea) which confirmed parasites and my adrenals, liver and kidneys needing support. But their program involved grain based tinctures and suffered terrible diarrhea after first treatment. I retested and stll showed parasites and encouraged to do another treatment but could not endure the pain again from diarrhea, even after trying various methods to burn off the alcohol. I don’t have the insurance or money to do expansive testing, and feel with still having what I feel is malabsorption of foods, fats, have many food intolerances and lard type stools, even as I have not eaten grains in years. I feel I still have parasites. After hearing ALG’s podcast from a recent summit, I was so encouraged by the information and her experience, but disappointed in another tincture using grain alcohol for your protocol. Or I read some people don’t respond to herbs and had luck with antibiotics. I choose to avoid those at all costs as this drug given to me since childhood, first thinking it’s the best to later in life not wanting it despite doctors strongly encouraging its use, especially with a kidney infection. The antibiotics seem to made the diarrhea much worse and almost impossible to improve, as I was also prescribed loperamide since 1978, and was taking mega amounts during bad diarrhea and many times not working at all. I stopped this drug in 2011! My spouse wants me to take Mebendazole and don’t like the side effects. I’ve tried parasite stuff with wormwood and a product through TriLight that seemed promising, and maybe should have done another treatment. There are no alternative doctors near me or afford the cost. I belong to a leaky gut program through Dr. Axe and surprised how many people are suffering from various digestive or other health issues looking for a solution. I have been making bison bone broth for over a year and eat only bison, wild caught fish and veggies(so many intolerances to meats, etc, learning from food diaries and Alcat test), and I have cut back on fruit. No artificial flavors or colors, no sugars, grains, processed, corn, soy, rice wheat, oats, barley, rye. Also making fermented sauerkraut and kombucha. In Dec.2014 I started vitamins through Freeda of D, K2, Mag., A, E, B and a pure fish oil. These were suggested for healing gut and by the SCD diet. By spring I stopped A, E and B as they were derived from corn and company suggested I was too sensitive. But I ended up with terrible reflux, diagnosed In Oct.2015 and by this Jan. was in terrible pain. I stopped everything and now after trying some essential oils, seem to be getting the reflux under control. I feel I am wasting money and my time and energy on these products, suggested from the leaky gut program, but most have ingredients I cannot tolerate and don’t even try. Now I am doing the gaps stage one and it’s been a good three weeks and still runny diarrhea, but now just in the morning which seems to be sort of a regular timing instead at all day long. What would your team suggest at this point?

    • Team ALG

      Connie, from what you have described you could benefit from taking My Colon Cleansing Kit and getting rid of your underlying parasite problem.

  30. Mary

    Hello – where can I buy the My Colon Cleansing Kit, I live in Australia. Thanks 🙂

  31. Diana

    I am currently doing the colon cleansing kit from Unikey. When I am done, what are some anti-parasitic measures I can take to keep the parasites away? I have already been doing the suggested diet for about a year and will continue to do so. Is the cran water something I can do long term that will keep them at bay? Anything else I can add to my protocol? Thanks.

    • Team ALG

      Diana, that is a very good question. Ann Louise’s book Guess What Came to Dinner has lots of suggestions for parasite prevention. Also you can add Super-GI Cleanse to your regimen. It contains peppermint and butternut which are anti-parasitic and it will also keep your color clean.

  32. Leslie

    Hi! We are ready to begin our My Colon Cleansing Kits after having heard about the need for a parasite cleanse before feeding your microbiome. Will you kindly address whether this protocol could be helpful for a post Lyme diagnosis already “cured” with a course of antibiotics, which has left cognitive issues in the wake. Specifically, I’m concerned that the shape shifting spirochete will burrow deeper to evade attempts at eradication. THank you so much!

    • Team ALG

      Taking My Colon Cleansing Kit will be helpful to eliminate the parasites that may be causing any residual effects from the Lyme. Most of us do have parasites and they are very opportunistic and will take advantage of a compromised immune system. Taking Ultra H-3 will be wonderful to assist cognitive function.

  33. chris

    Where have you posted your fruit and vegetable wash?

  34. Kayla Reinert

    Hi, I would like to do a cleanse by taking the Colon Cleansing Kit. I am currently nursing my son who is almost 11 months old. Since it’s not appropriate for nursing mothers, I want to wait until my son is 1 year.
    My question is: since it’s best to treat the whole family, what is recommended for a one year old?

    Also, I heard a talk by Ann with Donna Gates, saying the protocol should take a total of 2-3 months. However, the Colon Cleansing Kit is 30 days. Is there something else you should be doing afterwards to total the 2-3 months?

  35. Ruby

    Hello! I am looking to heal my gut and am overwhelmed with where to start. Should I do the parasite cleanse first, then the Colon cleanse? Or both at the same time? Looking to methodically and thoroughly get it in shape.

    Thank you!!

  36. renee pedersen

    Hello! I have had laproscopic vertical sleeve procedure done one year ago. I really want to do your cleanse as I have almost all of the symptoms and I have had both giardia and H. pylori in the past. Are there any restrictions to your programs for those who have had weight loss surgeries? Thank you for your time! Signed, Excited in Reno!

  37. EVE

    I have a lot of questions and hope some of them will be answered here. 88 yr old female. Normal weight 139, in 2014 started to lose weight, Dec 2, 2014 heart attack and stint. Heart doing well for the damage but continue to lose weigh, have hit 92 lots of days, seems to stay around 109-111 lbs. Extreme fatigue, brain fog, loss of sleep, the whole 9 yards. Also have 9 vertebrates all un operate able and Scoliosis. Just before heart attack I had a colonoscopy which could not be completed due to “stricture” in Sigmoid colon. Told gastro dr that I noticed like a sediment while preparing for colonscopy, no comment, also after each wipe from bowel movement, I would see clear like bubbles or eggs, still no comment Another attempt for colonscopy Oct 2015, no luck, same , asked new gastro dr if she saw these bubbles, “stone mountain” stare and said she did not see them. 3 weeks ago, started one of the Woodworm, cloves, black walnut combo, blood pressure rose too much, headache and just “sick” With the meds you are offering can any of these cause my BP to rise and other possible reactions? I know you are not an MD but with your background and experience I feel you would have some very good suggestions for me. Oh, just found out that the Nissen procedure I had done in 2007 in Dallas, TX, has come apart, my stomach was wrapped around the a huge hital hernia and my other good new from my Cardiologist in Carson City, Nv, they do not have a doctor who knows anything about the Nissen procedure. Thank you so much, I love your site, its so nice and clean and very easy to navigate in.

  38. EVE

    Eve here, forgot a few things, since the colonscopy couldn’t be completed and indications that something was around my anus, I took a garlic water enema, found 3 worms? about 2.5-3″ long and each end had a red dot on it, and one that was wrapped through feces that I couldn’t save. I don’t have a clue what a fluke looks like but since taking this herb combo my feces looks more like it had been ground up and bits and pieces of something and since I have this partial blockage in my sigmoid I’m not sure what to expect or look for, I’ve had chronic constipation all my life and had a colon resection in 1980 from Diverticulitis and for a “normal” bowel movement to take place, it usually takes at least 5 days before it passes through this mess. Thanks for your time and hoping for a miracle

  39. Brent

    How important is it to know precisely the parasite you’re dealing with to treat? I’m pulling some weird stuff from my stools after using grapefruit seed extract for what I thought was yeast. Can I just do typical parasite and liver cleanses or must they be customized to the beast?

  40. Team ALG

    Brent, when you are taking herbal products like Para-Key and Verma-Plus you can use them no matter which parasites you have, so you don’t need to know exactly which ones they are.

  41. Martha

    Hi there, I’m struggling with worms, mites or fungus… It presents as all three to the naked eye.
    Either way, my question is…. Do you have any suggestions on how to rid my skin, eyes and sinuses of, well, clear worms on and in my skin?
    I’m going to try your colon cleanse and diet recommendations as well.
    I am getting pretty desperate, I seem to have gotten this when or right after giving birth. It’s been four years and is progressively getting worse.
    And now my little girl is showing signs of having.

  42. Team ALG

    The Colon Cleanse herbs and diet will kill the parasites from the inside out. To help eliminate them from your skin you can do a pre-bath scrub of baking soda and salt blended with enough water to form a paste. You can also then try a baking soda bath with 2 cups of baking sod or 1 cup kosher salt and 1 cup baking soda.

  43. Hannah

    Hello if this is real and you’re someone who helps people with these sorts of things. I believe I need to speak to the doctor because I have a very chronic parasite infection and I don’t know what kind. I have been sick for 4 years and doctors have been clueless. When I tell them I feel something moving around and biting my brain/body. The worst is when I feel it moving in my brain and I can’t do anything about it. It seems I have had my infection for so long and been on so many antibiotics that the infection is in my brain I think I need more than the average medicine if it’s a brain infection, so I wonder can you save my life. I just would like to ask the doctor a few questions if she has time please let me know it could save my life.

  44. Jeannette Somers

    I was told that I have a fatty liver from fast weight gain, I was in an accident and ate badly during that time

    I’m currently using your Vitaliver, I bought 2 bottles
    I was told that the fatty areas could contain parasites

    What else can I take to clear this fat and possible parasites frommy body Jean

    [email protected]



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