June 6, 2024
If you find yourself experiencing sudden emotional outbursts of anger and irritability, this could be an indicator that your liver needs help. It is sending out a serious S.O.S. signal that is trying to tell you that it needs a reset in maintaining its internal equilibrium.
Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) holds that our liver plays an essential role in maintaining an efficient flow of Qi (energy) and blood throughout the body, and when its functions become compromised due to any factor, negative feelings may accumulate until we feel emotionally “stuck”. Over time these feelings can grow into anything from reduced motivation to full-fledged depression — indicators that it’s high time to prioritize liver health.

Balancing Act

Liver health and negative emotions have an intricate relationship. An overworked and toxic liver often plays an essential role in driving negative feelings such as frustration, anger and aggression. A healthy liver ensures smooth energy and blood flows that allow us to respond more flexibly and swiftly when life presents us with challenges; disruption can lead to feelings of physical or emotional stagnation.

Six Signs Your Liver Is Struggling

If you notice physical or emotional symptoms that may indicate liver imbalance, be thankful! This means that your liver is doing its job by alerting you of its needs and sending out an S.O.S. that will only get louder the longer you ignore. Since its central role in detoxifying our bodies and balancing emotions is of utmost importance, prioritizing liver health should always come first.

How to Support Your Liver

If your liver becomes overwhelmed with toxic materials like poisons, petrochemicals, or prescription/OTC medications, it cannot perform its vital tasks of maintaining blood sugar levels, synthesizing proteins for normalization purposes, and helping balance hormones within your body. Giving this vital organ the support it needs to do what it does best could be one of the single most impactful steps you take toward better overall health.
To support natural liver health and provide your body with an additional cleansing boost, I recommend UNI KEY Health’s Liver-Lovin’ Formula.
Liver Lovin' Formula - Dietary Supplement -UNI KEY Health
This unique blend consists of:
  • Artichoke, a well-known liver healer, loaded with antioxidants that can assist the liver’s detox pathways while increasing bile production.
  • Chlorophyll to further facilitate elimination.
  • Taurine, an amino acid detoxifier that boosts liver bile production to facilitate fat breakdown.

Adults can take two capsules of Liver-Lovin’ Formula daily with meals or add them to smoothies for optimal results.

The Bottom Line

Nurturing your liver goes beyond physical health–it also enhances emotional well-being. A healthy liver can bring clarity and peace as you navigate life’s ups and downs.


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