Detoxing From Emotional Trauma with Dr. Wendy Myers

September 7, 2022

My mother always said that what she regretted most about getting older was how one’s inner circle gets so much smaller. I certainly can relate to that sentiment these days.

So, recently, when I spoke to my friend Wendy Myers on a recent podcast, and she asked how I was doing, I told her “Truthfully, I have been unusually sad. I have lost so many friends and associates this year, and they are just like family.”

She told me something very interesting. When people are suffering any kind of emotional trauma, whether it be sadness, anger, disappointment, bitterness, resentment, fear, or any emotion that impacts their lives, they probably need an emotional detox or a clearing of energy fields.

She is putting together such a cleanse called Emotional Detox Program and it’s characterized by the use of sound to clear the energy fields that negatively affect us.

What sets her Emotional Detox Program apart from other types of detoxes or self-help programs is that she addresses your emotional needs on a physical, psychological, and energetic level. While most detox programs address the physical aspect, and most self-help programs go right to your psychology, Wendy adds in the energetics because, truly, this is where we hold many of our unprocessed emotional experiences.

In the program, she shares one of the most powerful ways to clear your energy — sound therapy. Understanding the basics of how sound therapy works is actually quite simple; your energy field is made up of vibrations, and when you’re holding onto unprocessed emotions in your field, it shifts your energy to a lower vibration. By introducing high-vibrational frequencies through sound, your field becomes attuned to a higher state of coherence, and your unprocessed emotions can move up and out with effortless effort.

Your Energy Field: Where Your Trauma Lives.

While it’s well understood that traumas can have an impact on your brain and nervous system, when scientists search for the root of traumas, there’s no physical attribute that presents itself. In other words, you don’t “physically” store trauma.

However, traumas are stored within you, or they wouldn’t be able to impact you for years. So, where are your traumas stored?

The answer is your energy field.

Your energy field, also called your biofield, emanates from your body and holds the blueprint for your physical form. It is within this field of energy that traumas can be stored and be activated in the presence of a trigger.

Some neuroscientists, such as Dr. Karl Pribram, believe that these energetic frequencies result from the cumulative electrical wave patterns that come from neurons firing together[1].

While most conventional methods for healing trauma focus on talk therapy and medications, the understanding of the energetic roots of trauma means that we must incorporate energy healing.

Emotional Detox for Releasing Old Traumas

To truly heal and move beyond trauma, you must take a more objective view and allow yourself to see who you really are. When you see yourself from this perspective, it’s easy to see that healing from trauma is your birthright; it’s what your mind, body, and energy are programmed to do.

Please join me for Wendy’s Emotional Detox Program to learn where your trauma lives and how you can release emotional traumas and be free of their burdens permanently.

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