5 Spices that Boost Weight Loss

January 17, 2017

Rev your metabolism and burn fat with these delicious staples.

If you think a diet plan is synonymous with plain, boring meals, think again. On the Fat Flush Plan weight loss and healthy lifestyle eating is anything but bland. A typical menu is filled with on-the-go lunches, savory favorites, satisfying smoothies, and unique twists you’ll love—packed with such delicious flavors you’ll feel like every meal is an indulgence.

Here are 5 of my favorite spices that can be sprinkled from breakfast to dinner and everything in between. These picks are powerhouses to assist with reaching and maintaining your weight loss goals. Plus, they’re delightfully tasty!


This peppery biblical spice is a wonderful taste enhancer and catalyst for weight loss. The latest research out of the Middle East, where cumin is popularly consumed, shows that one teaspoon of this spice boosts weight loss by 50%, most likely due to its ability to raise body temperature, thereby heating up metabolism. This is one great spice for hummus, beans, chili, and any variation of a Mexican food dish.


According to an Australian study, ginger can cause a metabolic boost of as much as 20%. It both energizes and cleanses while providing warmth. Ginger revs circulation and promotes healthy sweating, encouraging detoxification of the body. It supports liver function, clears up clogged arteries and lowers serum cholesterol levels. It is effective for motion sickness and nausea. Ginger lends itself well to cookies (I just love ginger snaps), as well as puddings and custards, and is quite tasty on salmon. Ginger tea settles the stomach.


Mustard is a must in my kitchen. In the dried, powdered state or as a prepared mustard spread, it not only gives a burst of tangy spiciness, but helps flush fat by kicking metabolism into high gear. Study data from Oxford Polytechnic Institute shows that mustard spikes metabolic rates by 25%. By adding mustard to a meal, participants burned at least 45 extra calories during the next three hours. Try just a pinch of dried mustard in your homemade salad dressings, mayo and pickles. I really love it on my deviled eggs.


I only recommend Ceylon cinnamon because most commercial cinnamons contain the liver-damaging ingredient coumarin that can be harmful to health when taken in excess. Cinnamon in general, however, is most helpful in controlling blood sugar levels so that insulin spikes are kept in check, and can even reduce the glycemic impact of a meal by nearly 30%. As a delicious metabolism booster, cinnamon can rock desserts, lamb, coffee, tea, and smoothies.


Turmeric is widely known for its high antioxidant content, thanks to its curcumin content, turmeric’s active ingredient. It is the superstar of the popular curry spice blend. But this natural anti-inflammatory really stands out because it can help thin and decongest bile so your body can metabolize fat more efficiently. Turmeric can be added to curries, beans, meat stews, fish dinners, omelets and soups. It is the best spice for a barbecue because turmeric added to meats before they are grilled reduces toxic compounds up to 40%.

May your meals—and your life—be colorful, enriching, and exciting.

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  1. Diana

    I have been suffering from unsightly bruises on my hands. When I take a break from my high-antioxidant smoothie (fish oil, flax seed and chia seed, tumeric, cranberry dilution, blueberries, etc) then my bruises don’t happen so frequently. The bruises occur when I gently bump into an object. I am only 62 and much too young to be getting this bruising. I would like to add these spices but am afraid to add anything for fear of making the bruising worse. Any ideas on why I am getting these? Thank you!!!

    • Karla

      I have the same problem and I am only 52…it’s like my skin is 80 as far as blood bruises & tearing but I actually look very young for my age and am healthy, not on any meds

      • Team ALG

        Karla: Do see what we previously suggested. Good luck.

    • Team ALG

      Diana: You might consider ditching the fish oil – a blood thinner – for the lecithin ALG describes in the New Fat Flush Plan. Go ahead and spice up your smoothies as these healthy add-ons won’t cause blood thinning and bruising side-effects.

    • Carol

      I had bruising when I was taking aspirin (one baby aspirin a day). Once I quit the aspirin, bruises are rare (fish oil doesn’t seem to be a problem for me).

  2. Nancee

    I hope this email finds you well. I am writing to ask for your help. I am in my fifties. I suffered a
    ruptured brain aneurysm and a stroke a few years ago. It also damaged my pituitary gland.
    It has left the left side of my body unbalanced. I cannot run and just getting to walk properly.
    Since my injury I have gained over 50 pounds. I have talked to my doctor about trying to lose this
    weight but he says that I should be grateful to be alive. I am very very grateful to be alive and
    feel that I need to lose this weight to maintain a healthy future. I have all of your books
    and have tried to follow them but still I cannot lose the weight. Because I cannot exercise
    does this mean I will never lose this weight??? With all this extra weight it gets harder to move.
    Is there anything that I can do. I would appreciate any advise.

    • Team ALG

      Nancee, do you have a copy of the New Fat Flush Plan? It has the latest information on the thyroid and gallbladder that may be keys for your weight loss. Following the plan outlined in there will help you lose weight. You can still lose weight without much exercise. If you can walk at all then you will move your lymph to detoxify and it will aid with fat burning. We also have a facebook support group called Fat Flush Nation that will make it easy to stick to the plan. Best to you!


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