Fight Fat with Fat

January 19, 2012

78294658Exercise hormone provides obesity key.

At the beginning of the week, I saw a report on Fox News (Is There an Anti-Obesity Pill on the Way? Jan. 16, 2012) that caught my attention. It concerned a newly-discovered exercise hormone uncovered by Harvard researchers that appears to be a potent catalyst and regulator of metabolism and weight. The study appeared in Nature. So far, so good.

The media has heralded this study and others like it as one of the newest and most promising obesity theories.

If Big Pharma does get involved, I am certain that the drug companies will find newer and more novel ways to manipulate this hormone into medications for a variety of health concerns. We will probably be seeing a spate of new drugs on the market that fight obesity and diabetes based on the groundbreaking new study.

The exercise hormone holds real promise in the way in which it allows the body to fight fat with fat. But you don’t have to buy into this “extraordinary discovery”. You can simulate and stimulate the exercise hormones’ impact on your metabolism by stoking your body’s innate calorie burner right now. A powerful ally in this endeavor is gamma linolenic acid (GLA). I broke the story back in 1988 in my first book, Beyond Pritikin.

Watch and see what I have to say about brown fat!


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  1. Cheryl Stetzelberger

    I so believe in fighting fat with fat. We’ve always been told to drink lots of pure water to detox but what if your toxins are stored in fat or are fat soluble? It seems to me that it would take another fat , like GLA, to dissolve and rinse away these toxins that your wise body isolates in fat. What is your take on that? Is it true? (I also try not to believe everything I think
    : ))

  2. Administrator

    Cheryl: You are defnitely on the right fat track. In fact, only fat attracts the oil soluble poisons which have lodged in fatty tissues in the body and carries them out of the system for elimination.

  3. Anne

    What about belly fat, and insulin resistance?

  4. Administrator

    Belly fat is usually a cortisol imbalance which adrenal supplementation can help. Insulin resistance? Please refer to the What Skinny Women Know blog and the Weight Loss Formula that contains the insulin modulating chromium and L-Carnitine.

  5. Michele

    Are you saying we need to take GLA as a supplement? Can I take it while breastfeeding? Also, is it ok to take with fish oil?

  6. Shira

    Yes, yes, yes – Michele!

  7. Lisa

    I understand we need to take 360 mg GLA, but in my bottle which i have , each softgel has 75 mg GLA ….i d take two softgels three times a day…which shows more than 360 mg ( excatly 450 mg GLA ) a day, is it too much? please let me know..thanks

    • AnnLouise

      You could reduce your softgels to 5 per day to be closer (375 mg). It’s ok to take more if you wish.


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