Ann Louise Gittleman, PhD, CNS

Ann Louise Gittleman, PhD, CNS

Award-winning nutritionist and New York Times bestselling author.

July 26, 2012

Fire-Up Fat Loss

Isn’t it time you recouped your skinny metabolism and broke that weight loss plateau?

Brand-new research on the super supplement conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) may be all it takes to revive your resolve and start nudging the scale downward. Safer than questionable “natural” stimulants like white willow bark, guarana, kola nut, or yerba mate, CLA has a long track record of slimming results.

I’ve been helping my readers and clients get more effective metabolism-boosting benefits with this time-tested supplement for over 10 years. As fads have come and gone, CLA—along with my Fat Flush programs—have shown consistent results. You even get more metabolism-boosting benefits from your workouts with CLA.

And, there’s science to back it up:

A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition shows that this omega-6 fatty acid is effective for obese and overweight children.

Norwegian investigators have found that CLA leads to a stunning 20% loss of body fat in proportion to lean tissue. Obese postmenopausal women with Type 2 diabetes were able to lower both their body mass index (BMI) and overall body fat in just 8 weeks by taking CLA!

Overweight individuals taking this good omega-6 fat also lost, on average, 7 pounds—without making any dietary changes. And Dutch scientists recently confirmed CLA’s safety—even megadoses taken every day do not affect kidney and liver function in humans.

Are you getting enough CLA?

Before the 1970s, people didn’t need to worry about getting adequate amounts of CLA. Cattle roamed the meadows and ate grass, so beef, milk, cheese, butter, and cream were loaded with CLA.

But let me tell you, meat “ain’t what it used to be!” Cows allowed to graze on grassy pasture have 500% more CLA in their milk than those fed today’s typical diet, high in grain. And removing the fat in low-fat and reduced-fat dairy also reduces this beneficial omega-6.

In fact, our natural intake of CLA has dropped by up to 80%!

To get the science-backed dose, I recommend supplementation. Your best bet—take one CLA-1000 three times daily at breakfast, lunch, and dinner. For those who want an extra boost, try doubling this dosage for at least two weeks and then resume the regular dosage. Keep in mind, this critical fatty acid is a vegetarian version of what used to be in beef and butter. It’s made with a proprietary process from safflower or sunflower oil.

In addition to boosting the metabolism, CLA has also been shown to support the immune system, protect against heart disease, and inhibit the growth of some cancers. It may also help prevent and control adult-onset diabetes, along with bone loss, osteoporosis, and osteoarthritis.

And a bonus, researchers at Virginia Tech and the University of North Carolina School of Medicine have made a promising new discovery on the efficacy of CLA for the treatment of Crohn’s disease. In the study, 50% of Crohn’s patients who supplemented with CLA saw a marked improvement in both disease activity and quality of life.

Here’s what Fat Flushers have to say about CLA

“The results I get from using CLA-1000 are terrific! I needed to lose 50 lbs of unwanted ‘me.’ My body now not only looks smaller, but it FEELS smaller! My doctor is extremely pleased with my latest cholesterol testing results—they are in the range of ‘more normal’ than ever before. I have lost 5 lbs every month for the last 8 months, having lost 40 lbs total to date, and I am amazed that my skin is not baggy or saggy. After losing lots of inches around my waist I’m totally wowed that the ‘flabby tummy’ fat is tight and trim. Having just gone shopping, I am thrilled to be choosing from the racks marked ‘size 10!’ In just 60 days I know I will be in a size 8! With renewed confidence in myself and now armed with CLA-1000 I can achieve my dream!” – A.O. TX

“During Phase 2 of the Fat Flush Plan my weight loss had stalled, so I decided to try CLA-1000 to see if it would make a difference. It really helped me break through my plateau and continue losing fat.” – Lyndsay P. Scottsdale, AZ

 “Before trying CLA-1000 I was tired, had low energy, and had belly fat around the middle. Since starting the product a month ago I am feeling better, have more energy, and less tummy fat.” – Jody S. Scottsdale, AZ

“I’ve been using CLA-1000 for about 5 years and it helps me maintain my weight. I’ve lost lots of weight and feel good!” – Marie B. Okeechokee, FL

As these success stories can attest, CLA is crucial to lasting results—it’s your fat-proof insurance policy. Plus, even if you somehow regain a portion of weight back, studies show you’ll redeposit that weight as 50 percent muscle.

Does it get any better than that?

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  1. Andy

    Can you tell me your suggestions. I have a low ferritin count of 7. I was put on oral progesterone a couple months ago (100 mg ) and have had extreme bleeding and clotting. I get very tired weak and exhaustion along with anxiety and depression. The dr put me on the progesterone because of low levels and hoping to alleviate the menstrual migraines. Why is it making me bleed so much heavier if it’s supposed to decrease the bleeding as I read?

    • betti

      You are right, usually it helps regulate bleeding. You may want to supplement with iron or at least eat lots of dark leafy greens and some red meat.

      If the situation doesn’t change soon, I would speak to your Dr.

  2. Butterfly

    Is it safe to take CLA while breast feeding a one year old?

    • Sierra

      While I can’t make the recommendation that you do or don’t, I can say that CLA is a critical fatty acid that is abundant in the meat and milk of grass fed animals. It is nourishing, anti-inflammatory, and important for our metabolism and nervous system development/maintenance.
      I might prefer to get CLA from grass fed beef and raw milk while pregnant and nursing, but if my diet wasn’t rich in those items I would consider supplementing with CLA-1000.

  3. Marlene

    How does these high doses of CLA affect the balance of omega 3 fatty acids?

    • liz

      It’s only ment to be for a limited period of time, so it’s not a problem.


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