Liver-Lovin Time!

March 21, 2013
Ann Louise Gittleman, PhD, CNS

Ann Louise Gittleman, PhD, CNS

Award-winning nutritionist and New York Times bestselling author.

Spring into health with a cleansed liver.

Spring is here! The world is finally reawakening and coming into bloom with renewed energy. And with the transition to spring comes another important renewal – it’s time to turn attention to your liver and its sister organ the gallbladder.

The liver doesn’t get the attention that the heart and brain do. But it is every bit as important, performing close to 400 different jobs from transforming food into energy and controlling hormonal balance to producing bile that supports healthy digestion.

The largest organ in the body, the liver is also a potent detoxifier. Perhaps its most important function, detoxification—ironically—puts the liver at great risk for damage. Everything from alcohol abuse and environmental toxins to parasites and unprotected sex can harm this vital organ.

A number of pharmaceutical drugs—acetaminophen and non-steroidal anti-inflammatories, antidiabetic meds, anticonvulsants, cholesterol and triglyceride lowering drugs, and synthetic hormone replacement therapy—have been found potentially harmful to the liver. Even certain supplements—anabolic steroids, chaparral, comfrey, germander, high-dose vitamin A, ephedra, and senna—may be damaging if taken on a regular basis.

Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) is a leading cause of systemic inflammation, which can result in Type 2 diabetes. A Swiss study in the journal Nutrition shows that eating too much sugar can lead to a fatty liver, as well as insulin resistance and increased body fat. And research in Hepatology links high-fructose corn syrup—common in today’s processed foods and drinks—with liver scarring or fibrosis.

“Non-alcoholic fatty disease is present in 30% of adults in the United States,” says Manal Abdelmalek, MD, MPH, associate professor of gastroenterology/hepatology at Duke University Medical School. And another study in the International Journal of Obesity shows that 11% of overweight and obese kids have NAFLD.

Finally, the liver is getting some respect! I’ve always observed that a persistent roll of fat at the waistline could be a warning sign of a fatty liver.

While it is true that the liver is perfectly designed to detoxify itself automatically, if it’s overloaded with poisons, petrochemicals, and prescription/OTC meds, it cannot perform its essential functions—maintaining blood sugar levels, synthesizing and normalizing blood proteins, and helping keep the body in hormonal balance. Freeing up this vital organ to do all its jobs may be the single most important step you can ever take in improving your overall health.

Detoxification is a highly nutrient-dependent process so your body needs to be well-fortified in order to detox your liver effectively.

Here are some simple, but effective ways to love your liver:

• Become a food sleuth. Nix food, drinks, salad dressings, and energy bars that contain high-fructose corn syrup.

• Begin each morning with hot water and lemon to help thin bile and tone liver function.

• Every day, eat liver-loving foods—particularly cruciferous veggies (broccoli, Brussels sprouts, kale, cabbage, and cauliflower)—to speed the breakdown of fat-storing toxins from the phase 2 detox pathway.

• Drink cran-water, an antioxidant/phenol-rich cranberry juice and water mixture, throughout the day to keep detox pathways clear.

• Get plenty of fiber (from chia, flaxseed, or psyllium, as well as fruits and veggies) to keep toxins moving out of the body.

• Enjoy sufficient protein like eggs with sulfur and lecithin to support detox and to aid in the formation of bile salts, and/or whey protein with amino acids that are precursors to glutathione—the liver’s premier antioxidant.

For Added Support:

To nourish your liver naturally and give your body a cleansing boost, I recommend Liver-Lovin Formula.

This is a unique blend of:

• Artichoke, a well-known liver healer that’s loaded with antioxidants to help move toxins through detox pathways and to boost bile production.

• Copper-free chlorophyll to further enhance elimination.

• Taurine, a major amino acid detoxifier that boosts the liver’s production of bile, aiding in fat breakdown.

Adults can take 2 capsules of Liver-Lovin Formula daily, with meals or as part of my Green Life Cocktail, or mix it up in a smoothie.


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  1. Sheila

    Hello, I had my gallbladder out last June after dealing over a yr with pain, flushes unsuccessful & told stones showed on test. I had thyroid checked last month & it is low again (on armour) so it was increased to 120. Sugar seems to be up also. For about a week, I have had bad indigestion, liquid bowel movement in mornings, lots of hic cups, & belching. Whole midsection hurts – I’m wondering if this would be liver & not enough bile? Thank you – Sheila

    • Sierra

      Hi Sheila, So sorry to hear of your troubles. I would highly recommend ordering Standard Process Cholacol from UNI KEY, and possibly even the HCl+2. Please phone 800.888.4353 to speak with a wellness consultant.

  2. Administrator

    We might suggest that you consider a bile salts supplement which is very necessary when the gallbladder is removed. Cholacol from Standard Process is ALG’s choice. If you do not have a source, please call Liz at UNI KEY who may be able to assist you – 1 – 800-888-4353.

  3. Sherry

    Thanks for the great info! I have had gallbladder problems off and on for the last 10 years or more. For the last year it has has caused problems more than before. I’ve had to completely change my diet over the last year because of the gallbladder issues, as well as some gluten sensitivities. I’ve lost 30 pounds, which would seem like a good problem to have, but I only weighed 147 before the weight loss, so I am now trying to put back on about 10 pounds, which is harder than it sounds since I can only eat certain foods. Can you tell me what I can do to help with these gallbladder problems or if it is all due to my gallbladder or not? I was diagnosed with stones when I first started having problems over 10 years ago. Also, do you have any suggestions for putting on weight given the dietary restrictions I have? Thank you!

    • Sierra

      Clean carbs like sweet potato and winter squash can be helpful. If you are not sensitive to dairy, a little butter or raw cream will do wonders.

  4. Marina

    From this Dr. ALG post and others, along with helpful comments and responses, I have learned so much about the liver and gallbladder. My spouse started to have some midlife digestive issues such as bloating, belching and on occasion severe cramping, nausea and vomiting. I had him start taking the HCL and enzymes with meals and there has been much improvement. Though less frequently, he still has some episodes and I think bile salts may very well be the missing link here. Are there any specific contraindications to taking Cholacol? My husband takes blood pressure medicine but is otherwise in good health. Thank you very much!
    (An interesting note about the symptoms: the dr said ithey could not be due to the gallbladder as it has been removed BUT my spouse and I always suspected it was indeed the absence of a gallbladder causing the symptoms. And when he improved with HCL and enzymes, we began to think we were on the right track.)

  5. Rosemary

    I have been taking Liver Lovin on and off for some time. This last bottle, when I take the Live Lovin pills, resulted in green stool. I had stopped taking it and tried it again just last night, and sure enough, today my stool is green. Is there something wrong?

    • Team ALG

      Hi Rosemary, This is a common question. Seasonal differences in the chlorophyll used in the Liver Lovin’ Formula can lead to green stools. This is nothing to be alarmed about! Your body will adjust to it within a short time and the color should become less noticeable. Thank you for your question.

  6. Medy

    Liver Damage is a very critical situation and a healthy routine and medicine can only help the patient. My father in law has liver damage issue and we are taking care of him.

    If you have liver damage, please go to the nearby lab for the tests, so that you can recover in the initial stage itself.


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