My Five Ingredient Daily Green Drink

June 7, 2016

Skyrocket your energy all day.

I’m often asked what a day looks like in my life—what I eat, what I drink, and what nutritional strategies I implement for myself. One of those is my daily “power drink.” It’s supremely easy to make and I feel great knowing I’ve built a solid nutritional foundation for my day.

In our busy world, it’s often critical for dietary success to be able to “throw” something together in a flash, and power-charged drinks are certainly the BFF for anyone on-the-go and health-conscious. This nutrient-charged recipe contains ingredients to help reverse cellular damage, ease irritation in your tendons and joints, support the health of your gut, and much more.

Read on!

Ann Louise’s Daily Power Drink

Cran-Water, 8 ounces. It’s no surprise—I’m sure—that I begin with my famous Fat Flush staple. Cranberry is a tried and true all-star for purifying and cleansing the body. It contains four organic acids that act as digestive enzymes, while blasting stubborn fat and flushing it from your lymphatic system. It’s also remarkably effective at reducing cellulite!

Daily Greens, one scoop. It doesn’t get easier to ensure that you’re getting ample amounts of veggies in your diet than to go green each and every day with this energy-boosting blend. It contains 11 organic non-GMO greens that have been selected with great care and it—just as importantly—does not contain heavy metals.

My particular favorite features of this product is its ability to target cellular health. Broccoli sprouts (one of “The Daily Greens 11”) actually has the power to assist with the repair of DNA, caused by oxidative stress and sun damage—to name a few.

Celtic Sea Salt, a pinch or two. This particular salt contains 72 trace minerals. I add it to my Power Drink to prevent adrenal burnout, so my energy and brain function are at optimum speed. It also improves the flexibility of my ligaments, bones, tendons, and joints—which is much welcomed, particularly at my stage in life. Please ensure that it’s Celtic Sea Salt only, as this is not a case where any salt will do.

Cream of tartar, ¼ teaspoon. High in potassium, this balances the sodium intake, is an unexpected detox agent, and is even an age old remedy for UTIs.

Pasture-raised collagen, two tablespoons. This beautifying ingredient promotes younger looking skin, reduces the visibility of wrinkles, and hydrates skin from the inside out. I suggest opting for a Pasture-Raised Collagen Gelatin.

Flora-Key, one scoop. There’s power in probiotics and my daily regimen simply wouldn’t be complete without a scoop of beneficial bacteria. It’s no wonder that probiotics and pretty mainstream these days. Thanks to sugar, chlorine, antibiotics, steroids, and other medications, we need them more than ever to replenish the gut terrain.

Flora-Key is my favorite for several reasons. It’s a five-strain formula that contains 10 billion beneficial bacteria per serving. It’s also the best of both worlds: a probiotic supported and fed by a prebiotic to flatten a bloated tummy and eradicate craving-causing pathogens, like yeast—sugar addiction be gone!

Optional: Protein, 1 scoop and Fruit, ½ – 1 cup. You’re also welcome to turn this daily drink into a daily smoothie by adding Fat Flush Whey or Fat Flush Body Protein, and frozen or fresh fruit. I suggest sticking with my Fat Flush brand, as they’re third party tested, free of heavy metals, and contain only the highest quality ingredients. A Fat Flush-friendly serving of fruit (think blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, etc.) will add a flavor kick to hide the taste of the other ingredients so all you taste (and feel) is delicious nutrition.

Forming healthy daily habits is a critical key to success. The ease of this “Power Drink” is sure to set a daily foundation of health and wellness—I know it does for me.

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  1. Maria

    Will Himalayan salt be ok vs celtic sea salt?

    • Theresa

      That is a great choice as well.Himalayan salt also contains over 72 peace minerals. It is just the refine bleached, chemically reduced salt one needs to avoid at all costs.

    • Lynn Casey

      I was just looking at the ingredients in the smoothie. Where would one get pasture raised collagen?

  2. Team ALG

    Both salts are acceptable!

    • Beverly

      I heard that Himalayan salts contained heavy metals. Is that true?

  3. Jan

    Sounds quite delish! Gonna try it – thanks!

  4. Linda

    love hearing others smoothie recipes. Very interesting on the cream of tartar. Thank you for sharing – great information.

  5. Lisa

    Is it ok to use pink Himalayan sea salt?

    • Pauline S

      Donna Gates says that what is marketed as Himalayan Pink salt is actually from Pakistan where there are no quality and safety oversights. She suggests a salt from the Pacific Ocean near Hawaii called Makai. I am not advocating as much as passing on information.

  6. Sharon Peterson

    Love this information

  7. Midge

    What would be a vegan option be for Pasture-Raised Collagen Gelatin?

    • Team ALG

      Sea buckthorn oil is a great alternative for vegans!

  8. Marian

    So happy to receive this email!

    A couple of years ago, I was introduced to the “Fat Flush Plan” and Ann Louise by a friend. My husband and I followed her plan and never felt better. Then, life got in the way. We neglected ourselves while taking care of everyone and everything else.

    My personal wake-up call has been that my thyroid and I will be parting ways at the end of the month. I am looking forward to enjoying not only this daily green drink, but also a renewed Ann Louise Gittleman lifestyle!

    Thank you Team ALG, for your continued commitment to all of us and our health 🙂

  9. Ann Louise Gittlteman

    Dear Marian:

    Thank you for your email. We wish you well witha your thyroid surgery and hope that
    you will be quickly back to a healthy lifestyle with YOU at the top of your to-do list!

    Ann Louise Gittleman

  10. annaokie

    Where might I buy Pasture-Raised Collagen Gelatin? Thank you.

  11. B.J.

    I eat a Plant-Based diet. Collagen would be excluded. Do you suggest a substitution? Thanks!

    • Team ALG

      You could use the Body Protein which is pea and rice protein and is suggested in the blog.


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