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August 14, 2012

How you can flip the switch on sugar addiction.

It’s tragic but true.

About 9 out of 10 of our children and teens drink soda every single day. This liquid sugar is the most prevalent source of “hidden” sugar in their entire diet. Not only are sugar-sweetened drinks associated with obesity, heart disease, pre-diabetes and diabetes, but liquid calorie consumption of soft drinks is highly addictive, thanks to the added bonus of caffeine.

Diet soft drinks are no better—thank you very much—and probably a lot worse.

Since 1960, the consumption of “diet” soft drinks has increased a whopping 400 percent.

In fact, since those artificial sweeteners have come into such popular use, a number of studies have shown that these fake substitutes may actually lead to increased food or calorie intake. This is likely because they cause your body to produce insulin by making it “think” that sugar is on the way.

Artificial sweeteners—we’re talking sucralose, aspartame (Equal or NutraSweet), sugar alcohols like malitol—have been found to interfere with neurological and hormonal signals that dictate that feeling of fullness and control hunger. A well known animal study showed that when rats were fed food with artificial sweeteners they not only gained a lot more weight than rats fed “regular” sugar-spiked food, but their metabolism came to a dead halt.

For many, diluting unsweetened fruit juice with 50% water can substitute for pop. But since too much fruit juice—diluted or not—can spell weight gain for those of us who are insulin resistant, I have a better solution. Why not neutralize the need for something sweet in the first place? You can do this with a formula called Y-C Cleanse that zaps the cravings for something sweet—either “real” sugar or artificial sweeteners.

Although it may seem counterintuitive, Y-C is a homeopathic remedy that contains minute dosages of the most prevalent form of yeast, fungus, and pathogenic by-products of digestion that can trigger a sugar feeding frenzy.  The formula consists of Candida albicans-20, Geotrichum candidum-20, Carbo veg, Skatolum, Indolum and Echinacea.

Sugar is definitely the underlying culprit of the fungus among us, BUT since sugar alcohols derived from sugar can remain in the gut longer than other types of sugars, I have a strong suspicion that they not only feed nasty bacteria, but also feed yeast, resulting in big time sugar cravings. This explains why people become so bloated with sugar alcohols after drinking lots of diet sodas or chewing sugar-free gum.

The Rx is surprisingly simple:

Just take 1 teaspoon of this homeopathic remedy first thing in the morning with a couple of ounces of water. Children and teens can take ½ teaspoon in water.

You will be amazed at how you will not need to resort to “will power” to cut down on soda and other sugary food consumption. Once your biochemistry is balanced, cravings start to diminish—rapidly.

Here’s what my former sugar addicts have to say about the Y-C Cleanse “miracle” formula:

I’ve lost 80 lbs and tons of inches in my midsection…
Intense sugar cravings made it impossible for me to stick to any diet. I started using Y-C Cleanse and the changes were immense! Not only did my cravings cease so that I could finally stay on my diet, but I’ve lost 80 lbs and tons of inches in my midsection! And, ridding myself of yeast rid me of my bloat! With no more cravings, I’ve been able to keep the weight off for over two years now and I feel better than ever!

I didn’t realize that yeast was the culprit…
Using Y-C Cleanse has really helped me to eradicate belly bloating and sweet cravings. I didn’t realize that yeast was the culprit causing these plaguing symptoms, until I used Y-C Cleanse and these plaguing problems have just disappeared.

Y-C Cleanse is amazing…

I started using Y-C Cleanse for sugar & carb cravings.  The gas & bloating is well controlled…Y-C Cleanse is amazing!

And, as for me?

I use Y-C Cleanse almost as a preventative, especially when I know I’m going to be ingesting some wine. During the holidays, I use Y-C Cleanse twice a day and the cookies, cakes and candy just don’t look as tempting. I also use a bit in a saline solution for my sinuses and have been known to spike my hot water and lemon with a touch of Y-C first thing in the morning!

Watch my video to learn more about yeast and Candida overgrowth:

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  1. Susie

    About how long do you need to take it, before you notice a difference? Should you take Y C Cleanse indefinately or otherwise, please advise.

    With Thanks,

    • Administrator

      Susie – It can sometimes take 4-5 days before you see results. There might also be a die-off of the organisms and their by-products, in which case if you feel more bloated, sinusy or gasy, then cut back the dosage to 1/2 the recommendation.

      Kathy – The product is based on the law of similars which is the foundation of homeopathy in which like cures like. That being said, your question in reference to echinacea can only be answered by your practitioner who is overseeing your health care. The newer studies we have reviewed have been very supportive of the use of echinacea for the number of conditions including auto-immunity.

      Kelly – Good question with regard to stevia. It does not appear to have the same detrimental effects in terms of feeding yeast or staying in the gut like other sugars.

  2. Kathy

    If a person has Candidiasis, how is taking a product w/ Candida Albicans-20 going to help w/ the sugar cravings? And, I was told that one should not take echinacea if they have autoimmune diseases…how much echinacea is in the Y C Cleanse and will it bother the 3 autoimmune diseases that I have?
    Thank you

  3. Kelly

    There is no mention of Stevia. Does Stevia have the same problems that the artificial substitutes and the sugar alcohols have?

  4. Donna

    Is there a contact for Practitioners to be able to order product from you? Many thanks, D/

  5. Administrator

    Kathy and Kelly – Please note that your questions were addressed under Susie’s post.

    Donna – Speak to Liz regarding the practitioner wholesale discounts and affiliate programs.

  6. Administrator

    Donna: Liz can be reached directly at 208-209-8253 or via 1 – 800-888-4353, press #1 prompt and then ask to be connected to Liz, the UN KEY Sales Manager 🙂

  7. Eva Ramirez

    I have Diverticulosis, Rectal AVMs and XRT can I eat vegetables raw or cooked?
    I “m taking the whey proterin with vegatables but i find my self with stomach disconffert
    I ordered the shakedown smoothie hope to start it on Monday

  8. liz

    Veggies, especially leafy grees are very good. You can even put kale in your smoothies.
    Raw usually doesn’t cause a problem unless you are having a severe attack.

    You may do better with the pea and rice protein in the Body Protein.


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