The Cliff Notes of Fat Flush

June 9, 2017

Taking the program with you on-the-go.

Yes. Think of it this way. The NEW Fat Flush Journal and Shopping Guide is really the “Cliff Notes” of Fat Flush, conveniently put together in one small volume.

As evidenced by the title, this is not just a journal, but a true blue shopping guide, too. It contains the complete updated and revised shopping lists—including key brand names—for all three phases, making grocery shopping a breeze.

Is avocado mayonnaise legal?
What about gluten-free tamari?
Can I have coconut cream?
Is almond flour okay?

You can answer questions like these in a flash, so long as you have this handy guide with you.

This on-the-go lifesaver also contains testimonials from Fat Flushers across the globe. You can flip to these pages whenever you need a boost and visualize yourself as someday (soon!) telling your own story of lasting success.

Journaling to Success

After you’ve hit the grocery store, the next component, of course, is journaling.

Inspiring quotes live on almost every page, motivating you to keep going, even on those more trying days. A quote I especially like from Week 6, Day 2 is “Fall in love with taking care of yourself. Mind. Body. Spirit.”

As you track your food, this also allows for the perfect opportunity to track your responses to foods, if you suspect a sensitivity or allergy.

Many Fat Flushers have reported the power of seeing their daily food intake in writing helped them stay accountable and not sneak in diet saboteurs. In fact, taking the time to write in your journal has been shown to actually reduce food consumption, which helps reduce your fat-gaining potential. And do remember that honest is always the best policy—even one those days that you indulged more than you would have liked.

I believe that journaling nurtures your body and soul even beyond the diet component.

This is why you’ll also be tracking emotions along the way, giving you a clear idea of the feelings behind your eating impulses so that you can handle them successfully. Journaling creates a safe, comfortable place where you can vent your feelings, chart your success, recognize patterns, and enter a private world of self-discovery.

The most important thing to remember is be kind to yourself. Don’t be critical. Go back every few days, and read what you wrote and how you were feeling. This will help you learn who you are and identify positive trends you may otherwise be missing. It also will help you learn to become your own best friend.

Get Going with Your Copy

For more than two decades, The Fat Flush Plan has helped millions of people lose weight, detox, and improve their overall health and well-being. The NEW Fat Flush Journal and Shopping Guide compliments The NEW Fat Flush Plan perfectly, incorporating a new journal format, personal tracker, refreshed shopping guide, and gratitude lists.

Here, you’ll find the tools needed to track your meals, supplements, measurements, sleep patterns, and more. Use the journal to chart your progress and also identify unconscious physical or emotional roadblocks to your dieting goals. The up-to-date Fat Flush shopping list includes newly-approved foods and specific brands names that are also appropriate for vegan, vegetarian, paleo, gluten-free, and dairy-free diets.

The New Fat Flush Journal and Shopping Guide includes:

• Daily journal to track food, supplements, and exercise week-by-week
• Updated Fat Flush Shopping List featuring newly approved foods and brand names
• Fat Flush superfood staples grouped by phases for easy compliance
• Fat Flush testimonials by real men and women who have lost weight and feel great
• Fat Flush wellness wisdom sprinkled throughout the pages
• Daily mantras to keep you going

You can order your NEW Fat Flush Journal and Shopping Guide here. I do also hope that you’ll join us on our Fat Flush Nation group on Facebook so that we can celebrate your success with you.

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    I love that information about journaling. “Learn to be your own best friend.” It’s true I’d never thought of journaling that way.


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