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March 16, 2017
Ann Louise Gittleman, PhD, CNS

Ann Louise Gittleman, PhD, CNS

Award-winning nutritionist and New York Times bestselling author.

Pre-order these healthy reads to start the season right.

Hello, spring! With the beginning of spring on March 21st, it’s time to get healthy again. And what better way to get on track than with a trusty tried-and-true companion or companions by your side. For Fat Flushers who are new to the program—or for those who are continuing with it, full speed ahead—I have great news for you!

All three of the fully updated Fat Flush companion books are available for pre-order now! The release date for these titles is May 19th, 2017 and Amazon is offering some serious savings.

Here’s the lowdown on these companion reads that pair perfectly with the “parent” book for the full Fat Flush experience.

The NEW Fat Flush Cookbook

Packed with over 200 family-friendly recipes, this updated edition is based on deliciously simple meals with wholesome ingredients, flavored with unique fat-burning and cleansing herbs and spices.

This must have companion to The NEW Fat Flush Plan features quick and easy recipes—like slow cooker meals, soups, snacks, and smoothies—that will appeal to every eating style, especially Paleo, vegan, and gluten-free for daily nourishment and detox.

Updates include bold new flavors, and tasty twists on familiar favorites. Mouth-watering new options include creative and amazing ways to enjoy avocado, chia, hemp, shirataki noodles, quinoa, tigernut flour, and smart fats for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and in between.

Pre-order now>>

The NEW Fat Flush Journal and Shopping Guide

The NEW Fat Flush Journal and Shopping Guide presents motivating ways to embrace the Fat Flush lifestyle with a personal tracker, complete with daily wellness wisdom.

Reach diet goals and embrace your most authentic self with The NEW Fat Flush Journal and Shopping Guide. A companion to The NEW Fat Flush Plan, it tracks your meals, supplements, measurements, sleep patterns, exercise, and more, provides an up-to-date Fat Flush approved shopping list, and shares brand names for life-changing health.

Pre-order now>>

The NEW Fat Flush Foods

Experience today’s most cleansing, healing, and Fat Flushing foods, seasonings, and supplements—all in alignment with the proven Fast Flush program.

In The NEW Fat Flush Foods, you’ll discover everything you need to supercharge meals for optimal detox, healing, and fat-burning, as originally detailed in The NEW Fat Flush Plan. This book includes research-based guidance and timeless wisdom on the most healing Fat Flush friendly staples, empowering you to lose weight while feeling great.

Pre-order now>>

Bonus Savings

If you haven’t picked up your copy of The NEW Fat Flush Plan, you can also take advantage of some incredible savings! For a limited time, The Complete NEW Fat Flush Program Bundle is available for pre-order for only $30.51! This bundle includes The NEW Fat Flush Plan, The NEW Fat Flush Cookbook, and The NEW Fat Flush Journal and Shopping Guide. Pair it with The NEW Fat Flush Foods and you’ll get all four books for under $50!

Set yourself up for slimming success with the full Fat Flush family series. We can’t wait to have you join us!

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Ann Louise Gittleman, PhD, CNS, is an award-winning New York Times bestselling author of more than thirty books including The Fat Flush Plan series and her latest book, Radical Metabolism. She’s been rewriting the rules of nutrition for more than 40 years and is internationally recognized as a pioneer in the field of diet, detox and women’s health issues. 

For a FREE daily dose of tips and strategies for maintaining healthy weight, conquering insomnia, and much more…check out my Radical Health Tips.

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  1. Karen Stadler

    I have all your books except the Fat Flush Foods and New Fat Flush Cookbook is there any deal fior buying both.

    • Ann Louise

      Thank you for your post, Karen. The publisher has made ALL the updated books available in one bundle — Hope that helps. Amazon is your best bet for all sales and “deals” which are our of my control.

  2. Sophie

    Dear Ann Louise,
    I look forward to reading your updated versions. Your fine books are an important part of my “good health” library. And they make great gifts
    to help encourage others to find natural ways to improve health.

    On the subject of updates, do you and UniKey have any plans to extend your Female/Male Multiple line to create a version/option that is free
    of folate/folic acid ( and possibly free of B12)? More and more of us are being directed to avoid multiple vitamins with folic acid/folate due to methylation status and other issues.
    Thank you.

    • Team ALG

      Sophie, all of our multi vitamins use the methylated forms of folate and vit. B12.

      • Sophie

        Thank you very much for the reply.
        Some practitioners also advise avoiding methylated folate/folic acid depending on methylation status…. such as those physicians and practioners using the highly touted Walsh method.
        Methylation is a hot topic these days and there are different approaches, testing methods and supplement regimens.
        For those folks on absolute folate/folic restrictions, methylated or not, a version of your multiple vitamins without this vitamin would be most welcomed. Thank you for your consideration.

        • Team ALG

          Sophie, thank you for your thoughtful reply. We are aware of over and under methylation issues. The moderate amounts contained in the multiples is highly appropriate for most people.

      • Alison

        She’s asking for your team to consider another version choice that leaves out B12 and folate/folic acid. Perhaps 3 more versions, one leaves out Folate/folic acid, another leaves out B12 and another leaves out both. You are going to see more and more people clamoring to the web site for products as the word about going holistic works better than crappy medical practitioners. Even the schools are beginning to hear about it and discuss it. Word is getting out to special ed personnel and leaking out to the parents of special ed children. More parents are trying other ways to help their kids and they are discovering Holistic methods do work.

        So, it’s just a suggestion and a consideration to produce your product in different ways. Thank You.

        • Team ALG

          Thank you for your comment. We appreciate your feedback and have passed it along to the company leaders.

  3. Ann Louise

    Hi Sophie : Thank you so much for your thoughtful post. Please be aware that as one of the formulators at Uni Key, I have kept both folate and B12 at low amounts to address both under and over methylation issues.

    • Sophie

      Dear Ann Louise and Team ALG,
      I greatly appreciate your responses in the context of over and under methylation issues. Very helpful to know.
      May I ask if taking the full dose of 6 capsules per day would still be a safe dose for over and under methylators or if a fewer number a day would be best? Thank you again!

      • Team ALG

        Sophie, taking the full dose of 6 capsules is the amount recommended. Best to you!

  4. Robin

    Hi Ann Louise. I’m still reading your book and I have a lot of questions as I go. The first question, where do I find LIVE burdock, seaweed gomasio and Diakon for bone broth? Can dried forms or tablets or something else be used instead? I’ve never seen these products in Weiss, Giant or Saubels.

    • Team ALG

      Robin, these can be found in some regular grocery stores Asian markets may be a good place to look.


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