Ann Louise Gittleman, PhD, CNS

Ann Louise Gittleman, PhD, CNS

Award-winning nutritionist and New York Times bestselling author.

January 29, 2016

What does Wheatgrass Have to Do with It?

Why the grass is really greener with these Daily Greens…

The label may be understated, but the nutritional benefits are absolutely overwhelming, and this is especially true when you consider that wheatgrass is one of UNI KEY Daily Greens’ superstar ingredients.

It’s an exceptional healer that I learned about decades ago at the Hippocrates Institute founded by Dr. Ann Wigmore. Wheatgrass delivers all 20 amino acids, at least 13 vitamins, many key minerals and micronutrients, and over 30 enzymes including SOD. At the Hippocrates Institute, we grew it, we drank it, we gargled and sniffed it! Its ability to purify every cell, tissue and organ in the body is legendary.

For those concerned about the gluten issue, although it is related to wheat, it does not contain gluten.  Gluten is found only in the seed kernel (endosperm), and not in the stem or grass leaves. When wheatgrass is harvested, the seed kernel has not formed so it does not come into contact with the gluten-containing portions of the plant. (Note: While it may not appear on the label, testing has confirmed that UNI KEY Daily Greens does not contain gluten.)

The Superstar Green Team

The transformational benefits of wheatgrass would be enough in and of itself, but that’s not all of the incredible healing elements that the Daily Greens Formula contains.

Take Barley grass. This foundational fountain of youth contains every single one of the vitamins and minerals every body needs on a daily basis. It’s one of the only rich sources of vegetable B12 and protein with five times the amount of iron than even spinach and 10 times more calcium than a glass of milk! And, it’s the top alkalizing food on the planet…wow! The form used in the UNI KEY Daily Greens is instantly absorbed and immediately provides virtually thousands of living enzymes down to the cellular level to help reverse DNA damage.

In addition to these miracle greens that mother nature has generously provided, in Daily Greens, you’ll also get 9 other vegetable miracle workers! UNI KEY Daily Greens is an acid zapper and helps to neutralize debilitating acid buildup in your organs so that you can restore health and healing. I guarantee it will assist you in regularity, energy, immunity, mental acuity, pain-free muscles and joints, better sleep and a smoother digestion.

I take a daily scoop to make sure that I have a day’s worth of veggies in my diet–it’s best insurance that money can buy! I also believe it’s my BFF when it comes to keeping my immune system boosted.

UNI KEY Daily GreensGo Green!

So what’s stopping you from flooding YOUR body with phytochemical rich nutrients to supercharge YOUR energy? Get the full scoop here>>

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  1. AmyF

    I’m curious if the barley grass is gluten free in the same way the wheat grass relation to wheat was described. I have Celiac and do not eat barley, wheat or rye.

    • Ann Louise

      Amy: Thanks for your question and the issue with barley grass is similar to wheat with regard to the way it is harvested.

  2. cis

    There are other wheat-compounds that people can be intolerant or allergic to, gluten is just ONE of them!

    I had wheatgrass powder the other day and I had a bad reaction even though it states “tested gluten-free” and one of the shop assistants who has Celiac says she can take it no problem.

    Similarly, in barleygrass, there could be something we don’t do well with. I remember a gluten expert saying the gluten in rye and barley is worse than the one in wheat.

    • Ann Louise

      Dear Cis: I have read your comment with great interest. I made the decision to use these super nutrient grasses because of my first hand experience with critically ill individuals as well as cancer sufferers with severely impaired immune systems. Since they benefited so greatly from the rich treasure chest of nutrients not provided by any other of Mother Nature’s greens, both barley greens and wheat grass are in the ingredient lineup.

      As a very ultra sensitive individual myself, I tested this product for weeks before it was made available to the public and chose to go ahead with the current formulation as all of our sensitive Beta testers did not react adversely in any way.

      With regard to your comment from a gluten expert, in my three decades of experience I have found many gluten sensitive and intolerant individuals can tolerate small amounts of rye and barley much more satisfactorily than wheat. As I do not work with full fledged celiac clients, I cannot comment on your remark.

      Best of health to you.

  3. Desiree

    HI ALG:

    I just tried the new greens powder for three days in a row. I am one of those gluten-sensitives. I had NO negative response and am ordering three more bottles to make sure I don’t run out. The product did wonders for my constipation…. a very welcomed but unexpected benefit. I am truly grateful for your research and persistence in bringing out this greens.

    • Liz

      Desiree, that sounds great!!! I too am very happy that Ann Louise developed this product. It’s the best greens formula I have ever used. Not only does it taste really good but I feel very energized.

  4. Amanda Murphy

    I find it difficult to believe information when the person who is giving it is selling the product. Doesn’t this seem like a conflict of interest to anyone?

    • Betsy

      It doesn’t seem like a conflict of interest to me. On the contrary, I find it helpful to have information from the person who developed the product.

  5. Zania

    Hi, wonder if the blood type O is accepted the chia seeds and the Wheatgrass drinks

    • Team ALG

      Zania, Ann Louise’s book “Your Body Knows Best” will answer questions about specific foods and blood type.

  6. imani

    I have lupus can I take this. My immune system needs to stay balanced and not boosted.

    • Team ALG

      Yes you can imani. There are many reports of wheatgrass and other concentrated greens helping people with lupus.

  7. tslate

    If you use the grain itself then yes gluten is in there but remember we developed so-called gluten sensitivity due to white flour products which remove the bran and germ and only use the endosperm.

    That said, all cereal grasses are just that, harvested at the grass stage, not grain. Therefore you are not consuming a grain but a grass. There will be no gluten in the grass itself.


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