Is There a Cure for the Incurables? | Part One

October 30, 2018
Ann Louise Gittleman, PhD, CNS

Ann Louise Gittleman, PhD, CNS

Award-winning nutritionist and New York Times bestselling author.

How to heal even when there isn’t a cure….

Firstly, if you’ve been diagnosed with an “incurable” disease that leaves you feeling hopeless, it’s time to change that. Let me encourage you – there is at least one person that has triumphed over every disease that has ever been named.

You can create a radically healthy lifestyle with a positive mindset, and enough healing energy to overcome anything. Keep in mind, this only works if you’re willing to put the time and work into it. First, you need to understand where disease comes from – and it’s not your genes.

You Inherit Your Parents’ Potential

You can’t change your genes. Good or bad, your genes are set in stone. Half are inherited from your mother, and half from your father. Fortunately, all you’ve inherited from them is the potential for disease or health.

No matter what you’ve been told, science has proven your genes are not your destiny. Most people pay very little attention to what they eat, what they drink, how their body functions, how they live, how they take care of themselves, and the negative thoughts running through their minds – until disease strikes. Your genes react to this environment, and the potential for disease that lies within them is activated.

Your cellular environment is much more powerful than the genetic hand you’ve been dealt. It’s up to the environment you create around those genes to dictate whether you activate the healthy genes or the ones that cause disease. Additionally, once you’ve activated those disease-causing genes, it’s up to you to change the environment and switch them off.

Genetic Imposters

A young woman who was recently married decided to make a roast to impress her new husband. She carefully cut both ends off the roast before placing it in the roasting pan. Curious, he asked her why she did that. She replied that it was the way her mother had always done it.

She called her mother and asked her why she cut the ends off of her roasts. She replied that it was the way her mother had always done it. When she asked her mother why she did it. Then, she explained that the roasts never fit in the only roasting pan she owned, so she cut the ends off to fit it in the pan.

This example isn’t just about the roast. It’s about the lifestyle choices and habits that are often handed down for generations without being questioned. When they’re unhealthy enough to cause illness and disease, it’s assumed the disease was inherited and genetic, which simply isn’t the case. For instance, only 5 to 10 percent of all cancers are genetic. Therefore, something much bigger is going on and the answers are found in the environment of the cells.

Find Your Triggers

The science of epigenetics says, “If genes load the gun, then environment pulls the trigger.” With over 83,000 chemicals in our environment, and only 200 of them being studied according to the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) standards, it comes as no surprise that there are plenty of triggers for disease in the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the foods we eat.

Stories abound of communities riddled with cancers that have discovered they were built on toxic sites, and the water they drink and bathe in is contaminated with cancer-causing chemicals. The foods we rely on to feed our families are being sprayed with chemicals that cause cancer and autoimmune diseases. There are chemicals in every household product, from furniture to toothpaste that are known to cause cancers, autoimmune diseases, and other “incurables” that we are being exposed every single day.

And it’s not all as complicated as the hidden chemicals we have to do detective work to find. Lack of sleep, overwhelming stress, lack of exercise, smoking, drinking alcohol, and poor dietary choices all lead to chronic diseases that have no known cure. The choices we make every day in all aspects of our lives determine our level of health. It’s up to each of us to find our triggers and disarm them.

Healing Is Within You

My experience has taught me that the people who focus on the positive belief that they have it within themselves to heal, are the ones who recover. However, the ones who come to me expecting me to do all the  and don’t take responsibility for their own healing are the ones who, unfortunately, don’t experience success.

This is simple physics. According to Newton’s Law, every action has an equal and opposite reaction. So if you’ve strayed pretty far from a healthy lifestyle, to create the balance that physics demands, you have to go that far in the right direction to get your health back. While I can’t do the work for you, I am more than happy to guide you in the right direction.

My Top 3 At-Home Test Recommendations

Recovering from an incurable disease isn’t a one-size-fits-all process, and it isn’t always easy to find your environmental triggers. This is where testing can help. There are tests that show us what deficiencies and toxicities exist in your body and there can even be patterns to these that can give us clues about where they came from.

  1. Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA or TMA). This test uses a hair sample, which is actually considered a tissue biopsy in medical terms, to measure levels of both toxic heavy metals and necessary minerals that may be deficient or present in excess. I recommend ordering this test yourself through UNI KEY Health. Once you send in your hair sample, they will provide you with a 20-page report that details the patterns of health issues based on your mineral ratios, a list of potential sources of the heavy metals you have, and a customized diet and nutritional supplement plan that takes your metabolic type into consideration and helps re-balance your levels.
  2. Water Quality Test. You need to know what contaminants are present in your water, in order to get the filtration you need to make it safe to drink and bathe in. Even if your municipality provides a water quality analysis for you, I still recommend digging deeper and finding out what the quality is like once it’s delivered through your tap. You may find your plumbing is adding to your water quality issues. I trust Roy Speiser for a comprehensive water analysis and recommendations for the right filtration system for your specific needs. I also like the Comprehensive Drinking Water Analysis you can order yourself from Doctor’s Data to determine heavy metal levels in your water.
  3. Adrenal Stress Panel. With up to 90 percent of all diseases linked to stress, and 5 out of the 6 leading causes of death stress-related, there’s no doubt stress is a killer. This test from UNI KEY Health measures cortisol, insulin, and other stress hormone levels, and gives you a more complete picture of how stress is wearing down your health. The detailed report explains your risks of insulin resistance, lowered immune function, gluten intolerance, and adrenal fatigue, and gives you recommendations to overcome these issues.

Once you are drinking clean, filtered water, your mineral deficiencies are resolved, and your adrenal health is back in balance, I recommend saliva hormone testing and a comprehensive GI panel. Your gastrointestinal health is essential for absorbing nutrients and for a strong immune system. If balancing your adrenal health doesn’t balance your other hormones, then a more in-depth look at your hormone issues is needed to determine whether estrogen dominance and progesterone deficiency are at play in your health issues.

In part two of this series, let’s look at what it takes to detox and rebuild your health at the cellular level, and what role emotions take in our health.

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  1. robyn kardos

    I have access to my own HTMA as I am a CNHP. I recently received my analysis. I am curious about the supplements-what does your office recommend for balancing-do you suggest ordering from the lab through their recommendations? Or does Uni-key have complimentary supplements to theirs?

  2. Team ALG

    You might wish to give Tracy a call at 208 209-8256. She is the HTMA pro at UNI KEY!!

  3. Team ALG

    Robyn, UNI KEY carries the lab’s supplements so you can take the recommendations from the TMA. You need to call to order them.

  4. Colleen

    Can you get an accurate reading if you have colored your hair? Thank you.

  5. Maureen Hebert

    Are these these tests you provide are available to Canadians?

  6. jerry

    Nobody seems to have any recommendation to help BPH.
    What is your opinion? Incurable?

  7. Susan

    Can you specify the type of instrument that these tests are run on please?
    Do both labs use LCMS for these analysis?

  8. Olivia

    Dear Ann Louise,
    I always appreciate your perspectives on things, but I think you’re wrong on this one. To say there are only incurable people is an offensive remark. Many people who think positive, take responsibility for their health and healing, make lots of good changes, don’t heal their bodies and they pass away. Some people who don’t do much to change themselves and just do chemo, get cured. There are those cases where the person who transforms does get well, and we all know it increases their chances, because good energy is better for our health. But sometimes complex diseases end up not being curable. There are those who eat organic and do all the “right” things and they get sick. There is a lot of mystery in this world and while we should all hopefully strive for a healthy mind and lifestyle, there is no guarantee it will afford us a disease free life and a long life. It may, and it may not, and we don’t want to create an attitude of judgement toward those who die, that somehow they as a person, was incurable. The disease was not the problem…they were the problem. It is an insult to their life and whatever they and their loved ones may have gone through in the wake of a devastating illness. Best not to judge what you have never had to go through and to be too fundamentalist and black and white in your teachings…you may hurt rather than help.

  9. Team ALG

    Colleen, you can use colored hair but we suggest that you wait until just before you are going to recolor it and use as much of the new growth as possible.

  10. Team ALG

    Maureen, Yes you can take these tests when you live in Canada. The hair sample can easily be sent to the lab in Texas. The Adrenal Panel sample just needs to reach the lab in Washington state within 7 days.

  11. Team ALG

    Susan, the Tissue Mineral Analysis lab uses mass spectrometry and the lab for the Adrenal Stress Panel use a microscope for analysis.

  12. Ann Louise

    Hi Olivia,

    Thank you so much for your feedback. I would like to let you know I made some edits to the blog in consideration of this, as it seems some ideas were not conveyed in the way I had intended. My ultimate intention is to give hope to those who are feeling discouraged as they face “incurable” diseases and know that a diagnosis doesn’t always have to determine your destiny. I have had people very dear to me who have reversed terminal diagnoses by completely changing their lifestyle and mindset. At the same time, I have also dealt with the pain of watching loved ones succumb to serious diseases, many of whom were not willing to pursue alternative options or consider lifestyle or mindset changes. I would never judge these individuals whom I love dearly. With all of this in mind, I hope that my original intentions are now more clear and that this article will stand to motivate and inspire in the way that I had hoped it would.

    All the best,

    Ann Louise

  13. Team ALG

    Jerry, Eating pumpkin seeds and using pumpkin seed oil extract seem to help with BPH symptoms and may shrink the size of the prostate. It may also be helpful when used along with other supplements such as saw palmetto. UNI KEY has an excellent Prostate Formula that includes saw palmetto


    I recently had chemotherapy for pre cancerous skin cells. Two months of twice daily applications of fluorouracil. It has been 3 months since the last treatment. I have silver hair and now the top layer is turning yellow. I have used purple shampoo, crystals and cellophanes to no avail. Is there something I could take internaly to get rid of this discoloration. My nails also turned yellow but they seem to be better now.

  15. Lisa

    Dear Dr. Gittleman, you have helped me before personally, and I was hoping that you could do so again. Almost 10 years ago, I underwent chemotherapy for stage 3 Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. After treatment, my liver enzymes were through the roof, and they thought I might have liver cancer, but gave me an interim diagnosis of NASH. You told me to drink lemon water, and you helped me heal myself in 3 months – a veritable miracle in the eyes of my oncologist. I am 9 years cancer free, and I have you, in large part, to thank for my recovery and speedy healing. Now, I have another issue, but it is with my niece. She is almost 24, and has papillary thyroid cancer. She had a hemi-thyroidectomy in June, but now there is dispute as to whether or not there are cancer cells on the other half (2 cancer centers say yes, while one says no). In any case, following a pending surgery, she is told that she would need radioactive iodine as part of her therapy. Is there any way she can avoid any or all of this and still come out the other side of this diagnosis clean and cancer-free?

    Eternally gratefully for your wisdom, I look forward to your response.

  16. Team ALG

    Lisa, When someone has already been diagnosed with cancer it takes more than detox to address it. We can’t offer medical advice on the blog. Many times people do recover following natural protocols though. James Templeton the founder of UNI KEY did. I suggest that you schedule a consultation with Ann Louise to really discuss your niece’s situation in detail and get her suggestions.



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