Harnessing the Healing Power of Our Bodies

February 22, 2017

The product you need to counteract our toxic world.

Our bodies are always in a state of renewal and regeneration. As we age, more and more particles, waste and toxins are trapped and build up in the cells of our body. When cells are toxic or damaged, the cell membrane becomes thick and stiff resulting in electrical and chemical receptors which do not function properly. Our body’s cellular renewal process also slows down with age.

This is why it’s so important to have good health practices throughout our life. These include eating a diet rich in pasture-raised proteins, healthy fats, and organic fruits and vegetables, taking high quality supplements, drinking, cooking and bathing with purified water, maintaining an active lifestyle, getting eight hours of rest nightly, and doing all we can to keep our stress levels low.

It is also important to protect our body from the dirty electricity known as “electro-smog” that has become part of our modern existence. The EMF’s (electro-magnetic frequencies) that cause electro-smog come from many electrical components such as wiring, motors, cell phones and other equipment. Large appliances and devices that we are exposed to daily emit frequencies that are disruptive to our health. These also include TV, Wi-Fi, microwaves, cell phone signals as well as high voltage power lines.

The Importance of Reducing Exposure

These harmful EMF’s cannot be avoided altogether and it is very beneficial to try to decrease our exposure to these and to connect with the natural magnetic energy of the earth by being in nature as often as possible. Breathing good air and grounding our energy with the energy of the earth helps to restore our electromagnetic balance. It is not always possible or practical to walk barefoot, garden or swim in the ocean on a daily basis. But we can use health promoting PEMF (Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field) devices which deliver health enhancing magnetic frequencies to the body that are consistent with those found in nature. These earth-based magnetic frequencies that resonate with the cell’s biological window are found in the 1-30 Hz range. This is called the Schumann resonances frequency range.

In the early NASA space missions, our physiological need for the magnetic frequencies of the earth was discovered. The astronauts became very tired and experienced bone and muscle loss while in space and away from the earth’s electromagnetic frequencies. PEMF Therapy enhances or balances cellular metabolism, often enabling cells in acute distress to return to their optimum biological state. PEMF Therapy is performed simply by lying on the OMI PEMF Mat or placing the OMI PEMF Ring or OMI PEMF Pulse Pad on the area that you want it to benefit. The time and the frequencies to use are all listed on the accompanying chart. The sessions feel very relaxing. Even our 4-legged friends enjoy PEMF Therapy. Due to the wide acceptance and medical efficacy of PEMF, veterinarians have successfully adopted the use of these devices.

PEMF (Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field Therapy) is recognized worldwide as essential for human health & wellness. PEMF uses electrical energy to direct a series of magnetic pulses through tissue. Each magnetic pulse induces tiny electrical signals that stimulate and provide a virtual massage for the cells. The proof of how we age and experience pain can easily be seen in a single drop of blood from the average adult mammal, both four and two-legged. Over time, stagnant blood cells become so jammed and stuck together that they have a difficult, if not impossible, time absorbing nutrients, expelling toxins, or fighting pathogens and viruses.

As a person who has been on the lookout for pain management solutions since I experienced a fall years ago that I continue to experience residual effects from, you can imagine why PEMF therapy perked my interest.

The human body uses the pulsed electromagnetic frequencies to repair and rejuvenate our cells and tissues. Science has proven that all 70 trillion+ cells in our bodies communicate via electromagnetic frequencies. Over the years the accumulated exposure to harmful electro-magnetic fields has increased and our connection to the earth has decreased. PEMF Therapy provides the beneficial natural electromagnetic fields that we are missing and provides them directly to the cells for regeneration. This results in accelerated repair of bone and soft tissue, improves cellular detoxification and intake of nutrients. And PEMF Therapy has been proven to be helpful in the following areas:

• Quickly relieves muscle and tendon pain
• Improves sleep
• Relieves inflammation
• Strengthens the immune system
• Enhances or balances cellular metabolism, often enabling cells in acute distress to return to biological competency
• Boosts energy and athletic Performance
• Increases overall wellness
• Stimulates cellular restoration and revitalization
• Improves blood circulation and oxygenation.
• Improves detoxification and elimination
• Improves sleep, stress reduction and cognitive function
• Promotes cellular rejuvenation
• Improves mood

PEMF has been in use since the 70s. Healing fractured bones was one of its first applications to be recognized by health agencies in North America. PEMF does not treat a special condition. Instead it optimizes the body’s natural self-healing and self-regulating functions.

How Does PEMF Therapy work?

PEMF Therapy doesn’t heal or cure disease, but it does boost your body’s own natural healing system. When the cells become sluggish either from age or disease, the electrical and chemical receptors do not function properly and our natural healing system is compromised. Without good cellular oxygenation, the red blood cells begin to clump together and that decreases circulation and energy. When the pulsating field of PEMF therapy reaches the cells, they expand, facilitating the inflow of fresh nutrients and oxygen. The toxins are pushed out, resulting in cells that are cleansed, refreshed and able to work more efficiently. This restores balanced health and well-being. This response affects all types of cells: blood, brain, nerve and bone. Healthy cells lead to a healthy body and a happy individual!

PEMF Therapy has been extensively researched and has been available in Europe for over 40 years and European PEMF products have been sold in the US for many years. They have been approved by the FDA as registered wellness devices. PEMF has been in use since the 70s as medical devices. Healing fractured bones was one of its first applications to be recognized by health agencies in North America. PEMF does not treat a special condition. Instead it optimizes the body’s natural self-healing and self-regulating functions.

I’m big fan of the company PEMF Supply. They sell high quality PEMF products directly to consumers at a very affordable price, making it possible to have these units in your home. PEMF Supply is the North American Distributor of the OMI PEMF Products and I am happy to be acquainted with one of their wonderful doctor/dealers—Dr. Margo Parker. These are made for PEMF Supply by Oxford Medical Instruments in Hungary. As an added bonus, they are very modern and attractive looking products. To learn more, do visit their website: www.pemfsupply.com. You can also contact Dr. Parker directly via call or text at 208-660-7363.

A Special Gift For You

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WHO SHOULD USE PEMF DEVICES? People who are: Experiencing painful conditions, desiring improvement and maintenance of overall health or if you are recovering from an injury.

WHO SHOULD NOT USE A PEMF DEVICE? People with the following conditions: pregnancy, organ transplant recipients, those with non-MRI safe IUDs, those with pacemakers, hearing aids, or other electronic implants/devices.

Our toxic world can be overwhelming, but with the advancement of products like these, we can get reacquainted with the healing system our bodies were born with.

1) “Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields – A countermeasure For Bone Loss and Muscle Atrophy” http://research.jsc.nasa.gov/PDF/SLiSci-12.pdf
2) Physiological and Molecular Genetic Effects of Time-Varying Electromagnetic Fields On Human Neuronal Cells” http://ston.jsc.nasa.gov/collections/TRS/_techrep/TP-2003-212054.pdf
This is a seminal NASA study, proving the effectiveness and deep-seated health-enhancing impact of PEMF therapy. This was a 4-year study on, “…normal human neural progenitor cells…”, or nerve stem cells, which concluded that synthetically applied (time-varying) pulsed electromagnetic fields, rapidly increased their growth rate up to 4.0 times, therefore improving stem cell viability, and increased gene-sites for collagen production. PEMFs are …”useful for a number of purposes, including repairing traumatized tissues and moderating some neurodegenerative diseases (i.e., Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease, and etc.)

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  1. Peggy Lacey

    Dear Ann, I am surprised that you did not mention Redbox signaling molecules for daily repair and replenishment for the cells for every part of the body and athletic recovery. Thank you for putting Asea in your new book.PeggyRN MPH PNP Asea Associate

    • admin

      Team ALG here – Hi Peggy – Thank you for your comment. As you know, Ann Louise is a strong proponent of the redox signaling molecules and ASEA especially. This article was devoted to the ability of specific devices to neutralize EMFs from the environment which is another area of her work.

  2. Lisa

    Thanks for introducing this therapy. I’ve followed your work about EMG’s since you wrote Zapped. This sounds extremely helpful!

  3. Susan Burke

    Some of us are sensitive to pulsed radiation. Pulsed radiation is coming from smart meters and is sending our sensitive bodies over their threshold for tolerance of these manmade fields. I was one such victim and now that I am healing, thru, eastern remedies, I shy away from electrical devices that pulse energy and would rather stay with a hands-on approach, such as acupressure and acupuncture. I am receiving NAET treatments and finding a reversal of severe EMF symptoms brought on by wireless technology, which is being a very serious issue around the globe; many are suffering from EMFs and wireless, i.e., cellphones and the like. Thanks for your interesting article. Not sure about pulsed energy, however.

  4. Ann Louise Gittleman

    Dear Susan: Please be in touch with Dr. Parker. AS one who is hyper-sensitive, the PEMF device detailed in the blog was very healing.

  5. Susan Kuziel

    What IS recommended for organ transplant patients? Just had a heart transplant 10/31/2016, and I’m experiencing a lot of different pains ie. scar tissue.

    • Team ALG

      Susan, Dr. Parker would be the best person to make a recommendation for you. This does sound like it could be helpful but she would be able to help you decide what to do.

  6. Margo Parker

    Hello Susan, You are welcome to e-mail me and we can talk. My e-mail address is: [email protected]. Thank you! Dr.Margo Parker, OMD

  7. Team ALG

    To contact Dr Parker, contact her at [email protected] as she can best answer your personal questions !

  8. Team ALG

    That is herbalfortress.com!


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