The Secret Weapon Against EMFs That You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

January 23, 2018
Ann Louise Gittleman, PhD, CNS

Ann Louise Gittleman, PhD, CNS

Award-winning nutritionist and New York Times bestselling author.

It seems like every few months new studies emerge that increase our concerns about the damage electropollution does to our bodies. When it comes to cell phones, cordless phones, computers and other Wi-Fi devices, the news feels like a never-ending trickle of doom and gloom. EMFs (electromagnetic frequencies) are linked to DNA damage, brain cancer, inflammation, fatigue, reproductive abnormalities, premature aging, and a barrage of other health problems. Every day, more and more people are searching for ways to engage in EMF protection.

Your cell phone may even be sabotaging your weight loss efforts. In a 2013 observational study, Samuel Milham, MD, PhD, makes a convincing case for dirty electricity driving the obesity epidemic. Electropollution is known to zap your thyroid, and impaired thyroid function plays a key role in weight gain, fatigue, mood irregularities, and other health struggles.

And then there’s 5G, the next generation wireless coming soon to a lamppost near you. We will be bombarded by ultra-high frequency bursts in an even denser electromagnetic cloud than exists today. In a sense, EMF protection is becoming more vital.  Unlike 4G, plants and even rainwater can absorb 5G frequencies, so we can start eating and drinking our radiation as well. 5G paves the way for the “Internet of Things,” driverless cars and artificial intelligence. What could possibly go wrong?

Well, how about some good news, for a change? A mineraloid called shungite shows great promise in helping protect us from EMFs.

If you’ve never heard of shungite, you’re not alone—it may be the world’s best kept secret, as well as the oldest. Shungite is a hydrocarbon-based rock dating back more than 2.5 billion years to the Precambrian era. In 1887, shungite was named after the village Shung’a in Russian Karelia, the home of the earth’s one-and-only outcrop of the mineral.

This amazing stone may be new to Westerners, but the Karelians have been using it medicinally for centuries — long before EMF protection became a “thing.” Shungite lore dates back to the reign of Ivan the Terrible, at which time it was simply called “local slate.” It has wide-ranging health and industrial uses due to its extremely unique molecular structure.

Over the centuries, shungite has been said to treat everything from allergies and infections to inflammation, high blood pressure, osteoarthritis, digestive maladies, and skin conditions. In Russia, shungite has been studied extensively in the treatment of depression, trauma, and other mental/emotional problems. There are even healing rooms made of shungite!

The special properties of this mineral result from gigantic hollow carbon structures called fullerenes (or “buckeyballs”), named after the late Buckminster Fuller who was famous for his geodesic dome architecture. In 1991, Science magazine dubbed fullerenes “molecule of the year,” and in 1996, the scientists who synthesized them in the lab were awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry.

Scientists did not know fullerenes existed in nature until 1992 when they were discovered—guess where? In shungite!

Shungite, for EMF protection and more, can be used a number of ways. The stones can be worn on or close to the body, or placed around the home. There is even something called “shungite water” that you can make from a specific type of shungite, which is then consumed or used in the bath.

Shungite has significant antioxidant properties. It is antiviral and bactericidal, and it has a remarkable ability to grab on to chemicals like chlorine and fluorine, volatile organic compounds, drugs, and radioactive particles. The Russians have been using it for years in water purification, and just recently it is under investigation for assisting in the Fukushima clean up effort.

Shungite studies, as well as anecdotal accounts, point to a long list of potential health benefits including the following:

  • Protection from ionizing radiation, non-ionizing radiation (including EMFs), and geopathic stress
  • Inflammation
  • Infections
  • Immune booster and healing accelerator
  • Detoxification
  • Antihistamine
  • Anticancer (slowing cancer cell growth)
  • Pain reducer

Shungite Transforms EMFs, Neutralizing their Effects

We love our technology, but we have to be smart about using it. Few of us are willing to live off the grid or give up our electronic devices, so we need some natural tools to safely and effectively shield us from this every-present radiation. That’s a tall order and why shungite is big news!

In her book Shungite: Protection, Healing, and Detoxification, bioenergetics researcher Regina Martino details the health benefits that have actual scientific backing. One of these is its ability to offer some protection from electropollution (non-ionizing radiation). Martino has extensively studied the impact of shungite on the human energy field. Through repeated experiments, she has determined that when an individual has shungite in or around them, the negative effects of EMFs are greatly reduced.

Shungite does not absorb EMFs—it structurally “transforms” them, changing their wave forms in a way that neutralizes disruptive biological effects.

These benefits are not limited to non-ionizing radiation—shungite may also mitigate the effects of ionizing radiation. A 2017 study showed how a topical shungite preparation protected hairless mice exposed to UVB radiation. Similarly, a Ukrainian study found that rats exposed to radiation and given shungite water for 15 days showed a 95 percent survival rate, compared to 63 percent for the control group.

How to Harness the Power of Shungite for Ourselves

Black shungite can be carved and polished into forms, such as spheres, making beautiful functional art. It’s used for jewelry, pocket stones, and sculptural pieces that can be placed around a space to mitigate the effects of EMFs. Shungite placed near an electronic device does not interfere with the device’s function, but positively alters the emanations. Shungite jewelry should be metal-free or at least contain a minimal amount of metal, as metal is essentially an EMF antenna.

For maximum benefit, shungite should be placed both on your body and around your living or working space, especially in high-EMF zones, to create overlapping shields of protection.

This is just the tip of the iceberg for this shiny black miracle mineral! To learn more, I direct you to a new 2018 Special Report by Valerie Burke called Shungite: The Electropollution Solution. She is dedicated to helping others embrace EMF protection and she is making this report available to you as a FREE download, from her website at the link above. I introduced you to Val last year in my blog post about EMF jewelry.

In her report, she includes dozens of scientific studies and articles, as well as covering the different types of shungite and best uses for each, how to tell real shungite from fake, how to make shungite water, and more. The report is great because it has all the latest information—minus the myths—under one cover.

Electromagnetic fields are ubiquitous today—we can’t see them and we can’t escape them, so the more protection we have, the better. If you decide to invest in some shungite or shungite jewelry, make sure it comes from a reputable vendor who is selling the real thing—not just some black rock imposter. Unfortunately, this is an issue now that the word is out.

Remember, the best way to reduce EMFs is to limit your exposure. Turn off your cellphone. Unplug your Wi-Fi. Move your cordless phone base station as far away from you as possible. Make your sleep environment as EMF-free as you can. Many people don’t realize how badly EMFs are affecting then until they’re away from them for a while.

And for those times when you can’t unplug, adding a little extra boost of EMF protection — shungite — to your life may be the perfect prescription!

My good friend Val offers high quality shungite pieces and one-of-a-kind shungite jewelry in her online shop, Shungite Queen.

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  1. Manny T.

    Thank you. Shungite makes more scientific sense than all those pendants/diodes/and devices out there which purport to protect us from EMFs.

    • Barry

      I tried Shungite, did absolutely nothing for me.

  2. Angela G.

    Science and beauty coming together! Can’t wait to try the jewelry!!!

  3. Toni .

    I work surrounded by sources of EMF’s. What a gift to know the this stone will neutralize the damage these can do to my body. I just ordered a couple of Shungite necklaces. Nice to have the discount too!

  4. Kathleen

    Thank you, Ann Louise, I will get some of these shungite stones. Thanks so much for your article on EMF protection.

  5. wendell

    Our local utility company is replacing all the old electric meters with the so-called smart meters and I’m concerned about this. How would this shungite stones help with this large emf source.

  6. Team ALG

    Dear Wendell: That is a good question and what we have been suggesting to our followers is to consider shungite garden arrangements throughout the house.

  7. Janice Robertson

    I sell Shungite at my store every day. The benefits are remarkable and the healing practitioners send their clients to get it! Never had a stone work this good!

    • Ann Louise Gittleman

      Team ALG here: Janice, thanks for your comment of confirmation. This sure is an effective weapon in our protective arsenal.

  8. Kathy

    What can we do to introduce Shungite into our water? Thank you!

    • Ann Louise Gittleman

      Kathy, I suggest downloading the report mentioned above by Valerie Burke. This topic is covered in there.

  9. Sus

    Hello everyone, I am super sensitive to EMFs and I recently ordered a necklace but I did not notice a difference. Someone mentioned that I should add more Shungite so I also got a bracelet and a pendant. I’ll let you know if all three work once I receive them. My question is that I have read mixed reviews about charging – do they need to be in the sun and if so for how long? I also wanted to mention that I have a Nu-Me Skinny necklace from Life Energy Designs and it did nothing for me. The owner was really nice and offered a refund. He also said that due to my sensitivity I would probably need to get 1-2 more devices but they are too expensive so here I am trying out the Shungite. 🙂

  10. Silvia Stanley

    Hi, Ann. I loved your article. I’m also passionate about the EMF radiation, they way we can protect against. Lately, I’ve seen a wide range of products that could protect your home from wifi radiation.

  11. Maureen

    Would like to know where I could get Shungite ,to make shungite water
    Also would like Shungite bracelet
    Thank you the information you shared
    Maureen Taylor

    • Team ALG

      Maureen, Just click on the link in the last paragraph above “Shungite Queen” in blue and you will see all the wonderful products.

  12. M.C. Winston

    Wendell, for the “smart meters”, we found a YouTube video that shows how much radiation they are really spewing out. We bought a smart meter cover and easily popped it over the meter. Dizzy spells disappeared and headaches were cut by 75%. I think it’s

  13. FM De Jonzac

    Studies with highly sophisticated measurement material have been conducted in Switzerland and Germany about shungite and EMF’S & RF’s. Shungite did nothing for protection.

    The only way of protection are shielding paint and protective fabrics, for home and clothing. And of course, wired Ethernet at home.

    This looks like a nice marketing article for selling shungite jewelry… at least it raises the collective consciousness about EMF’s but it is NOT providing a solution.

    • Radiant Alchemy

      I love Crystal’s and have been working with them my whole life and use shungite and it has worked for years for my family. But I have to tell you, it is not making a dent in the new Five Gee era. I need help, my body is bloating and I am gaining weight slowly and none of my tools are working and I have 30 years of tools trust me when I say this. Any new ideas. Fasting, enemas, IF, etc. Nothing is working😥

  14. June Fitzgerald

    I recommend Bracelets of Shungite , and put your Shungite at the source eg : at the router area , and go wired . Still keep your distance and use the 5 cm chip on your cell phone close to the battery and under your laptop or iPad and drink Shungite water to detox : in fridge top shelf : 10 cm pyramid and the lower fridge shelf or container : 2 to 10 x10 cm square piece to energize your food and keep fresh longer.



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