From Babies to Reefs: The Ultimate Guide to Safe Sunscreen with 3rd Rock Essentials

July 11, 2024
Summertime is the best time for visiting with friends and family here in northern Idaho! I’m sitting here at my home, enjoying the company of both. And I wanted to share with you a conversation I just had with my good friend, Guerry Grune. He has a PhD in Chemical Engineering, a love of the outdoors, and is the inventor of what I think is the best and safest sunscreen protection on the market today.

I’m talking about 3rd Rock Essentials whose products are so safe, you can eat them! Guerry and his team believe that if you wouldn’t put it IN your body, you shouldn’t put it ON your body. Founded in 2003, Guerry’s patented silver and zinc oxide formulations are not found in ANY other sunblock products.

  • 3rd Rock Essentials sunscreens are formulated with only the finest natural ingredients and are renowned for their non-endocrine disrupting properties and their immuno-enhancing benefits. Its unique formula chelates zinc oxide with L-Arginine, maintaining a pH of approximately 9.5 to prevent the formation of zinc hydroxide — which means it stays effective longer and doesn’t degrade into less protective forms.
  • Unlike conventional sunscreens that are 70% water, 3rd Rock Essentials sunscreen is 70% glycerin. Why is that important? This key difference means their sunscreen doesn’t evaporate like water-based sunscreens do, providing consistent protection, while absorbing and reflecting harmful UVA rays more efficiently.
  • Avobenzone is commonly used in organic sunscreens for its ability to absorb UVA rays. However, there is a significant issue with this ingredient. When exposed to sunlight, avobenzone can break down and form benzene, a known carcinogen. Additionally, other chemicals like benzophenone and oxybenzone are used for UVB protection and to increase SPF, but they also pose health risks. These compounds can disrupt hormones and are harmful to both your skin and the environment. In contrast, 3rd Rock Essential’s formula is free from ALL toxins, making it safe for both your skin and the environment. These sunblocks are designed to be superior with their ability to absorb and reflect UVA rays better than other mineral sunscreen on the market today.

Safety for the environment is just as important as safety for your skin

3rd Rock Essentials sunscreen products are approved by the Coral Reef Foundation because they support marine life rather than harming it. The glycerin in their sunscreen actually feeds the microorganisms that create coral reefs, making their product not only reef-safe but also reef-repairing. Their unique chelation process with zinc oxide ensures that the active ingredients are bioavailable and effective.

3rd Rock Essentials sunblock products are safe for everyone, from infants to adults. Unlike conventional sunscreens, a small amount of their product goes a long way, and it doesn’t wash off easily with water or sweat. This makes it not only eco-friendly but economical, too. With 3rd Rock Essentials, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing you’re protecting both your skin and the planet.

The Bottom Line

3rd Rock Essentials Sunblock is ideal for everyone, including babies, pregnant women, and those with sensitive skin. Its all-natural, food-grade ingredients ensure it’s gentle enough for the most delicate skin while providing robust protection against harmful UV rays. Plus, their commitment to environmental safety means their sunscreen is not only safe for humans but also for dolphins, coral reefs and other precious marine life. By choosing 3rd Rock Essentials, you’re not just protecting your skin—you’re also protecting our planet. Join the safe sunscreen revolution with 3rd Rock Essentials, where protecting your skin and the environment go hand in hand.

3rd Rock Essentials sunscreen can be used by everyone including pregnant women, babies and those with sensitive skin. The all-natural ingredients are food-grade and gentle enough to protect even the most delicate of skins. Their commitment to environmental protection means that their sunscreen is safe not only for humans, but also for coral reefs, dolphins and other marine life. When you choose 3rd Rock Essentials to protect your skin, you are also protecting the planet.

Where can you find this outstanding sunscreen? It’s available at THIS LINK!
P.S. Guerry says hello and invites you to follow him on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube!

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    Very interesting and informative

    • Evelyn Chin

      Very interesting and informative


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