It’s Flu Season – Good Habits Go A Long Way

April 27, 2009

Well. Another “possible epidemic” has managed to make the news. This cross between an avian and swine flu bug has many ramifications, for sure, but from my perspective, forewarned is forearmed. Whether this flu, that has gene sequences never before seen, will become a full-blown public health scare is yet to be seen. Regardless, however, here is what I am doing. Perhaps, you should, too.

I am paying very strict attention to washing my hands every time I come into the house. I wash before I take off my coat. I wash again before dinner. I wash after I pet animals, especially.

I am trying to eat at home as much as possible so I can control my food preparation. When I go out to eat, I only eat at the most reputable establishments. I carry little alcohol swabs and look at those knives and forks very carefully (sorry, after writing Gut Flush, I got into this habit). Sadly, over 40% of the time, I find food particles that have not been removed from the prongs of the forks. So, very discreetly, mind you, I
wipe off my forks under the table with those swabs.

All of these habits – I can think of tons more but I think you get my drift – will help to “lower the toxic load” and enable my immune system to go after the really bad germs and Superbugs when it will count.

I am also stocking up on my favorite immune enhancement products. Since I am just coming out of writing a book, in which I spent up to ten hours straight at the computer, I know that my heightened stress levels can do a number on my immune system. I am upping my salt to assist the adrenals and am taking high amounts of both Thymus and Spleen – the Standard Process Products that UNI KEY carries for my private patients and me. Both of these help the body fight off viral and bacterial infections by supporting overall immune function. As we get older the Thymus shrinks, so I am giving it a little boost with what I call the natural stem cell stimulator – the gland itself which provides the DNA/RNA blueprint. It is amazing to watch what happens under a darkfield microscope when these two products are given to the body. The white blood cells multiply and come alive, gobbling up all sorts of debris. I am taking a loading dose of 3, 3 times per day with meals.

Next, I am making sure that no sugar or agave syrup or nectar touches my lips. Agave, that low-glycemic, favorite of so many low-carbers, has never been a favorite of mine and now we know that it is manufactured similarly to high fructose corn syrup. Sugar immoblizes the immune system – and I am talking excess fruits, here, too.

I am walking about one hour a day to get natural oxygen, Vitamin D, and get those “happy hormones” humming. It is still grey and dreary here in North Idaho. I so miss the sun 🙂

This week I will get a massage, visit my chiropractor to make sure all my alignments are holding, and will also take time to pamper myself with a long-needed pedicure and manicure – just because.

I will make every effort to stay away from the news and only read uplifting books and magazine articles. Right now I am reading a terrific book about the importance of breathwork and how breathing deeply and soundly can banish stress and worry.

Tonight I will watch a video. Last night I saw “The Note,” a Hallmark made-for-television-movie that was based on a best-selling novel. Quite lovely and uplifting.

Since there is power in words, I am going to focus this week on making my speech impeccable. It is better to be kind…than to be right 🙂

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