My Take on Telomeres: The Key Biomarker of Healthy Aging

October 27, 2021
Ann Louise Gittleman, PhD, CNS

Ann Louise Gittleman, PhD, CNS

Award-winning nutritionist and New York Times bestselling author.

The concept of Radical Longevity is all about radical cutting-edge strategies you can use to live longer and live stronger. It’s all about gearing up for a lifetime of youthfulness and vitality. I firmly believe we should be aware of the most essential tools and bio-hacks we need to live all our years so we don’t prolong the period of dying, but instead prolong the period of living.
For decades now, I have been giving a shout-out to the benefits of one of the most important biomarkers of aging – telomeres. Today, there is new buzz going on about telomeres and their connection to immune health. With immune health being in the forefront of everyone’s mind these days, I thought it would be timely to make the connection of healthy telomeres to our overall immune health.

Taking on Telomeres

As you may know, telomeres are little protective caps at the end of our chromosomes that keep these double-stranded DNA molecules from fraying and shortening. Once the telomeres are damaged, so is the valuable genetic information that is necessary for healthy cells, and therefore, healthy immune systems. The shorter the telomeres, the higher the risk of unhealthy aging and of diseases that develop due to the damaged telomeres which can no longer protect our cells. So simply put, the longer our telomeres are, the younger our cells will be. The shorter the length, the weaker our cells become, and therefore, the weaker our immune system is.
Several studies have shown that it is possible to strengthen the immune system by activating telomerase (the enzyme that extends telomere length). The immune system’s white blood cells were measured in one study which looked at hundreds of participants split into two groups. The results were quite astonishing as researchers found that the group of individuals taking a telomerase activator had a significantly higher number of immune system cells than the placebo group.

Another impressive five-year study found that this same telomerase activator reduced the number of cells with damaged telomeres, while dramatically boosting the strength of the immune system. It also noted that those with acute viral infections responded better with the addition of this telomerase activator.

So what is this telomerase activator, and where can it be “found”?

The Power of Astragalus

It can be found in a plant that traditional healers have used for thousands of years to support immune function and a well-respected longevity herb in Eastern medicine. And that plant is none other than astragalus, a potent booster of white blood cells.

As it turns out, astragalus is extremely effective in its ability to lengthen the shorter telomeres and raise white blood counts, as I previously said. And as far as immunity building goes, let’s take it one step further.

We’ve put astragalus together with some other stellar ingredients in an all-in-one daily immune support formula! I personally love getting my daily dose of astragalus and other key immune-boosting ingredients in Immune Formula – an advanced formula designed to strengthen your immune system in unique and powerful ways. We have super-charged the immune boosting astragalus by combining it with a blend of plant extracts, minerals, vitamins, and organ glandulars specifically chosen for their highly-researched and time-honored benefits for immune health.

Now, let’s unpack the additional ingredients. Immune Formula‘s superstar ingredients include:

  • Top immune-boosting nutrients vitamins A (1800 mcg), C (1020 mg), D(150 mcg), and zinc (36 mg) in their most absorbable forms.
  • Quercetin (270mg), a plant compound with powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects that also helps the assimilation of zinc into the cells.
  • Taurine (300 mg), an amino acid that protects your immune system against the ravages of inflammation.
  • Raw thymus (780 mg) and spleen glandulars(810 mg), to improve the health and function of these two critical immune system organs.
  • And, of course, Astragalus (660 mg) for lengthening your telomeres, thereby strengthening your immune system.

No other daily immune support supplement we’ve found includes this unique blend of plant extracts, nutrients, minerals, vitamins, and organ glandulars. You might be asking why we’ve added in the organ glandulars? Let me explain.

Beyond Astragalus – The Glandular Connection to Immunity

Your thymus and spleen are two organs that are overlooked, yet play major roles in your immune system. For instance, the thymus is where your T cells mature. T cells move through the body and constantly monitor every one of your cells for changes. Think of them as the “Paul Reveres” of your immune system: they let your body know when it’s being invaded by bugs, germs, or pathogens. And your spleen helps filter germs from your blood, keeping your precious bloodstream healthy and vital.

Trouble is, both your thymus and spleen weaken as we get older. In fact, as early as your 40s, your thymus and spleen begins to shrink! That’s a major reason people tend to be sick more often — and stay sick longer — as they age. That’s why it is critically important to nourish and support these two important organs for superior immune system function.

I recommend taking two capsules of Immune Formula three times daily if you have a weakened immune system, and if you are otherwise healthy and want to maintain your immune health, take two capsules two times daily. Give your body the protective armor it needs to become an invincible fortress.

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