Simple Solutions for Better Breast Health

October 11, 2023

October is breast cancer awareness month. With one in eight US women expected to be diagnosed during their lifetime, I would be remiss if I didn’t take this opportunity to bring attention to such a sobering epidemic affecting so many of the women in our lives. 

You probably know that one of the number one risk factors for breast cancer is estrogen dominance. Even the Journal of the National Cancer Institute agrees. Higher than normal estrogen levels can increase breast cancer risk by more than four times!

That’s no small stat, and is why I recommend that every woman keep tabs on their estrogen levels. It’s surprising to me how few mainstream practitioners test patients’ hormones before prescribing HRT. 

To establish a baseline, I recommend that all women have their hormones tested. I prefer saliva-based testing and have offered this service for over 25 years through UNI KEY Health. Test results include my personalized recommendations for diet, lifestyle and supplement modifications. Learn more about Salivary Hormone Testing. 

Beyond estrogen, there are a number of other risk factors to address. In this blog, you’ll find research-backed diet and lifestyle suggestions you can easily implement, along with recent research that brings promising new breast cancer advancements in the fight against this devastating disease. 

For inspiring interviews with Breast Cancer Survivors and alternative experts, check out Templeton Wellness Foundation.

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Radical Health Tip

Protect your breast health with a simple oil change!

Women with high alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) levels in their breast tissue have been found to have up to a 60% lower risk of breast cancer than women with low levels of this fatty acid. 

One of the best ways to increase ALA levels is with flaxseed oil which contains high levels of ALA. Flax seed is also rich in the phytonutrient lignans that help remove excess estrogen from the body by binding with estrogen receptors. Aim for two tablespoons of high-lignan flaxseed oil OR ground flax seeds daily.

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Why Every Body Needs Iodine – Episode 64 with Dr. David Brownstein

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Featured Product


Keep Estrogen in Balance with Natural Progesterone

In order to avoid estrogen overload, make sure all forms of estrogen you may be using (from synthetic hormone replacement to bio-identical hormone placement therapy) are balanced with natural, not synthetic progesterone. According to Harvard research, it’s estimated that by age 35, the typical woman is already deficient in progesterone.

Signs of progesterone deficiency include…

  • Frequent hot flashes and night sweats*
  • Emotional Swings*
  • Weight gain, especially around the tummy*
  • Lack or decrease in sex drive*
  • Exhaustion/low energy*

ProgestaKey is an all-natural Progesterone cream sourced from wild yam for hormone support.* Each pump of this topical creme conveniently delivers the recommended dosage of 20 mg USP progesterone per pump. 

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Before The Change

A must-read guide for every woman to navigate midlife and beyond including the latest information on hormone replacement, managing menopause symptoms, weight gain and nutrition.

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