UNI KEY Health’s 30-Year Legacy

February 16, 2022
UNI KEY Health’s 30-Year Legacy

Celebrating a life-long passion for health and healing

As we embark upon the BIG 3-0 anniversary of UNI KEY Health Systems, there’s no time like the present to celebrate the story of UNI KEY and its fearless founder, James William Templeton.

It all started in 1992 in the back room of a tiny Pueblo house on Alto Street in Santa Fe, New Mexico. UNI KEY was the one-stop-shop for all of my clients who needed supplements for their vitamin, antioxidant, adrenal support, weight loss and detox needs. James ran UNI KEY out of a small utility room in the back and I saw clients in the front living room.

He steadily built a loyal mail order clientele, but it really exploded when I became a frequent guest on The Joanie Greggains Show on KGO Radio in San Francisco. I began speaking about some UNI KEY’s very first branded products — Para-Key and Y-C Cleanse for parasites and yeast. This is when the phone lines started ringing off the hook and we knew we were onto something.

Things took off even further when I became the go-to nutritionist on several of the WOR Shows in New York City, then Florida, and later Arizona. People asked all kinds of specific nutritional questions and I was able to help answer their questions by recommending the basic formulations found in UNI KEY products. Before we knew it, UNI KEY Health was well on its way to becoming a well known and respected player in the supplements industry.

We may not have known it at the time, but our move to “Alto” Street (which means high) foreshadowed the heights UNI KEY would later attain. I became UNI KEY’s spokesperson because James and I knew that we needed to ensure the raw materials and the manufacturing practices of the products exceeded other products on the market. We started out co-formulating parasite and yeast products years ahead of anyone else and we did so because we knew so many health issues are related to these pathogens.

We then co-formulated products for liver cleansing, and blood sugar issues since diabetes was running as rampant then as it is today. Flash forward 30 years, and UNI KEY now has a wide range of products including those that support weight loss, liver and parasite cleansing, brain health, essential fatty acids, protein powders and many others that make up a diverse product line. UNI KEY has become a trusted source for supplements with thousands of loyal followers.

With our combined 70+ years of experience in customized nutrition, we take pride that our products aren’t simply private labels from other brands, but formulas we have personally developed to meet the nutritional needs of our customers for real, lasting results. We also offer weight loss, detox and cleansing protocols and support through our combined books, lectures, interviews, articles, and through our knowledgeable staff nutritionists and excellent customer service.

As a top contender, UNI KEY products have been featured in several major magazines throughout the country, including Woman’s World, First for Women, and even in one of the most prestigious newsletters in the country, the Health Sciences Institute. This esteemed newsletter featured one of UNI KEY’s products, Ultra H-3, now known as Ultra H-3 Plus. It took UNI KEY and Ultra H-3 to a brand new audience of nearly 200,000 international health fans.

UNI KEY has grown over the past thirty years to become a robust company with a team of dedicated people in all time zones of the continental U.S. The company is headquartered in our home state of Idaho with a second location in The Woodlands, Texas, not far from where James is from. It’s a family affair with his daughter Carol involved in managing the day-to-day operations down in Texas and two young grandsons who love to help out in the warehouse when they visit.

UNI KEY Health’s 30-Year Legacy

Grandson Caleb

UNI KEY Health’s 30-Year Legacy

Grandson Will

Many of you may know James’ story from reading his book I Used To Have Cancer or perhaps you have heard one of his many interviews or podcasts as he shares his story of being diagnosed with and holistically healing from stage IV cancer. James has been cancer-free now for over 35 years. His lifestyle, dedication to healing and his commitment to health is truly the foundation and the heartbeat of UNI KEY Health.

You can find James’ life story wonderfully commemorated in his book, I Used to Have Cancer and through Templeton Wellness Foundation, which is a comprehensive collection of his own research and resources to surviving cancer through holistic and alternative medicine. His video series on Templetonwellness.com features dozens of interviews with cancer survivors and experts to give hope, inspiration, and resources to those facing a cancer diagnosis.

James and I both believe that health is one of our greatest gifts and have dedicated our lives to helping others find the root causes of disease. Our passion is centered around motivating and inspiring our customers to take control of their health — no matter how big or small their challenges may be. This mission is shared by the entire UNI KEY team. Our experienced Wellness Consultants are happy to discuss your health goals and concerns to help you determine the best solutions for your needs and can be reached at 800-888-4353 or by visiting unikeyhealth.com.

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  1. Maryanne

    What a wonderful family story. I’ve used UNIKEY products for over ten years to help keep me healthy.

  2. Liam

    I love UNIKEY products!

  3. Toni

    Great company! Quality products and I always get them quickly. Congratulations!


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